Top 5 beautiful tourist destinations in Vinh Phuc province

  • 27/12/2019

Vinh Phuc is known as a place with many stunning landscapes along with fresh and cool atmosphere all year round. Moreover, this is the place right next to Hanoi, which is ideal for those who want to escape from the hustling Hanoi city centre wihout having to travel too far because it will take you only 2 hours to get there.

Transportation to Vinh Phuc

Located near Hanoi, you can easily go to Vinh Phuc by many different means of transportation such as cars, buses, motorcycles or taxis.

- If traveling by coach, from My Dinh car station, you find the car to Vinh Phuc with the ticket price at 60,000 - 80,000 VND / ticket, the time of traveling by car: 1.5 - 2 hours.
- If traveling by personal vehicle (car): From the center of Hanoi capital, you follow Thang Long - Noi Bai highway (nearly 20 km), meet Highway 2 going to the West - Northwest about 26 Another kilometer is to Vinh Phuc territory.
- If traveling by motorbike the distance is quite short and travel is also very convenient. From Hanoi, you should follow Pham Hung, then Pham Van Dong street, then go straight to Vinh Yen city, Vinh Phuc province.
- Bus: You should take bus 58 (Long Bien - Me Linh plaza) at Long Bien bus transfer station, then from Me Linh Plaza, you should take bus 01 to Vinh Phuc.

The famous tourist destinations in Vinh Phuc

1. Tam Dao 

Tam Dao tourist resort is located in the Northeast of Hanoi capital, which has long been a popular mountainous resort popular among both domestic and foreign tourists. At an altitude of nearly 1,000 m above sea level, Tam Dao has a favourably cool climate all year round. The weather here is so special that there are up to four seasons during the day, with the average temperature raging from 18 to 25 degrees. Therefore, Tam Dao is considered by many to be the "Dalat of the North" or the "second Sapa" of Vietnam.

Tam Dao Tam Dao is considered by many to be the "Dalat of the North" or the "second Sapa" of Vietnam

Tam Dao  Tam Dao with a system of a wide range of motels

Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Travel Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple

With a system of a wide range of motels and hotels and reasonable prices, visitors to Tam Dao will have many choices. A few ideal staying points which are worth mentioning including Sofia Hotel Tam Dao Hotel & Spa, Belvedere Resort, and so on. 

Blending with the mysterious beauty of Tam Dao's ocean of clouds, this place is also a spiritual tourist destination associated with the famous name of Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple. 

2. Dai Lai Lake

Among many lakes of Vinh Phuc province, Dai Lai Lake is considered the most majestic and well-known lake. This is a collossal lake with an area of up to 525 hectares, located in the middle of poetic mountainous scenery creating a spacious, fanciful, charming and spectacular space, which has the ability to to captivate anyone who comes here. 

Not far away is the Quoc Mau Au Co temple, the Golden Pagoda forms a sacred spiritual Buddha - Holy cluster in the middle of dreamy mountains with a white layer of mist all year round.

Dai Lai Lake

Despite being an artificial lake, the amount of water in Dai Lai lake is always guaranteed. There is a sharp difference between the amount of water in the rainy and dry seasons. In the rainy season, the water from many rivers flowing into the lake, which makes the water level up to 21m; meanwhile, in the dry season, the amount of water drops sharply. The water level in the lake is kept relatively steady by the hill-shaped mounds, making the lake's water abundant even in the dry season.

Dai Lai Lake is one of the few places with a mild climate in all seasons, so visitors can visit the lake in winter or summer. Regardless of season, the climate here is always favourable and mild, cool and fresh.

Dai Lai Lake Flamingo resort Dai Lai Lake

There is a very interesting and special thing that visitors will not be surprised when you first arrive here, it is right in the middle of the lake that there is a bird island whose acreage is up to 4.8 hectares with luxuriant trees. The island is home to hundreds of birds of all colors and types. In the winter, birds from everywhere gather here to form a colorful, lively and vivid picture of nature.

3. Me Linh Flower Village

This flower village is located 30 km from Hanoi, close to Noi Bai airport. Me Linh flower village has existed for more than 10 years and stretches in many villages: Trang Viet, Van Khe, Me Linh, Tien Phong, and Thanh Lam. 

Me Linh village grows all kinds of flowers such as daisies, red roses, white roses, dahlia, gladiolus, heather, or carnations. In recent years, many new rose varieties have been piloted such as: French roses, Dutch rose, Chinese rose, which contributes to creating an abundant variety of flowers here.

Me Linh Flower Village


Me Linh Flower Village has a total area of about 200 hectares. With the fresh, peaceful atmosphere of a suburb and the friendliness of the locals, Me Linh becomes a favorite destination for flower-loving travelers. This village not only provides flowers to Hanoi and neighboring provinces, but its products have also been exported to foreign countries.

On frosty nights, the beautiful Me Linh flower garden under the light of hundreds of electric lights throughout the field creates a unique and dreaming setting. People use bulbs to warm rose buds so that the flowers can bloom right on the occasion of the Vietnamese New Year. The best time to visit Me Linh flower garden is from December to March, when thousands of flowers blooming welcoming the New Year and holiday season in February.

4. Dam Vac tourist area

Dam Vac tourist area is an immense natural green lagoon formed thousands of years ago, and was a part of the Canh River. Dam Vac covers an area of nearly 500ha and has 23 main branches, looked like a giant octopus from above. The lagoon has a large area, a wide variety of trees, crystal blue water, many shrimps and fishes, so it is the residential area of countless waterfowl species such as storks, le le, pelicans, mussels, etc., and especially storks, so it is possibly the reason why people always call the lagoon called Dam Vac (the stork lagoon). 

Dam Vac

Dam Vac resort has a harmonious combination of modern architecture and romantic natural scenery, good service, good price, being adjacent to the capital, hence, it is very suitable for vacations or short trips, when people can rest, relax, come back to nature and temporarily get away from the crowded noisy urban area.

5. Huong Canh ceramic village

Not as popular as Bat Trang ceramics village but Huong Canh ceramics carries its own unique features. The products are extremely distinctive. The ancients had the proverb "Porcelain of Mong Cai, jar of Huong Canh" to compliment the famous pottery art of this traditional pottery making village.

Huong Canh Ceramic



The most attractive thing when coming to Huong Canh Vinh Phuc pottery village is definitely its ceramic art. Tourists mostly come to Huong Canh because the art of making pottery has dated back to a long time ago. Ceramics with unique features and making methods are handed down from ancient times.

Huong Canh ceramics can prevent light or osmosis. Particularly, thay have the ability to keep intact the taste of the dish inside. Huong Canh tea pots can keep the temperature in a very long time and do not steam. Do you know why this is so? Because the pottery here is made from green clay, a really special kind of clay. Ceramic products are quite hard and bear typical and unique colors.

Huong Canh Ceramic Village Che Lam is a specialty of Huong Canh village

Coming to Huong Canh pottery village, visitors can witness and learn about many kinds of pottery such as pots, jars, bowls, chicks, small pots, or crockery. Ceramics are developed in the sustainable direction with increasingly good-looking designs, diverse in categories and waterproof. So besides products from Bat Trang village, ceramics here are gaining increasing popularity, especially suitable for daily utility.

In addition to ceramics, visitors can buy as gifts of fine art wood or statues, which bear in them the heart and soul of the Vietnamese village. You can also participate in the making process, which is certainly to be extremely interesting. This promises to be a great experience when you come to traditional Huong Canh pottery making village.

By Quynh Nhi

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