Top 5 famous vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi

  • 25/11/2019

Vegetarian food is also a part of Hanoi cuisine. Here are 5 delicious vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi that are popular with tourists and Hanoians because of the diverse menu and delicious flavors that WhatupVietnam would like to recommend to you.


1. Sadhu – Vegetarian buffet restaurant in Hanoi 

Address: 87 Ly Thuong Kiet, Cua Nam, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

Opens: 10.30 AM – 10.00 PM

Sadhu can be considered a vegetarian restaurant with 5-star standards. 

The hustle and bustle of the urban life will turn to silence when you enter the door of Sadhu vegetarian restaurant. The restaurant is a large mansion, built in an old-fashioned way but very luxurious inside. 

Không gian gây choáng ngợp tại Sadhu


Sadhu has a lot of high-class, exclusive vegetarian dishes. All of the dishes are 100% vegan. The menu of the restaurant is very diverse, the vegetarian buffet at Sadhu preliminarily has more than 50 - 60 dishes. Cuisine of Trang An people in Kinh Ky and Hue ancient capital through the names of dishes in the menu. Canh Thien Tuyet Nhi, Goi Thiet Quan Am, Sup Com Lang Vong, Banh Thien Mu, Banh Nui Cham, … the name of each dish reminds a lot of the culinary areas of Vietnam.


The buffet option is suitable for groups of 3-5 people. The interior is beautifully arranged, with outdoor seating on the 2nd floor balcony. Besides serving vegetarian dishes at the restaurant, Sadhu also prepares vegetarian trays for diners to buy and bring, and invite grandparents, Parents, and relatives enjoy at home.

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: món ăn


2. Veggie Castle, buffet vegetarian

Address: No 7 Yen Ninh Streest, Truc Bach, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi

Opens: 11.00 AM – 2.30 PM

6.00 AM – 9.30 PM

Veggie Castle has attractive vegetarian buffet menu with many unique dishes, not only familiar dishes such as boiled vegetables, stir-fries or soups ... but also countless creative variations such as: Cauliflower rolls with tomato sauce sour, brown rice rolls with seaweed, Roasted tofu, pumpkin mushroom curry, Green papaya salad with fried mushrooms ... The vegetarian dishes are both strange and familiar, all dishes are rich in flavor, bold and worth you to enjoy.

Image result for review Veggie Castle, buffet vegetarian


Veggie Castle has a bohemian and nomadic "Bohemian" style. Veggie Castle is extremely prominent through the colorful details of the ceiling lights, pillows, pictures ... combined with the warm yellow of the lights, making warm and homely feel.


3. V’s Home Restaurant

Address: 40 Duong Thanh Street, Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

(You will have to go through a small alley about 10 meters long to enter the restaurant).

Opens: 10 A.M – 10.00 P.M

Not only serving devotees who love a frugal vegetarian style with Western vegetables, this restaurant also draws attention to serving the deaf. 

The resaurant with Western style, warm atmosphere.  The restaurant does not have large space. There are 2 floors and an outdoor space surrounded by many kinds of vines. This is the ideal address for those who love the tranquillity. Especially, this restaurant also sells many souvenir products made by Hanoi Disabled People Association. 


Image result for v's home chay


The restaurant does not use plastic pipes and tissue paper, products that are harmful to the environment. The only employee who is not hearing impaired here said that the shop uses eagle grass instead of straws, which can only be used once and stored in the refrigerator compartment to keep them fresh.

Vegetarian menu with impressive drinks, such as rosemary tea with a sweet and aromatic flavor, or a combination of dragon fruit and coconut water, … 

Quan an chay phong cach Tay moi la o Ha Noi hinh anh 6

… lots of delicious vegan dishes, nicely decorations,  romantic and peculiar names.


Quan an chay phong cach Tay moi la o Ha Noi hinh anh 10

"Tropical morning" 

Quan an chay phong cach Tay moi la o Ha Noi hinh anh 11

"Ocean girl", served with mayonnaise.


4. Minh Chay 

Address: 30 Ma May, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

45 Xuan Dieu, Quang An, Tay Ho, Ha Noi

56B Hang Gai, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

Opens: 10.00 A.M – 10.00 P.M 

Stepping into Minh Chay, a quiet and gentle space will help you relax your soul. The design of the restaurant creates sophistication, simplicity, not too picky, ostentatious.


In particular, the vegetarian list at this restaurant will make you go from surprise to surprise. Not only familiar vegetarian dishes, Minh Chay also makes special vegetarian dishes such as bun cha, vermicelli, vermicelli, pho Hanoi ... In addition, the shop also has vegetarian snacks like seaweed. Instant noodles, shiitake mushrooms, vegan pate, vegan sausage, etc. Besides, if you go in a large group, Minh Chay restaurant also has vegetarian sets for 2 - 4 people so that you do not lose your choice. choose many. In addition, the price here is also considered to be higher than the general premises.


5. Uu Dam Chay

Address: 34 Hang Bai Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Opens: 10.30 AM – 9.30 PM

The rustic but elegant space at the restaurant is filled with Buddhism so that diners who enjoy the food always feel peaceful and relieved.

Udumbara is a transliteration of the Sanskrit word Udumbara, which has a very good meaning of "the sacred flower that bodes well from heaven". Also with that good intention, Uu Dam Chay was born with the expectation that the coming customers will really enjoy the pure and peaceful atmosphere.



Although you are a vegetarian restaurant, you can still come here to enjoy a drink alone. The price is a bit high, but it is the combination of a beautiful space, good food and drinks with excellent service quality.

Image result for menu ưu đàm chay

If you are looking for a pure vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi for dining, don’t miss address of 5 vegetarian restaurants that WhatsupVietnam introduced above. Have a great trip to Hanoi!


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