Why should you choose Whatsup Vietnam as a companion in your trip to Vietnam?

  • 10/12/2019

Why should you choose Whatsup Vietnam as a companion in your trip to Vietnam?

“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets
For more interesting experiences you may get
For more oceans you swim and for more mountains you climb
Everything you do, just do with Whatsup Vietnam”

Whatsup Vietnam was born with the mission to bring you the best travel experiences by providing travel and tourism services, organizing trips and offering packaged tours and customized tours according to customers’ requirements. We are delighted to help you get the better view about Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular.

We are committed to providing travelers with top travel services as well as excellent experiences only from Whatsup Vietnam team. We have developed very carefully Hanoi selected tours with great quality and good price. Each tour also includes some local tour guides, whore are amazingly knowledgeable and fluent at English langiage skills, and these will certainly satisfy your every requirement. Check out some our tours below.

1. Hanoi free walking tour: A comprehensive approach

Price: 0$

Hanoi Free Walking tour! is to help you uncover this unique capital city which has always been reputable for its long-lasting historical and cultural values. The best way to truly experience Hanoi is definitely on foot. Let our eager and skillful guides lead you to the most-visited tourist attractions such as the Old Quarter, White House Temple or Dong Xuan market; besides, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in the culture-imbued atmosphere of Ca Tru singing performance or Water Puppetry.

2. Hanoi War Sites walking tour

Price: 0$

Though almost half a century has elapsed, the Vietnam War still haunts many. Hanoi is a peaceful and beautiful city these days, yet war has miserably left deep wounds on this place and its people. After long decades of conflict, the Vietnam capital city is now littered with war heritages: Hoa Lo Prison, Military History Museum, etc. Whatsup Vietnam is eager to guide you to these unique historical locations so that you can experience and gain more understanding about the war and Hanoi’s remarkable past.

3. Hanoi specially-designed walking tour for family

Price: 25$

If you are a kind of person who have a passion for discovery travel, you might have a kind tendency to engage yourself in Hanoi life, from the most austere things to the world-famous specialties. You will find yourself in the tranquility of a pagoda or in a cyclo; or you can also join the hectic life pace in a busy local market or a beer street. Above all, this tour is exclusively designed for families so that you can feel a sense of absolutely comfortable atmosphere.

4. Top most exciting experience when in Hanoi: Hanoi walking tour

Price: 29.50$

You perhaps have to choose the best time to visit some particular destinations, but once in Hanoi, you will figure out that this adorable city is an exception. Taking a walk around Hanoi, set your footprint on a local market, a temple, a church, a historical prison and a rooftop coffee will definitely make your time in Hanoi fulfilling in a way that nowhere else in the world could offer.

5. Hanoi walking tour: immerse in Hanoi daily life

Price: 22$

We might have heard far a lot about travelling in Hanoi, eateries where ambitious foodies could visit, where to immerse in amusement centers or which tourist destinations are worth your teasure time. But for Hanoians, those mentioned activities are not enough. It is spiritual values, culture, people, life pace or customs that matters much more. So are you fascinated about immersing in Hanoi life? Join Whatsup Vietnam walking tour around the Old Quarter with our enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides!

6. Hanoi authentic culinary tour

Price: 25.50$

Hanoi culinary has been known to captivate millions of gourmets around the world. Since it seems challenging to choose just some in maze of food, there is no more optimal way to get to know the city's best delicacies than joining with Whatsup Vietnam on our Hanoi Food Walking tour. The food introduced promises to achieve a reasonable balance of Hanoi Feast, French Influences and street food. An amazing trip to local market cannot be without and our knowledgeable guide is to tell you the hidden story of Hanoi’s characterful cuisine.

7. Hanoi scooter riding tour: an original experience

Price: 38.50$

Hanoi, the beating heart of Vietnam offers some of the most fantastic scenes which travelers can truly contemplate! Riding scooter to explore Hanoi’s historical and cultural heritages is absolutely not to be missed. Our enthusiastic and experienced guides will help you explore the legendary Sword Lake, St. Joseph's Cathedral, Ho Chi Minh complex, Ceramic Road; and more – all in half a day! What’s more marvelous than finding yourself in a scooter and making a stunning discovery of Hanoi? Let’s be on the most amazing scooter riding tour ever with Whatsup Vietnam!

Right of customers when using Whatsup Vietnam’s service?

Whatsup Vietnam guarantees to: 

- Meet all possible requirements of customers from individuals to organizations, regardless of geographical location.
- Be enthusiastic and attentive customer service 24/7.
- Be flexible, fast and secure payment.
- Always have preferential programs, promotions, special discounts for group of visitors, companies and organizations.
- Give you all the latest and most needed information. Not only information about destinations, cuisine, culture ... Whatsup Vientma also provides useful and detailed travel guides and tips only we know to help you experience Hanoi trip perfectly.

“Don’t just get around the city
Let’s be a part of its story”

Whatsup Vietnam is very pleased and honoured to accompany with you on your journey to Hanoi. Hope you enjoy our trip to the fullest meaning of this word.

Thank you!

Written by: Hieu La

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