Top 5 famous tourist destination in Nam Dinh province

  • 18/12/2019

Nam Dinh is a city in the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam. It is the capital of Nam Dinh Province. The city of Nam Dinh is 90 kilometers south-east of Vietnam's capital, Hanoi. With 74km long pristine seaside and great potential to develop fishing and water tourism economy, Nam Dinh is without a doubt one of the key agricultural regions in the North of Vietnam. Let us provide you with the list of famous tourist destinations in Nam Dinh below.

1. Thing Long beach

Thinh Long is a clean beach, untouched beauty and over 3 kilometers stretch of shore with white sand. It is divided into 2 different beaches. The first one is suitable for those who are interested into taking impressive photos or want to dive in the daily life of local fishermen on their boats. On the opposite, the other is where the inns grow in close proximity to each other and is also the main swimming area.Thinh Long beach
In addition to bathing in the sea, getting up early to catch the dawn is also an ideal suggestion. The morning atmosphere here is very fresh, wild and romantic, which other beaches barely holds these days. Besides, you can catch shrimps in the early morning only by simply tying a rope with a spiral screw, then putting it down to the shelter and just waiting for the them to bite.
Thinh Long beach
If you are the discovering lover, you can go with your companions and hire a speedboat around the beach. On this canoe, you can watch a whole scene of beaches, rolling stones with different shapes along the sand. In addition, tourists can witness the activities of the fishermen. You can see how cleverly they hook with big nets, and then they throw fishing nets, etc. And visitors will have a chance to enjoy seafood with peasant’s taste. The food here is delicious and at fair prices.

2. Pho Minh Pagoda

Pho Minh pagoda is located in Tuc Mac Hamlet, Loc Vuong Commune, Nam Dinh City. The pagoda was built during the Ly Dynasty and was later expanded in 1262 during the Tran Dynasty. It was a place for high-ranking mandarins and the aristocracy of the Tran Royal Court to worship and lead their religious life.
Pho Minh Pagoda
The architecture and decorations of the pagoda still bear much of those in Vietnam in the Tran Dynasty's times: lotus flower pond, lotus-flower decorations at the foot of the pillars, the Tran-styled dragon sculptures, the stone candle holders...and the Pho Minh Tower. Pho Minh Tower, which was built in 1305, is just in front yard of the pagoda. Pho Minh Tower is 19 meters high and has 14 storeys. On top of the tower, there is a gourd-shaped decoration which is kind of talisman to catch the elite energy from the universe. The tower is believed to connect the Earth and the Universe.

3. Xuan Thuy National Park

Xuan Thuy National Park is situated in Giao Thuy District, Nam Dinh. The park is a perfect destination for tourists who want to discover the wild nature of northern Vietnam with amazing biodiversity. Xuan Thuy National Park itself was actually declared Vietnam's first Ramsar site of Vietnam in 1989. It is home to more than 110 aquatic plant species, 500 species of benthos and zooplankton.
Xuan Thuy national park
During a visit to this area, you can expect to see rustling waves of green rice stalks, the sky's reflection on the numerous rivers and ponds, as well as buffalo and cows sharing the road with local residents. This area has had a long history of wet rice cultivation as well as dike construction and land reclamation. The local land is also noted for the human ecological model of VAC (model of planting vegetable gardens, raising fish in ponds, and animal husbandry all in the home) and silvofishery systems. Additionally, several pagodas and churches dot the landscape, adding to the elegant beauty of the region.

4. Tran Temple

Tran Temple in Nam Dinh is a famous destination, where kings of the Tran Dynasty and their mandarins are worshiped. Surrounded by perennial trees, the complex has a long history of nearly 300 years and has preserved some architectural works such as Thien Truong temple and Co Trach temple and Pho Minh Pagoda.
Traditionally, throngs of pilgrims throughout the country flock to the land of Nam Dinh to burn incense to pay tribute to Tran Kings and national hero Tran Hung Dao as well as partake in the famous Tran Temple Festival in the springtime.
Tran Temple
Moreover, Tran Temple Festival annually lasts from the 15th-20th of lunar August. The festival involves various cultural activities: cock fighting, five-generation fighting art performances, wrestling, unicorn dance, bai bong dance, sword dance, cheo singing, van singing and so on.

5. Small Basilica of Phu Nhai

Nam Dinh is considered as the "capital" of churches not only in the North but also in the whole country since it owns a huge number of magnificent and beautiful churches. Basilica is the most outstanding one among them and also the largest one in Vietnam. It is characterized by Spanish architectural style, however, was rebuilt in French Gothic style later.
On 12th August 2008, the Pope signed a decree recognizing Phu Nhai as the first small basilica in the North of Vietnam. To become a small basilica, that church must be built long time ago and designed according to classical architecture. In addition, the church is only used for worship and store the remains of saints or valuable paintings and sculptures.   


Written by: Hieu La

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