Top Nghe An’s specialties which you shouldn’t miss!

  • 22/11/2019

Nghe An, which is a province of a 300-km distance away from Hanoi, is well-known for not only being a land of spiritual masterpieces with many beautiful landscapes but also a paradise of cuisine due to its special location and climate. On coming to this land, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy specialties in Nghe An. Let's figure these scrummy out with Whatsup Vietnam!

1. The appeal of Nghe An eel soup

Nghe An’s eel soup is unforgettable to anyone who has enjoyed it even once. Thanks to its moreish and distinct aromatic flavour, eel soup has been a famous specialty in Nghe An province for a long time. Those who set foot on this soil without enjoying a bowl of eel soup feel like they have missed something. Surely, nobody can resist the lure of a bowl of eel soup awakening the senses with its strong flavour, pungent spice and the subtle redolence of peppercorns.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho nghe an eel soup"

It is not an overstatement that most people are burning to enjoy a bowl of eel soup as soon as their eyes chance upon a bowl of condensed and brownish eel soup mixed with flavorous cilantro. It is the reason why, simple as eel soup is, it nevertheless has become a specific cultural trait. Not only is it the pride and nostalgia of Nghe An locals, but it also creates a hard–to–forget impression on visitors.

2. Vinh duckweek cake  (Banh beo) – another scrupmtous dish from Nghe An

The name “Banh beo” was born due to the shape of the cake which is thin and round like the duckweed, or according to another folks, which said this dish is “dirt cheap” (“beo” in Vietnamese). Banh beo is a famous delicacy of Nghe An people, having its origin in Hue, a central province of Vietnam. The tiny, flexible cake with the appealing fragrance of rice flour, the sweetness of shrimp, and the spiciness of the dipping sauce, making people truly enticed when enjoying this dish. The tiny cup of duckweed has a bit of fried onions and cilantro in order to make it more attractive and harmonious in flavour as well. 

Kết quả hình ảnh cho duckweed cake"

3. Chao canh – a famous specialty of Nghe An

“Chao canh” is similar to “banh canh” in many rural areas in the Central region, but the people of Nghe are familiar with this name, so some people might mistakenly regard it as a kind of congee at first. The taste of it will really make the guests fascinated by the special sweetness that is hard to be nonchalant. Nghe An banh canh is made from fine rice flour and cut into large fibers, and then the noodles are boiled to be cooked. Pouring the broth of stewed bone into the noodles bowl, adding shrimp, minced meat and fried shallots, you are having a bowl of savoury soup!

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cháo canh nghệ an"

(Picture: Vnexpress)

The bowl of banh canh which is delicious, spicy and sweet will definitely leave an unforgetable impression on every diner’s mind. Vinh banh canh is gradually becoming a special dish that makes tourists desire to pay this land a second visit.


4. Banh muot gio - A popular Nghe An specialty 

Another specialty of  Nghe An which must be mentioned next is the Banh muot gio (or we cake). In Nghe An, wet cake is very popular. At first, it looks very similar to wet rolls in the North, or wet cake in the South but when eaten, it triggers special feeling due to its particular flavor. 

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bánh mướt giò vinh" 

This dish is served every morning for the Vinh city people. Vinh wet cake is made from ordinary rice grains, soaked in water until the rice grains expand evenly and softly before being pulverized. Finished flour can only be rolled into a cake after let sleep so that the cake has the limber texter .

Usually banh muot gio dipped into fished sauce having lemon juice will create a much richer flavor. This special dish is often served with egg soup, duck soup or silk rolls. The special gloss and elasticity of the its ingredients will surely bring satisfaction to foodie once trying.

5. Banh ngao – the sweet flavour of nostalgia

Banh ngao is considered a very favorite dish of Nghe An people. It is made from the common ingredients of Nghe An cusione such as glutinous rice flour, molasses and ginger. This sweet cake soup has the eye-catching golden color like honey, the flexibility of the cooked sticky rice flour in combination with the fresh aroma of ginger, which will surely make eager eaters fall in love with it at the very first try.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bánh ngào foody"

Banh ngao is normally enjoyed in cold weather, when diners can really feel the warmth that the sweet aroma of ginger triggers. If we enjoy this dish right hot, it will be absolutely amazing! The fleshy taste of the filling, glutinous sticky rice flour and the sweet aroma of ginger are supposed to give the guests a new and unique sense of taste. 


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