When in Hanoi Old Quarter, don’t forget to visit ancient house on Ma May street

  • 29/11/2019

Located at 87 Ma May Street, the ancient house is one of the few houses in Hanoi that is still preserved and maintained in its original pristine beauty. Not only that, this place is also an exhibition, providing information about Hanoi history. It can be said that this is a cultural beauty that attracts tourists to Old Quarter. Whatsup Vietnam is about to introduce this special place to you. 

Introduction about Ma May Ancient House

This is one of 14 old houses in Hanoi. The house was built in the late nineteenth century with a total area of 157.6m2. After many years of establishment, up to now, Co May ancient house.s owner has been changed many times and it has been restored but still retains its original features.

On February 16, 2004, the Ministry of Culture and Information (now the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) was signed a decision to recognize Ma May Ancient House as a National Heritage. Up to now, the old at House 87 Ma May is still a place to propagate and introduce to the visitors the cultural beauty of the Old Quarter, the routines of the old Hanoi people.

What’s there in Ma May Ancient House?

The Old House was designed in a tubular shape, and it is multifunctional. Although narrow in width, it is considerable in depth, and the house layers are separated by yards. In the outermost layer, there is a store, which opens to the street. Inside, there is a displacement yard, then the backyard, warehouse, and a kitchen.

The house consists of 2 floors, the first floor is the space for playing and activities, and the 2nd floor is the worshiping area and the bedroom. In the middle of the house, there are ornamental trees, creating beautiful and feng shui landscapes.

Operation of Co May House

Not only is an ordinary house, the ancient house of 87 Ma May is also the venue for local cultural activities. This place preserves the values of knowledge and living style of the Old Quarter.

During the day, the old house is open to tourists, answering everyone's questions. In the evening, there are Ca trù singing and music performances organized by Thang Long ward, which are very crowded and crowded.

Not only that, a wide range of activities, especially on holidays, such as Mid-Autumn Festival, take place here, which is a definitely typical feature of the old Hanoi people.



Opening hours of ancient house 87 Ma May

In normal days, 87 Ma May old house is open from 8am - 8pm to welcome visitors. However, on festive days, the opening hours will be a little bit later.

Ticket price to visit Old House 87 Ma May is only from 5,000 VND - 10,000 VND / turn. Guests can enjoy watching, visiting and taking pictures, as well as gaining precious knowledge about the beauty of ancient Hanoi culture, which guarantees to offer you interesting experiences.

Fun places near Old House 87 Ma May

After visiting the Ancient House at 87 Ma May, visitors can also visit some nearby places such as visiting the Cathedral, Opera House, Ly Thai monument, or walking around Hoan Kiem Lake, etc. Those are attractive tourist destinations not to be missed when coming to Hanoi as well.

In addition to engaging in those activities, you can also enjoy Hanoi specialties such as Trang Tien Ice Cream, Thuy Ta Ice Cream, Bun Cha, Banh da cua, Rice Paper cake. These dishes are not only popular but also appealing and attractive.


Written by: Quynh Nhi


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