Top 5 stunning spots in Ha Giang you can’t miss

  • 09/12/2019

Ha Giang is a province in the Northeast region of Vietnam. The tourist destinations in Ha Giang always have a strange attraction that can be found nowhere else. It is a place with nuances of mountainous areas like a simple picture of just ink and water, which has become the desire to conquer of both many generations of Vietnamese as well as foreign visitors. Tourists will be surprised when lost in the middle of majestic beauty of this land. Therefore, Whatsup Vietnam is pleased to provide you with 5 most attractive spots in Ha Giang.

1. Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ma Pi Leng Pass of Ha Giang province with a length of about 20km is considered as one of the most dangerous roads in Vietnam, but it plays an important role in ethnic people's lives here as it connects Ha Giang with 6 communers downstream. The locals have to work very hard during 6 years to build the road by rudimentary tools and without support of any machinery. Although they have to consistently encounter danger and death, with their utmost and admirable determination, they still managed to successfully build this pass.

Ma Pi leng Pass

Visitors to Ha Giang not only have the opportunity to admire the majestic scenery of the rocky plateau but alsohave chance to better understand the history of this mystic mountain pass. Looking from far away, you can see thousand layers of clouds embracing the mountain. It’s only here where may you fully feel the immense grandeur of this tourist attraction in Ha Giang in particular and the northern mountainous forests in general.

2. Dong Van rock plateau

Dong Van rock plateau with the beauty of highland has moved many hearts of tourists coming here. From April 2010, the Dong Van rock plateau record was submitted to UNESCO as a global geological park. This also became the first global geological park of Vietnam. With a series of geological, stratigraphic and architectural heritages as well as unique cultural features of highland people, Dong Van rock plateau possesses a wild, authentic and mysterious beauty itself.

Dong Van rock plateau

Dong Van rock plateau is one of the special limestone regions, containing typical marks on the development history of the earth's crust, natural phenomena, unique landscapes in terms of aesthetics and biodiversity. It is an opportunity to challenge your courage by trekking the high mountain pass. But in return, you are immersed in the majestic nature and living with poor people but still full of joy and happiness. You will also be released in the sound of music and flute. Maybe it will make you bewildered when you leave this remote place.

3. Lung Cu Flagpole

Lung Cu is at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level and is the North Pole of Vietnam, which has long become a sacred image in the hearts of every Vietnamese people. Viewed from below, Lung Cu flagpole stands tall on the top of the mountain with the red flag staring and fluttering in the wind full of pride.

Lung Cu Flagpole

You have to walk about 1.5 kilometers, pass 389 stone steps and climb another 140 spiral steps right inside the flagpole to reach the top of Lung Cu flagpole with 54 meters square flag of Vietnam, the metaphor of 54 ethnic groups. From the peak of Lung Cu flagpole, you will see 2 lakes below, located nearly symmetrically, called "dragon eye" by the native, which creates a unique painting.

4. The Mansion of the Wang family

Vuong's edifice is located on the top of a small hill, where the entrance is lined with ancient, and straight samu trees. It’s still intactly remained after many ups and downs of history. The mansion features a unique architecture influenced by three different kinds: Chinese, Mong people and French. It took 10 years to complete this structure with a total budget of up to 150,000 white silver coins (equivalent to 150 billion Vietnamdong now).

Vuong family's mansion

This mansion was recognized as a National Monument by the State in 1993. In 2004, the Vuong family decided to dedicate this mansion to the State for conservation. Only standing on the mansion and down looking the valley below do we see the superficiality of the mansion.

5. Dong Van ancient town

Dong Van ancient town is located in the middle of the valley with four surrounding rocky mountains. The old town has only 40 houses nestled under rocks. If you go to the old town on lunar month, you will see a very different old town with red lanterns, in addition to a number of activities such as displaying brocade of ethnic groups, performing and selling traditional dishes.

Dong Van ancient town

Early in the morning, the old town painting is a clever combination of two tones: the bright yellow of the sun and the gray of old houses. Looking down from above, the three rows of markets lined up in the shape of U-shaped roof of yin and yang are two ancient streets running into the foot of the mountain. Sitting under a small roof and enjoying a cup of hot coffee in the mountainous region is an extremely interesting experience.

Above is a collection of top 5 most beautiful tourist destinations in Ha Giang that you should spend time visiting. Wish you have a happy trip! 


Written by: Hieu La

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