Top 5 typical fruits of Hanoi summer that you should try

  • 05/12/2019

In the summer days, when the weather is getting hotter, what you need most besides the air conditioner is the cooling food and drinks. In particular, fruits are the most effective foods of salvation. Some fruits not only have a refreshing effect, but also support us in improving our health and resistance. If you have an opportunity to visit Hanoi in summer, don't miss these 5 special fruits of Hanoi summer below.

1. Elacagnus latifolia

It is often said that seeing this fruit is the same as seeing summer, because its flower often blooms in the late spring and early summer. This type of fruit usually grows in clusters on the tree and will turn bright red and have a layer of white chalk around it after ripening. When we try to taste it, we can felll the taste of sourness, yet naturally pure and subtle. Therefore, this fruit is also used as a spice plant and is able to be put in sour soup. Besides, elacagnus latifolia also has very special utilization as a medical remedy. According to traditional medicine, the fruit is capable of supporting the treatment of respiratory-related diseases such as asthma. If you have digestive system-related illnesses like diarrhea or dysentery, try applying remedies that are made from elacagnus latifolia.

Elacagnus latifolia

2. Thieu Litchi

Thieu Litchi from ancient times was considered as a rare fruit, often only used to offer to the kings, therefore, contemporary people called it “king of fruits”. The reason why this small fruit have such a privilege lies in its fantastic taste and the wonderful impacts on heath that it contains. The flavonoids in this fruit will assist your body in fighting off the attack of cancer cells or slow down their growth. Moreover, it also contain a kind of vitamin that human body does not have a mechanism to synthesize, which is vitamin C. It will help you increase resistance against common diseases such as coughs, fevers, flu, etc. Besides, this is also a very useful vitamin for your skin and hair. If you eat them in a proper way and quantity, your skin will get rid of acne and the aging rate will certainly be slowed down. At the same time, you also get more stronger, shiny and smoother hair thanks to eating litchi.

Thieu litchi

3. Plum

Hanoi plum is one of the most famous and typical fruits of this region. Different from other plums all over the world, it has a shape of round with scarlet peel and typical sour taste. You can catch the sight of fresh plums on every street corner of Hanoi, or even in the menu of the sidewalk eateries. Hanoi Plum also brings about surprising health benefits because it contains a high content of nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals. Eating plum will impressively enhance your heart's resilience and health, as well as prevent unexpected stroke. In addition, it also consists of antioxidants, which strengthen the immune system and keep your blood circulation well-balanced.


4. Sapodilla

Unlike aforementioned sour fruits, sapodilla stands out with its natural sweetness and mild flavor, which is well-favoured by all the tourists visiting Hanoi. Sapodilla has a typically yellow-brown layer that cannot be mistaken for any other fruits. Sapodilla is extremely beneficial for children and pregnant women since this fruit contains a wide range of essential nutrients, which help to provide body with a considerable amount of calcium, phosphorus and other crucial vitamins. In addition, sapodilla also comprises tannins, a good supportive substance to fight inflammation or reduce swelling of the body's wounds.


5. Mulberry

This is a typical fruit of Northern Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular, a gift that every visitor to Hanoi wants to take home for their loved ones in their home country! Walking around the markets of Hanoi in summer, you can easily see street vendors with their antique bicycles full of mulberries. Ripen strawberry is red, black or mixed between two colors, looked from the outside. Young leaves of the tree can be processed in various way, such as boiled as a regular vegetables, stir-fried or as an ingredient of soup like other vegetables. In addition to being a scrumptiuous fruit, mulberry also has a wonderfully beneficial effect on increasing resistance and curing constipation. Vietnamese mothers often use mulberry to soak up water to drink like apricot water. Each layer of this type of strawberry is washed with sugar, and then packed in a large pot for several weeks until the combination of sugar mixed with mulberry juice brings about a real fantastic drink. 


While summer weather can be uncomfortable, you can stll take advantage of this amazing time to enjoy the best fruits of the year. Let's trigger your exciting summer by enjoying 5 kinds of special fruits in Hanoi above, because they are not only yummy but also contributes to making your body healthier and fresher.


Written by: Hieu La

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