Top 5 famous Wine Brands in Vietnam

  • 28/12/2019

Vietnam is renowned for its beer culture, yet you’d be mistaken for thinking that its various pale lagers are the only beverages worth sampling. From bitter wine to blended whiskey, there are many alcohol brands you’ll grow to love as you drink your way through Vietnam. Whatsup Vietnam is eager to introduce to you top 5 most famous brands of Vietnamese wine as follows.

1. Wine of Van village, Bac Giang province

Bac Giang province is the birthplace of the famous Van village liquor throughout the North of our country. This is a good wine made from "yellow flowers" glutinous rice grown in the field of Van Xa village, Van Ha commune, Viet Yen town, Bac Giang province. In particular, yeast used to make wine is also an esoteric yeast of the Van village. That is why this celebrity always comes with the name of Van village whenever someone mentions the specialties of Bac Giang. 

Van villagers said there are 3 types of wine here: made from "yellow flowers" glutinous rice, ordinary rice, and sticky rice. In particular, the yellow flower sticky rice is the quintessence of the village, making the famous brand of wine for Van villagers. 

Wine of Van village

When brewing wine, a worker must choose the best glutinous rice for making wine. Besides, it is necessary to prepare a large cooked rice batch as a catalyst for the wine making process. In this process, the wine will be poured into a large jars of about 50 liters, the bottom of the big jars are put a layer of rice to absorb the alcohol. Liquor of Van village is usually brewed for about 6 months. After this time, the wine will be crystal clear and bears a sweet aroma with an alcohol level of about 5-7 degrees. 

The interesting thing about wine of Van village is that it is high at alcohol level but when drinking, it feels light and mild; the wine can be "low level" but it turns out to be heavy when drinking. Sometimes drinking just a cup of wine can cause you to be drunk, but other times, drinking the who can of wine can still keep you awake and sober. 

2. Wine of Kim Son, Ninh Binh province

Ninh Binh is not only famous for mountain goats and chicken hills, but also has a delicious Kim Son wine, which has a strong taste of the local countryside. Kim Son wine is transparent, bubbling and has a high alcohol level.

Ninh Binh
Ninh Binh 

Wine of Kim Son, Ninh Binh province

As a kind of "famous beverage" in the daily life, hence the wine is usually stored in pitchers, covered with dried banana leaves. Ninh Binh people have an interesting tip that the longer Kim Son wine is kept, the higher chances it will be even more tasty, bold and aromatic, which certainly can make you feel the most complete taste of wine.

Regarding wine cooking method, Kim Son wine also has to undergo basic process like other wines cooked throughout Vietnam. However, the factors that make the distinctive flavor of Kim Son wine is its yeast. Accordingly, making yeast applies a special heirloom formula which has been passed down through many generations of Kim Son villagers. In addition, choosing the good source of water as well as the brewing process have to comply to the esoteric recipe uses in order to create the delicious wine. 

Wine of Kim Son, Ninh Binh province

In addition to the traditional white wine, Kim Son people also immerse some medicinal stuff like snake or gecko to increase the flavor when drinking, as well as to benefit their health. That is the reason why Kim Son wine becomes a famous wine throughout Ninh Binh province and all throughout Vietnam in general. Paying a visit to this ancient capital land without trying a few cups of Kim Son wine is a great regret!

3. Bau Da Wine in Binh Dinh

Not only in northern provinces such as Bac Giang, Ninh Binh that there are new famous wines, but the Central Vietnam also conquers diners from everywhere with its famous Bau Da wine of Binh Dinh province. The name Bau Da wine is derived from the people in Tan Long hamlet, Cu Lam village, Nhon Loc commune, An Nhon district, Binh Dinh province collecting water in an oyster as a water container (named Bau Da) to assist survival and brew wine. Legend has it that only using water stored in the oyster shell can make the best wine which has unique flavor that no other place has.

Bau Da Wine in Binh Dinh

Bau Da wine is not only a delicious wine of Binh Dinh people but is also praised by the poets as "Quoc Tuu" (the National Wine) of Vietnam for bringing a sense of comfort and warmth when drinking, and does not cause headaches like other alcohol. In particular, this famous wine can also be soaked with other herbs to enhance the flavour, promote health and support healing. Therefore, Bau Da wine has become a good and famous drink from the South to the North region of Vietnam. 

In order to create fine wine, Binh Dinh people have to go through many manual processing stages such as choosing glutinous rice wine, yeast, using copper cooking pots, storing wine with bamboo pipes, etc. Especially, the cooking process is also extremely important; the fire must be simmered and continuous to help the alcohol vapor spread equally and continuously. The important stages are undertaken by experienced people, ensuring the best and highest quality bottles of wine.

4. Dalat wine (Dalat Vang)

Refering to Vietnamese fine wines without mentioning Dalat wine is a major omission. Because this is a European-style wine, not made from rice, sticky rice like other wines, but using grapes. Dalat wine basically has 6 different types, including red wine, white wine, basic wine, champagne, fruit wine and pink wine. However, the common point of this good wine is that it is made from grapes, combined with some other ingredients to create a unique flavor unique. 

Dalat wine

It is difficult to say which kind of wine is the best because it depends essentially on the drinking experience and personal preferences. However, each type of Dalat wine has its own characteristics, making it distinctive compared to other wines. For example, champagne is a wine with gas, while white wine has little and light yeast, made from green or yellow grapes. Today, there are many different wine brands in Dalat for you to choose from, of which the most famous are Chateau Dalat, Ladofoods and Dalat Wine.

5. Go Den Wine of Long An province

In the Western Vietnam, you can enjoy many specialties such as pancakes, sour soup, or many kinds of fish, but do not forget to try the Go Den wine to feel the appealing taste of the West. 

Go Den is a famous wine of the Long An people, sold a lot along both sides of National Highway 1A in Long An province. Back in the past, this wine was inherently associated with the name Go Den (including 3 communes My Yen, Long Hiep and Phuoc Loi in Ben Luc district). Formerly, Go Den is a famous land with many breweries that appeared nearly one hundred years ago, a famous "wine village" in Long An. 

Go Den Wine of Long An province

The difference that makes this Vietnamese fine wine brand is that it uses 100% sticky rice and heirloom yeast to brew wine. Finished wine must ensure absolute purity, no alcohol and when drinking, people can feel fragrant, delicious, intoxicating and does not cause headache or dizziness. In particular, the longer the wine lasts, the more delicious. Go Den wine is one of the "first-class wine" of the southern land. 

Go Den wine

People in Go Den said that choosing sticky rice is an important first step in the process of making wine. The chosen ones must be sticky, not mixed with even a single ordinary rice grain. Usually, the type of sticky rice chosen is the grain which is round, smooth, white and evenly aromatic and natural. Glutinous rice after being cooked into sticky rice will be cooled, sprinkle with more esoteric yeast to incubate. This type of yeast is often prepared from medicinal herbs such as clove or cinnamon, creating a unique flavor that is hard to match. 

If you have the opportunity to travel to this land, you can buy a some to enjoy, to feel more fully the taste of the "the number one taste" of the southern land.

By Quynh Nhi

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