Top 8 attractive tourist destinations in Ba Ria - Vung Tau

  • 20/12/2019

Ba Ria - Vung Tau is a province with 305 km coastline, having many beautiful beaches with blue clear waters, white sand, sun, mellow waves, many resorts and tourists attrations to relax on every holiday or at weekend. The following 8 stunning beaches below in Ba Ria Vung Tau will help visitors have useful reference in ororder to have a more delightful trip to this amazing beach city. 

1. Con Dao

Con Dao
Con Dao is an archipelago of 14 large and small islands located in the ocean 185 km from Vung Tau. The beach is 200 km long, having a wide range of breathtaking beaches such as Dat Doc, Bai Canh, Dam Trau and Hon Cau beaches , Hon Tre beach, etc. Con Dao National Park covers an area of nearly 6,000 hectares on land and 14,000 hectares of sea surface with many rare plants and animals. Coming to Con Dao, tourists can stroll around the archipelago, admire the amazing beauty that nature has bestowed on this place and can achieve a consonsiderable amount of knowledge about the past. Each relic on the island bears many mysteries that are still handed down until today. 

2. Bai Truoc (The Front Beach)

Bai Truoc
Bai Truoc, a calm cove in Vung Tau City, is located between Big Mountain and Little Mountain. In terms of space, Bai Truoc can be located in the range from the Green light to the Stone Bridge, starting at 01 Tran Phu, going through Quang Trung Street to a part of Ha Long Street. Along the Front Beach is also the place where most of the nightlife activities of Vung Tau in seafood restaurants, bars or cafes on the mountainside take place. Getting to Front Beach, you might not be keen on wallowing in the sea, but with mountainous scenery including the Large Mountain, Small Mountain, with rock jutting out into the sea, the chances are that you will be admiringly captivated.

3. Bai Sau

Bai Sau Vung Tau
Bai Sau also known as Bai Thuy Van, is located on the east beach of Vung Tau, 8km from the foot of Nui Nho (Nho Mountain) and the beginning of the crossroads of Thuy Van and Phan Chu Trinh to Chi Linh area. This beach posseses fine white sand, stretching smoothly with continuous waves and creating its enchanting beauty. The sea here is gentle, not deep, with stable temperatures and few intense waves; hence it is suitable for people of all ages, regardless of the elderly or children. Compared to Bai Sau, this place is somewhat quieter and less bustling. Bai Sau is also one of the most ideal place for you to enjoy witnessing sunrise and sunset in Vietnam. 

4. Long Hai Beach

Long Hai Beach
Long Hai Beach is located in Long Hai town, Long Dien district, 30km northeast of Vung Tau city. Once in Long Hai, tourists cannot help but to stop by Long Hai beach because the beach here is very clean, the water is crystal clear and the golden sand beach runs quite quietly. The beach runs along the foot of Minh Dam Mountain which owes its pristine and natural beauty to the generous Mother Nature. Whenever spring comes to Nuoc Ngot pass, visitors will be surprised by the white purple of the cherry, the green of the forest and the Long Hai beach. 

5. Ho Tram Beach

 Ho Tram BeachHo Tram Beach belongs to Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. Located about 10km from the center of Phuoc Buu town, Ho Tram is not as noisy and bustling as in other tourist spots but it is immensely attractive because of the clear blue water and smooth white sand, which creates its  elegant and wild gorgeousness. You can leisurely walk along the beachdozens of kilometers long and sip on delicious fresh seafood specialties such as grilled fresh squid, grilled fish or fish hotpot. You can stop at the leaf huts, enjoying the airy and cool space, watching the sea, listening to the murmuring waves or immersing in the cool blue water. The forest - marine ecosystem here is well preserved and protected. Therefore, in addition to the magnificent sea breeze blowing throughout the four seasons, Ho Tram also brings fresh air for guests to relax and let down.
In particular, Ho Tram has been voted and recognized as the most beautiful and pristine beach in the world by a famous American TV channel.

6. Bai Dua (Pinapple Beach) 

 Bai Dua
Bai Dua is a beautiful beach in Vung Tau City. This is a beautiful and pristine beach with clean sea water, sandy beaches, few intense waves and many spectacular rocky beaches. Someone has compared Bai Dua as a mini resort with quite affordable price. Opposite to Pineapple beach, there are many hotels and villas for rent at quite reasonable prices. A special feature of the hotels and villas here is that they are located on high hills. Quietness and romane is something you will definitely sensen when you pay a visit to there.

7. Ho Coc (Coc Lake)

 Ho Coc
Ho Coc is a pristine coastline located in the forest of Bung Rieng commune, Xuyen Moc district, Ba ria Vung Tau province. Not only having clear blue sea but this place also owns smooth white sand beaches entwined in rocks of unique shapes. In addition, Ho Coc is also known for being the ideal spot for you to have appealing experience doing swim, watching sunrise or sunset, walking along the sandy shore, exploring rocky of various shapes or pristine forests, coming to play water games like windsurfing, or engaging yourself in jet skiing.

8. Loc An Beach

Loc An Beach
If visitors have the opportunity to visit Loc An beach in the first days of the year, you will be extremely surprised at the poetic scenery of the pink peach blossoms. It will be an enchanting natural setting that makes you think you are in a real Wonderland.

Unlike with other tourist destinations, to be able to reach Loc An beach, visitors need to travel by basket boat or canoe through a large lake to reach. An interesting experience when floating on the water to discover Loc An "oasis" on the other side of the shore. On the shore, there is a line of soaring blue ocean leaning towards the sea, and below, the clear blue sea ripples around the long sand seemingly endless, creating a harmonious and tranquil quiet space.

by Quynh Nhi

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