Top 5 traditional dishes of Ha Giang province

  • 09/12/2019

Ha Giang always has a strong attraction with those who are in love with traveling. In addition to majestic and spectacular sceneries, Ha Giang is also well-known for its special cusine. Let Whatsup Vietnam introduce you 5 delicious dishes of Ha Giang to make your trip more fullfiling.

1. Au Tau soup (Aconitum fortune soup)

This dish is made from “Aconitum fortune”, a poisonous bulb that grows on rocks in the northern mountains of Vietnam. Poison can cause the death, but it is also a valuable remedy if we use proper dose. Through ingenious processing of local people, Au Tau soup can become a dish that helps stretch muscles, reduce muscle pain and aching bones, etc. It is a very good dish for health, especially for the elderly. It has a dark brown color, fleshy taste and special aroma. It is the aroma of glutinous rice with yellow flowers mixed with pured rice, the fleshy taste of young bulbs and stewed greasy pork leg.

Au Tau soup

2. Thit trau gac bep

“Thit trau gac bep” literally means buffalo meat hanging in the kitchen. This dish originated from the need to preserve food for the rainy season. The local marinate and then dry the buffalo meat in order to have food through the entire rainy season. The meat hangs from their kitchens for about eight months to a year. The buffalo meat is then lowered down to be grilled, stewed, or cooked into many dishes.

Thit trau gac bep

The smoke from the oven gives the beef a distinct smell. Inside, the meat is dark brown, but the meat inside is bright red. It's normally flavored with salt, pepper, garlic, and ginger. The first bite may be a little rough, but after that, you'll taste the sweetness.

3. Five-colored sticky rice

This is a unique and typical food of Northern of Vietnam. It is an indispensable dish on the tray of this mountainous people on important day. Five colors include white, yellow, purple, red, blue symbolizing for 5 basic elements in nature according to Chinese’s alchemy, which are metal, wood, water, fire and soil. The combination of colors and flavors creates a dish that is not only delicious but also eye-catching.


Apart from white is original color of rice, the unique color of this multicolored sticky rice is made up of naturally dyed ingredients. Red is the color of spiny bitter gourd and red rice leaves, while yellow uses old turmeric to grind water. Green comes from ginger leaves or bitter bamboo peels, which is burned into ash and then soaked with lime water. The last one, purple, is processed from black rice leaves.

4. Com Lam Bac Me (Bac Me bamboo sticky rice)

Ha Giang is a fertile region with famous and delicious glutinous rice varieties, which makes Bac Me bamboo sticky rice gradually become a typical specialty of the Tay ethnic people. It is totally cooked in bamboo pieces, separated from others. Local people spend hours gathering and washing the bamboo and slicing the bamboo into small sections of 30 centimeters in length. The inhabitants combine rice with salt and then put salty rice to bamboo. Don't forget the water used to cook this dish. It's brought from the streams which is fresh and a little bit sweet. A big secret here is that during grilling process you need to patch the bamboo sections.

Bac Me bamboo sticky rice

5. Tam Giac Mach pie (Buckwheat pie)

At the end of the buckwheat flower season, local people will harvest the seeds and sell them to cooperatives with a high price. This helps people have more income. This seed is very small, only half the black bean. Because it is grown in the wild, the buckwheat here is not affected by toxic chemicals.

Tam Giac Mach pie

To make such a delicious pie, people have to go through many stages. First, the buckwheat seeds must be dried enough and brought to grind by hand. The grinding process also requires dexterity to make very fine batch. People knead the flour mixed with water and then mold and roast it. The price of the product after being heated is 10,000-15,000 VND for one cake. Although it not as high as many items elsewhere, Tam Giac Mach pie is contributing greatly to the culinary development, tourism and economy of this rock plateau.

Above is 5 extremely famous Ha Giang specialties for those who do not know what to eat in Ha Giang. Hope that information is helpful to you. Wishing you a memorable culinary trip to Ha Giang!

Written by: Hieu La

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