Top 6 most attractive destinations in Hai Phong city

  • 18/12/2019

Hai Phong is a major industrial city, the second largest city in the northern part of Vietnam. Hai Phong is also the center of technology, economy, culture, medicine, education, science and trade in the northern coast of Vietnam. Hai Phong is a lovely city that retains a colonial look. The city is also known as ‘The City of Flame Flowers’ because most of its streets are lined with flame flower trees. In Hai Phong, there are many places worth visiting and these include temples, shrines, pagodas and mausoleums. There is also a beach and communal house that tourists often frequent. Let Whatsup Vietnam provide you with some best places in Hai Phong that you should not miss.

1. Do Son Beach

Located 22 kilometers on the southeast from the center of Hai Phong, Do Son attracts tourists with its fresh air, beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes. Do Son is a small peninsula with a long blue coastline mingled with primeval forests creating an overwhelming beauty. There are 3 main beaches which are popular for swimming, sunbathing and kite flying, along with many other fun beach activities.
Do Son Beach
The beach houses plenty of hotels and resorts with ocean views. If you’re a foreign visitor, you can also visit the many casinos here, which only present here  in Vietnam. The main town is known for its annual ritual buffalo fights. Taking place in late-September or October, this local activity attracts travelers looking to experience the Vietnamese culture. These days, Do Son is strongly alive with travelers worldwide. They majorly visit here to spend time on relaxing on the beach and hiking.

2. Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island is the largest of the 367 islands spanning 260 square kilometers (100 square miles) that comprise the Cat Ba Archipelago, which makes up the southeastern edge of Lan Ha Bay in Northern Vietnam. Cat Ba island has a surface area of 285 km2 (110 square kilometers) and maintains the dramatic and rugged features of Ha Long Bay. It is commonly considered as an overnight hotel stop on tours to Ha Long Bay run by travel agents from Hanoi. This island belongs to Haiphong city.
Cat Ba Island
Half of its area is covered by a National Park, which is home to the highly endangered Cat Ba langur. The island has a wide variety of natural ecosystems, both marine and terrestrial, leading to incredibly high rates of biodiversity. Natural habitats found on Cat Ba Archipelago include limestone karsts, tropical limestone forests, coral reefs, mangrove and sea grass beds, lagoons, beaches, caves and willow swamp forests.
Cat Ba Island is one of the only populated islands in Ha Long Bay, with roughly 13,000 inhabitants living in six different villages, and 4,000 more inhabitants living on floating fishing villages off the coast. The large majority of the population can be found in Cat Ba town, which is located at the southern point of the Island and is the commercial center of the Island.

3. Elephan Mountain

Another interesting site when it comes to Hai Phong attractions is Elephant Mountain, located in An Lao district, Hai Phong city, about 20 km southwest of Hai Phong’s center. Elephant Mountain is the highest peak in the north of Kien An, An Lao district. At the foot of the mountain, there is Long Tien cave to worship Le Chan, one of the most famous female general in Vietnamese history, who established An Bien village or Hai Phong city today.
Elenphant Mountain
Photo: Nguyen Tuan
Elephant Mountain impresses visitors due to its rustic image, meandering mountains, immense fields at the foot of the mountain and countless beautiful caves. Especially, these places consist of stalagmites with a huge number of unique shapes such as tigers, elephant heads, adoration dragons and so on. In addition to the natural beauty of nature, there are many traces of temples and monuments on the top of the mountain, which was build under Mac dynasty in the 16th century.

4. Bach Long Vi Island

Bach Long Vi island is located in the Gulf of Northern, about halfway between Hai Phong and Hainan Island (China). Its name originates from the old legend in which long time ago, a group of dragons was flying to Hai Phong Sea. Some baby dragons flew down and lied on the Hai Phong land that today turns into the Cat Ba archipelago. The remaining dragons lied in the sea of Quang Ninh which becomes Ha Long Bay these days. Bach Long Vi Island which was the tail of the mother dragon was called the pearl of the East Sea because of its precious and well-preserved beauty.
Bach Long Vi Island

Next to the port on the left is a beautiful long sandy beach. Guests can organize fire camping, cultural exchanges, swimming, watching the sunset from here. However, in our opinion, the most interesting point in coming to Bach Long Vi is the seafood market. Early in the morning, when tourists are sleeping, local people go fishing. About 7.00 am, fishermen come back and sell seafood right in front of the Bach Long Vi residential area. Shrimp, squid, all kinds of fish, bamboo shoots, sea crabs...very fresh and low-priced.

5. Monkey Island

Monkey Island is a large island with nearly 400 islands, belonging to the Cat Ba archipelago. This name of this island originated from the wide variety of monkey on the island, which have been taken to this island from other places. The monkeys living on this island plays an important part in the success of this destination in attracting tourists. Visitors can easily take photographs as well as play with naughty and cute monkeys.
Monkey Island
Monkey Island retains the perimeter of about 3 km. It owns mountain shape with the sandbank formed over millions of years. The wave and wind have brought the sand, rocks, coral and all shells of sea creatures such as seashells, shrimps, and crabs... to the foot of the mountain, creating the sand deserts stretching to thousands of miles. This island is an ideal venue for swimming for tourists when participating in thanks to its extremely blue and fresh water. In particular, the bungalows here are the wondeful choice for tourists to comfortably admire the sea breeze and enjoy sea flavor. Monkey Island also offers services for tourists' demands such as bathing suit renting, buoys or kayaks... Monkey Island deserves considering one of captivating tourist attractions for tourists who love to discover charming scenery.

6. Flower Market And Tam Bac Lake

Located close to the old colonial quarter, Tam Bac Lake is a nice place for tourists and locals to relax and go fishing. Along the lake banks, there are trees that make your visit a comfortable, romantic and pleasant walk.Tam Bac Lake

At the eastern side of this lake, you will see a beautiful flower market, also known in Vietnamese as Quan hoa, which was built around 1941 by the French. This is a small area selling fresh flowers and is made up of five beautiful arched-roof kiosks. Within the walking distance, not far from the area of lake, you will find the Le Chan Women General State, who is the founder of Hai Phong city. This statue is brass-cast and weighs about 19 tons – which is considered as one of the heaviest statues countrywide.


Written by: Hieu La


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