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Hanoi culinary has been known to captivate millions of gourmets around the world. Since it seems challenging to choose just some in maze of food, there is no more optimal way to get to know the city's best delicacies than joining with Whatsup Vietnam on our Hanoi Food Walking tour. The food introduced promises to achieve a reasonable balance of Hanoi Feast, French Influences and street food. An amazing trip to local market cannot be without and our knowledgeable guide is to tell you the hidden story of Hanoi’s characterful cuisine.


1. Meeting point at 16D Hang Ga Str. - Hanoi
2. Pho Real!  -  Discover the edge of the old quarter where once the locals favorite Phở establishment lies by the train tracks
3. French Influences  -  One of the best things France brought to Vietnam? The Banh mi of course! Try it from a lovely lady selling them from a small alleyway
4. Good Morning Vietnam  -  Try a traditional breakfast food at a popular joint, not quite muesli, but this sticky rice and crunchy onion dish is very welcoming!
5. Local Candy  -  Swing around the corner to a Vietnamese version of a candy shop. Although this one lies on the street and is filled with sugared bean and rice based deserts, we highly recommend sweet gruel. 
6. Hanoi Feast  -  Time for a bit of a feast, get all of your nutritional needs with Bún chả, a concoction of soup, meat, salad and rice noodles. Basically a big (sharing) bowl of goodness!
7. Popular Dish  -  Nestled between two other shops is one of the most famous and oldest places for Green Papaya Salad with dried beef (Nộm Thịt Bò Khô). The only dish that isn’t traditionally Vietnamese but it is a favorite amongst the locals
8. Market & Fruits  -  Head to a wet market and take in the smells and sounds. Enjoy some seasonal fruit from a local vendor
9. Unique Coffee  -  No food tour is complete without a Vietnamese egg coffee. We will go the the place where egg coffee was first invented so you know for sure it will be a great cup of coffee!

Notes: Contact Whatsup Vietnam to customize this schedule according to your personal requirements. 

What to bring & to know

Some cash in Vietnamese Dong/ USD for personal expenses.
Sun block or insect repellent, sport shoes, sun cream, raincoat and sun hat, etc.
Bring something warm clothes to wear (from Dec till Mar).
Should not wear short, mini skirt or shirt without sleeves
Any special request (diet or vegetarian,etc.) should be submitted before departure date.

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Privacy Policy

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