Top 6 stunning destinations not to be missed when traveling to Thai Nguyen

  • 19/12/2019

Traveling to Thai Nguyen, you will not only be impressed by the immense stretch of tea fields, but also by the charming natural scenery that makes travelers bewitched. Let's find out with Whatsup Vietnam! 

1. Tan Cuong tea hill 

Tan Cuong tea hill is a familiar name for those who have heard of Thai Nguyen before, concentrated mainly in 3 communes of Tan Cuong, Phuc Xuan and Phuc Triu, with an area of more than 1,300 ha. This place is not only famous for its delicious tea products, but also has beautiful natural scenery, romantic mountains and rivers and close to Nui Coc Lake, convenient to combine sightseeing in Thai Nguyen tour.
Tan Cuong Tea Hill

Tan Cuong Tea Hill
Tan Cuong tea hill is an area of rolling hills, fertile soil, fresh and cool ecological environment. Nature has bestowed on this land spirit and soul, giving it a kind of special tea that anyone has ever enjoyed it will definitely find it unforgettable. Xinjiang tea has a gentle and natural aroma, slightly acrid taste, yellowish-green water color, leaving a sweetness aftertaste, profound taste of its buds and fragrant aroma, which surely fascinates those who love the art of tea.
Visit Tan Cuong Tea Hill, you will have the opportunity to admire the cool green tea fields, shimmering in poetic colors; To witness the skillful tea-picking movements of women in the upland fields, and to learn how to make tea and crumple tea by both traditional and modern methods. In addition, you can visit the ancient tea trees at Lam Son hamlet at the foot of Guoc mountain, and listen to the elderly telling interesting stories about Tan Cuong Tea Hill.

2. Nui Coc Lake

Nui Coc Lake, the man-made reservoir, is  located in Dai Tu district, Thai Nguyen province. Nui Coc lake is well-known for its spectacular and legendary beauty. Nui Coc Lake also surprises tourists by a mysterious legend of a romantic but tragic love story between a girl named Cong and a man named Coc. As the legend has it, the Cong River and Coc Mountain are named after the names of the ill-fated couple.
Nui Coc Lake

Nui Coc Lake
The tourism zone of Nui Coc Lake covers a large mountainous area with natural landscape and exciting entertainment areas. The lake is surrounded by mountains, forest trees and green tea hills which help to make Nui Coc more like an artistic painting. Visiting Nui Coc Lake, tourists can explore natural beauty of the vast lake, amazing islets, giant mountains as well as enjoy entertainment activities and the region’s specialties.

3. Phuong Hoang Cave and Mo Ga Stream

The cave is located atop Phuong Hoang (Phoenix) Mountain, 45 km from Thai Nguyen City along National Road No. 1B in the Thai Nguyen-Lang Son direction. The cave includes 3 layers: the upper layer is Doi Cave (Bat Cave), the central is Sang Cave (Light Cave), and the lower is Toi Cave  (Dark Cave).
Phuong Hoang Cave and Mo Ga stream are the most spectacular landscapes in Thai Nguyen province not only because of the majestic natural scenery but behind the name Phuong Hoang is a thrilling, moving story handed down until today.
Phuong Hoang Cave and Mo Ga Stream
Visitors spend around half an hour climbing up to the cave. Seeing from its foot, the mountain has the shape of two laying phoenixes. Reaching the opening of the cave, visitors can see the panorama landscape of this land. The Light Cave is spacious and well-ventilated. The stalactites in the cave glitter fancifully thanks to the light from the three main openings of the caves. Visitors can freely imagine the forms of these stalactites such as a mother carrying her son on her back on the way to the field, ancient people hunting wild animals, or the gorgeous image of lanterns.
At the foot of the Phuong Hoang Mountain, there is Mo Ga Stream Cave (Chicken's Beak Cave). Its entrance is 100m wide and there is a stream that flows out from the cave. In front, there are many small waterfalls, bathing places, rocks, and small rocky islands. The water is fresh clear and the landscape is fantastic.

4. Duom Temple

Duom Temple - Thai Nguyen
Duom temple is a temple whch worships Duong Tu Minh - a shogun of the Tay folk, Prince Consort of the Ly’s dynasty with many merits. Duom temple was built at the foot of the Duom Mountains, Dong Dat commune, Phu Luong district - about 25km from Thai Nguyen city. The temple is built in a stunning natural area. In front of the temple is a large field with river flowing through the mountains. This temple is a historic sightseeing spot of Thai Nguyen province. 

 5. Vai Mieu Lake

Vai Mieu Lake
Vai Mieu lake is located at the foot of the Tam Dao mountain, with an area of 39.4 hectares of water in Ky Phu commune, Dai Tu district. The surface of the lake is clear. There are also many beautiful islands, pristine and majestic natural landscapes, not far from Nui Van - Nui Vo national historical site, so Vai Mieu lake is very popular with many tourists.

6. Nam Rut Waterfall

Nam Rut waterfall - in Tay language, means Raining waterfall. The waterfall is 35 km from the center of Thai Nguyen city, on the way from La Hien (kilometer 18 national highway 1B) to the Than Sa archaeological site.
In the rainy season, in the immense mountains, on a limestone mountain top, there grow a lot trees, dazzling white water currents fall down Nghinh Tuong river forming the big waterfall. But in dry season, water amount is only enough to soak into moss space on limestone cliff, then falling down the river, creating water drops sparkling the river surface under yellow sunlight.
by Quynh Nhi

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