Top 5 best places to visit near Hanoi for foreign visitors

  • 04/12/2019

If you are looking for places to visit near Hanoi but don't know which one to choose, the 5 tourist attractions below are those located no more than 80 kilometers from the center of Hanoi. These places are not only attractive but also very close and convenient for visitors to move and explore within the day.

1. Duong Lam ancient village

Address: Son Tay commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi

Duong Lam became the first ancient village in Vietnam being awarded the National Cultural Heritage by the government in 2006. The ancient village has a history of about 1,200 years with many houses dating back up to 400 years. One special thing about the village is that most of the buildings here are made of laterite and mud, two materials that are abundant in the area. Laterite is used on house walls, gates, wells, temple walls, and so forth. The mud is taken from ponds. Apart from its historical and tourism values, Duong Lam ancient village is an important place for scientists to study resident communities in ancient agriculture.

Duong Lam ancient village

These days, Duong Lam village still retain the basic characteristics of Vietnamese ancient villages such as village gates, banyan trees, water wharves, communal yards, pagodas, shrines, whores, water wells and hillocks. Another specific trait to look out for are the old village roads, which made from the red laterite bricks arranged in attractive fishbone patterns.

Detailed instruction for Duong Lam ancient village trip within a day

2. Bat Trang pottery village

Address: Van Giang commune, Gia Lam district, Hanoi                             

What does Bat Trang pottery village have something outstanding? This is a question that both foreign tourists and Vietnamese people will ask when they want to visit the village to explore and experience the primitive beauty of national culture passed down through many generations.

Bat Trang pottery village

According to the history, this traditional craft village has existed for more than 500 years and still maintain pristine elegance. Bat Trang pottery village specializes in producing a variety of ceramics in both types and styles such as living utensils, worshiping objects, fine-art ceramic products, etc. The descendants still retain the quality inherited by their ancestors, making the products have their own distinctive features. The most interesting thing when coming to Bat Trang is that you can watch artisans directly make exquisite ceramic products or manually mold on your own with the cost from 40.000 VND to 60.000.

The ideal journey for a day at Bat Trang Pottery Village

3. Ba Vi national Park

Address: Ba Vi district, Ha Noi

Located in Ba Vi district, which is less than 60km from the center of Hanoi, Ba Vi is well-known as an ideal destination for travelers who love the cool fresh air and the majestic scenery of the mountain forests. Standing out in the green mountains and forests, Ba Vi National Park appears with mysterious and magical beauty, which is immersed in the faint mist that will definitely satisfy foreigners who is interested in discovering.

Ba Vi natinal park

Ba Vi National Park is not only dubbed as the Lung of Hanoi capital but also the habitat of hundreds of rare and precious species listed in Vietnam's red book. According to the statistical data of scientists, Ba Vi National Park currently has 812 species of vascular plants, belonging to 427 genera and 136 families. It contains 15 valuable tree species such as green cypress, bamboo pine, three-pointed slag, silver leaf nests, fairy flowers, woody ferns ... Ba Vi National Park area has 45 mammal species, 115 bird species, 27 amphibian species, 61 reptile species, 86 insect species; including 23 uncommon species in the red book such as big loris, horse bear, yellow pangolin, peacock, white pheasant, monkey, leopard, bear, flying squirrel ...

4. Tram Mountain

Address: Phung Chau commune, Chuong My district, Hanoi

Although Tram Mountain is not too high, it is still adorned by many steep and craggy cliffs creating a huge stone valley with countless interesting shapes. The unique feature of Tram Mountain is also the cobblestone trails stretching from the foot to the top of the mountain. You can freely watch the blooming flowers dotted with white undulating ledges on the cliffs. All of them blend in the fanciful sky to create a very unique glamour.

Tram mountain

When you reach to the top of the mountain, you should drop your soul into the cool breeze and quietly listen to the lively birds chirping that cannot be found in the crowded cities. Tram mountain at night is even more peaceful. The scene is immersed with the golden moon making this place poetic than ever. This is the time for you and your companions to light a campfire, confide in each other, sip a cup of spicy wine, drone out some melodious songs or play team games.

5. Cultural village of ethnic minorities.

Address: Dong Mo commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi

This reserve was built on a small hill surrounded by valley. It is the center of national culture and tourist activities, which focus on re-creating, preserving, promoting and exploiting the traditional cultural heritages of Vietnamese ethnic groups to strengthen solidarity and mutual understanding, educating the national pride and the love of the homeland for Vietnamese citizens, enhance friendship, cooperation and cultural exchange with other countries and serve the needs of sightseeing, tourism as well research of domestic people and international visitors.

Cultural village of ethnic minorities

The village is divided in different areas such as ethnic villages, cultural and entertainment centers, world cultural heritage sites, parks, Park, Dong Mo lake green tree, etc. Each of them has its own function and service, therefore you possibly experience countless interesting things here.

Above is the places to see near Hanoi that we highly recommend for you. Hope you choose the suitable destination and have a happy holiday.


 Written by: Hieu La

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