Top 5 coffee shops in Sapa you should visit

  • 24/12/2019

Sapa is one of the biggest magnets attracting travelers to Vietnam over and over. The lovely city in the mist owns the fresh air, enchanting mountains, remote Hmong villages, and very nice coffee shops overlooking panoramic scenery. Not only the cold weather offers snow and ice which urges people eagerly to look up the mountain to watch the snow, or the villas, homestays. Coming to Sapa, you also have a fun is sitting with a cup of coffee on the high and then sipping, watching the mountains, terraced fields far away and enjoy the peaceful feeling. Therefore, below are top 5 most beautiful coffee shops in Sapa you should try.

1. The Haven Sapa Camp Site

-  Address: Vong Canh Hill, Cat Cat Village, Sapa, Lao Cai
-  Opening hour: full day
-  Price: from 2 USD

The Haven Campsite

About 1.5km away from Sapa town, The Haven Sapa Campsite is well-known as one of the most beautiful coffee shops in Sapa because this place facilitates visitor with camping site, pub, barbeque and coffee. As soon as you arrive here, you will see the clouds floating gently and the cool breeze of the mountains and forests blowing. Not to mention, if you choose a higher seat, you will be fascinated by the stone steps lining up like a path to the sky. And the wooden hut with its ragged silk bands looked down at the whole field below.

The Haven Campsite

Behind the Haven is the Sapa town, at the foot of the Cat Cat Village, with majestic Hoang Lien Son range in front. Coming here, you will have a chance to see Sapa in a most fully way. Especially, with its high terrain, it is easy to see the cloud cover, making you feel like you are in heaven.

2. Hill Station Deli & Boutique

-  Address: 7 Muong Hoa street, Sapa, Lao Cai
-  Opening hour: 7.30 am to 10.30 pm
-  Price: about 5 USD

One of the top coffee shops in Sapa that is worth a visit is Hill Station Deli & Boutique. For sure it is hard to resist the magnificent coffee here. You can start your wonderful day with a cup of hot or iced coffee, sipping a small cup of coffee at the Hill Station Deli & Boutique.

Hill Station

The Hill Station has two floors in the stilted-house style and with spacious views. The exterior and interior of the shop are all impressive, with the brick wall, wooden chairs, vintage corners, etc. Enjoy coffee there, you cherish the peace and charm of Sapa.

Hill Station

The variety food and beverage menu and concentrates on European cuisine such as cafes, cocktails, crepes cake… In addition, here also sells spicy, highland products such as silver earrings, honey… they are beautifully decorated, attractive.

3. Gem Valley

-  Address: Cat Cat Village, Sa Pa, Lao Cai
-  Opening hour: 7 am – 9 pm
-  Price: From 1.5 dollars to 2 dollars

Alway as the first selection when speaking about coffee in Sapa, Gem Valley is favored by both domestic and international visitors. Situated at the beginning of Cat Cat Village, the Gem Valley coffee shop is famous for brilliantly second-to-none view in Sapa. There you find the nature-friendly design with the wooden gates, brick wall, and nice floral collection. Also, what might set this address apart are the valuable artworks depicting enchanting scenes of Sapa. Not only contemplating the landscapes, you can also enjoy Gem Valley's dozens of flattering corners for amazing photos.

Gem Valley

Gem Valley is a gallery of paintings by a painter of Hanoi who climbed up the mountain for business, so step into the shop, you will be admired countless beautiful paintings. Not only contemplate the pictures, the Gem Valley scene is also super nice with dozens of corners for you to live “virtually” successfully.

Gem valley

4. Viet emotion

-  Address: Cau May, Sapa, Lao Cai
-  Opening hour: 7:30 am – 11:30 pm
-  Price: About 2 USD

Erected in Cau May Town, Viet Emotion is amongst the most frequently checked-in coffee shops in Sapa. There you step into the harmonious world filled with the stunning view, lovely furniture, and colorful flower. The poetic space can even awake the “talented poets” in you. You can find the Hoi An lanterns and some light decoration items to take the great pics.

Viet emotion

Viet emotion

The layout is extremely simple and rustic but impress tourists by its "green" flower baskets hanging around the shop plus with colorful lanterns from Hoi An, which will definitely make you feel extremely romantic. In addition to drinks, the restaurant also serves both Vietnamese and Western dishes with excellent quality dishes such as cappuccino, cocktail, pizza or salmon hot pot, Vietnamese rice. According to some people’s experience, quality of beverages and drinks is mixed so well.

5. La Dao Spa

-  Address: Ta Van Day, Ta Van, Sapa, Lao Cai
-  Opening hours: full day
-  Price: From 1.5 dollars to 2.5 dollars

Unlike the coffee shops in the list, La Dao Spa is located in Ta Van village, therefore the distance to get there will be quite far away. However, this factor makes La Dao Spa comprise a unique and stunning view with large and quite space. Recently, Ta Van is a favorite destination for many travelers when traveling to Sapa for looking a traditional space with local people. And on this journey of discovery, Le Dao Spa Ta Van is the ideal stop after mountain trekking time.

La Dao Spa

Not only is ỉt the coffee shop but La Dao is also the homestay address with four bungalows plus the spa service. Unlike other recommended places, La Dao is located in the remote Ta Van Village which is quite far from the town city but the view and the peace are incomparable. This is the true retreat! With impressively spacious zone and open air, every seat in La Dao lets you spread the eyes freely towards the magical terraced rice fields, lush forested hills, or spectacular waterfalls. Most travelers stay overnight there after the long trekking.

 La Dao Spa

Written by: Hieu La

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