Top delicious cheese-based dishes in Hanoi for cheese lovers

  • 15/12/2019

Going through the sunny day, we are remind of the smooth white color of the cheese. Cool is the ideal weather to sip cheese on the streets of classic sidewalk vendors or eateries. Oming to Hanoi, instead of trying familiar Hanoi delicacies that you may have heard of a thoudsand times, or an ordinary fried cheese stick, why not try these new cheese versions? Whatsup Vietnam is so excited to help you explore some. 

1. Blanket bread

Bread blanket
It's still a ham, sausage, and pineapple burger, but it's covered with a fluffy white blanket of "cheese". Taking a bite, you will feel the richness of the filling, the crunchy crust of the crust and the unmatched greasy taste of the cheese. Although there are eye-catching shapes and relatively good taste, but each piece costs you quite high, about 40k VND/unit so many people still consider when trying. This is a snack that creates a real trend among Hanoi youth community. You can have some at Tasty Toasty - 31 Ham Long, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

2. Chicken shaken with cheese

Shake chicken witj cheese

Those who love the fragrance of cheese and chicken are probably dead. Shake chicken with salty, sour and greasy cheese, and also smells of nose to the stomach. Chicken is cut into small pieces, breaded fried deep fried and sprinkle with cheese powder on top. This dish is worth a try on cool rainy days. Whenever you talk about selling cheese shake chicken in Hanoi, the students will immediately remember 116B C8 lane 12 Nui Truc, near Giang Vo secondary school. The price of this snack ranges from 10k - 20k depending on your order. This is not a cheap price but is at an acceptable level.

3. Cheesy Grilled Monterey Chicken Sandwish 

Crispy sandwich, crispy chicken with scrumptious fillings, extra melted cheese, a bit of spicy chili sauce and greasy mayonnaise. Just imagining can make you hungry right? Grilled chicken cheese sandwich is not a popular dish at many places. You can visit Tu Do or 78 Bui Ngoc Duong. To pick up a "Ms." sandwich of this type, you will have to spend 20k, an acceptable price for a plump cake and relatively good quality.


4. Grilled rice paper with cheese (Banh trang nuong pho mai)

Cheese grilled rice paper has the power to make your mouth water anytime, just inhaling it makes you feel hungry. Usually, this dish comes with shredded chicken, seafood, beef, etc.  If you try to combine with cheese, there will be a thick and full baked rice paper.
Please find the address such as 48 Hang Tre, KTX B10 Bach Khoa (Hanoi University of Science and Tchnology Campus), or 111 Doi Can 
to enjoy grilled rice paper with cheese flavor. Each cake is priced from 15k - 30k depending on the place. Dingging in one is enough to make you feel relatively full.


Shaking Tokbokki in cheese is an extremely tasty combination of flavors. Tough and crispy rice cakes and fragrant cheese blends with each other. If you want to try this dish, you can visit a familiar address that has been learnt by the heart by students, which is No. 221, Lane 130 Xuan Thuy for about 30k/portion.

6. Korean cheese hotdog

Cheese hotdogs with relatively thick flour and deep frying, then sprinkle on 4 sauces: ketchup, spicy chili, sweet chilli, Korean mustard. That is why the hotdog here is very tasty and savoury. However, apart from the plus point is delicious cheese, this hotdog is eaten very quickly. If you do not eat quickly, the cheese will freeze and the dough will no longer stick to the sausages. Price for these hotdogs ranges from 20k - 30k / piece. However, this dish can make you bored quickly because of the thick batter covering it.

7. Corn sti-fried with cheese

Fried sweet corn is a delicious sweet dish that is familiar to many families. But if you both love eating this dish and still are a fan of cheese at the same time, do not miss the unique combination of this delicious cheese baked cheese dish. Surely eating once will make you remember this special taste forever.
By Quynh Nhi

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