Top 6 attractions in Ninh Thuan for those who love tranquility

  • 17/12/2019

Located in the South Central region, Ninh Thuan is known for its sunshine and wind all year round. With 7 locations introduced below, Whatsup Vietnam is sure that Ninh Thuan tourism will be an interesting experience for those who are passionate about Vietnam in general and exploring the majestic nature in particular. 

1. Ninh Chu Beach

Located in Khanh Hai town, Ninh Thuan province, located 5 km east of Phan Rang city, Ninh Chu beach is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the Central region, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. It is ranked as one of the 9 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. The beach has a length of 10 km, and the coast is flat, arc-shaped. It is fortunately endowed with crystal clear water, fine white sand, fresh air and whispering waves all year round. 

2. Dam Nai 

Dam Nai - Ninh Binh

Dam Nai - Ninh Binh
Tourists are not only immersed in the natural scenery of the water but also have the opportunity to explore the peaceful life of the countryside along the lagoon. You can go to Phuong Cuu for a walk in the vast stork garden, up the boat to Hon Thien or down to Khanh Tuong to visit the vast salt-producing fields, and then cxontamplate the simple image of the daily life of the people here.

3. Nam Cuong sand hill

Nam Cuong sand hills have long been known and gradually become an indispensable destination in Ninh Thuan tourism. 7km southeast of Phan Rang, Thap Cham, This sand hill belongs to Tuan Tu village, An Hai commune, Ninh Phuoc district. Coming here, visitors seem to be lost in the vast desert with an area of 700 hectares, with the four dimentions is nothing but sand deserts. Nam Cuong sand hills are hidden behind trails, surrounded by villages. This destination is not as prominent as in Mui Ne, but believe us, it won't let you down at all! 

4. Ca Na lagoon

Ca Na lagoon
Ca Na Road is a part of National Highway 1A, located in Thuan Nam district, about 30 km south of Phan Rang city center. From early morning, Ca Na seaport has been crowded with boats and ships moving to the anchor. You can visit every corner of this place and have breakfast like Banh Can or Banh Xeo filled with fresh squid or shrimp paste. After having breakfast and better understand the life of fishermen, you can go to the sea to watch the wild waves rushing to the shore, which will leave you feel strangely interested and amazed.

5. An Hoa sheep farm

It is not difficult to find the way to An Hoa village, An Xuan commune, about 5 - 7 km from Phan Rang. There are many sheep here, from several to thousands. Unlike the Mongolian steppe, Vietnamese sheep are remained in Phan Rang only, the only place where sheep can be raised because they can adapt to the ecological environment here with human care. This will surely attracts tourists when traveling to Ninh Thuan.

6. Bau Truc pottery village 

Bau Truc - Ninh Thuan
Bau Truc is one of the two oldest pottery villages in Southeast Asia, about 10 km to the south from Phan Rang and Thap Cham towns. This is a small village with just over 400 households but up to 85% of which are doing traditional pottery making. The material used to create a pottery product in Bau Truc is a special kind of clay, taken from the banks of the Quao River, which baked will turn flexible and durable. The skill of mixing sand with clay is also particularly original and different from that of other pottery producing villages. The amount of sand mixed into the material also depends on the purpose and size of each type of ceramic product.

7. Truc Lam Vien Ngo Zen Monastery

Truc Lam Vien Ngo

Located in the historical monument of Da Chong Mountain, this monastery is a spiritual place of Ninh Thuan province, with its other name is Phung Son. The monastery was built on the basis of remodeling, building new land and temples. For people in Khanh Hai, this is the place to let go of all everyday life worries. The view from the monastery is extremely charming and magnificent, below is the field and the water. The mountains represent the main economy for the people living in that area. When traveling to this sunny and windy area, Truc Lam Vien Ngo Monastery is the place to embrace every visitor when traveling to Ninh Thuan, not only because of the beautiful scenery, architecture, hospitable people but also a myriad of things which are all alluring and attractive for a sacred place.

by Quynh Nhi

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