Top 5 famous sticky rice places in Hanoi you should try in this cool weather

  • 26/11/2019

Delicious sticky rice has long been a widely favored and selected by many people, especially foreign visitors who might be unfamiliar with this dish in their home country. You no longer need to rack your brain to think how to fill your stomach, because now Whatsup Vietnam is about to tell you 5 famous places which serve this dish.

  1. Xoi Ba Thu – 57 Tho Nhuom street

Well-known for the delicious sticky rice with braised pork, Mrs. Thu’s is an indispensible address of devotees who love this gift from glutinous rice. Pork belly is marinated strongly, and each piece is nicely sliced. Perfectly cooked omelette has also become the priority for many diners. 35,000-50,000 VND/bowl is not a good price; however, for gourmets, spending a large amount of money on a high quality sticky rice with braised pork is absolutely worth it.

  1. Xoi Ga (Sticky rice with chicken meat ) – No. 2 Luong Van Can street

A bowl of sticky rice which make almost any customer fall in love with it immediately because the chicken meat is firm and nicely sliced ​​to dig in. You can also order an additional portion of greasy pate. The soul of the dish must be the appealing pouring sauce. Instead of using pickled cucumber as side dish, the owner uses onions and cilantro, accompanied by a bowl of fragrant broth to stimulate the appetite. Mixed chicken noodle is another choice of many foodie when coming here. Because the eatery has a narrow space, it is more reasonable to buy and take away. The price ranges for a sticky rice bowl is from 35,000 to 50,000 VND/bowl.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho xôi gà lương văn can

  1. Fried sticky rice – Hang Dieu street

Having a portion of fried glutinous rice is not a bad choice in the cool weather and you want to try something new. The sticky rice is pressed squaredly, with crispy outer layer and the soft inside is still retained. Regular patrons often order mixed sticky rice, which is full of topping like braised meat, fried eggs and Chinese sausage. Pickled cucumber is ofted served as a side dish. This dish is sold by a street vendors, opens from about 17 pm to late night. The price for a portion of sticky rice is from 30,000-50,000 VND/bowl. 

Kết quả hình ảnh cho xôi rán hàng điếu

  1. Sticky rice by Ba Su – Doi Can Street

Diners are fascinated by the pretigious sticky rice with sausage. The sausage here are not braised availably but only sprinkled into it the gravy and pepper in order to keep the original flavor and stimulate the taste when eating. Sticky rice is wrapped neatly in banana leaves instead of foam boxes. Every morning, this place is crowded with people queuing to eat and buy to take away. However, this sticky rice does not come with pickled cucumber, so it is quite greasy for someone. The price ranges from 20,000-40,000 VND / part. In addition to traditional sticky rice and sausage, you can order more pate, braised meat, or fried eggs depending on your personal preference.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho xôi bà sử đội cấn

  1. Sticky rice by Ba Son – Cau Go street

This  is a familiar address for people in the Old Quarter in the evening. Round sticky rice grains, which are flexible blended with the savoury sauce. Braised meat here is woth complimenting with crunchy meticulously fried pigskin. This is just a street vendor, but is always crowded, sometimes you have to wait for a long time to have a place to eat. It opens from 8pm and closes when the owner runs out the materials. The price ranges from 15,000 to 40,000 VND/bowl. 

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Written by: Quynh Nhi


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