Top 5 Most Astonishing Beaches In Halong Bay - Discover Vietnam’s Coastal Beauty

  • 30/12/2019

As a masterpiece of nature, Ha Long Bay possesses super-beautiful beaches with fine white sand, blue sea and the gentle breezes of the sea, offering great spaces for visitors to enjoy and experience their best vacations. Let’s find out top 5 most stunning beaches that you should not miss in Ha Long Bay.

1. Ti Top Beach

Located in the heart of Ha Long Bay on the Ti Top island, this is a crescent-shaped beach encompassing the island. The white sands and turquoise blue waters of this beach makes it a perfect romantic landscape. It is extremely popular among tourists, especially in summers, when they indulge in the many beach activities like swimming or kayaking.

Titop Beach

Ti Top beach is a favorite place for Halong Bay beach lovers in particular and for beach passionates in general. Thanks to this favorable location, it is a destination included in almost cruise itineraries. Although the beach is not too large, it is extremely quiet and clean. Visitors often come to the beach to sunbath or climb to the top of the mountain with a view to conquering a panoramic view of the island. Looked down from above, Ti Top beach is shaped like a full moon embracing the island's foot.

2. Tuan Chau Beach

Tuan Chau Beach is located in Tuan Chau Island tourism area, which is very close to the cruise port. Visitors can just take a few minutes to walk to the beach. Tuan Chau Island beach is an artificial beach, but it has the same beauty as the natural beaches with sandy beaches stretching for 2 kilometers, sprayed with fine white sand to create a large space for the collecting activities.

Tuan Chau Beach

Coming here, tourists can contemplate Ha Long Bay and see the meticulously created beauty of the resort crafted by human hands. Tuan Chau beach is considered as the most beautiful beach in Ha Long City. This beach attracts a large number of tourists, especially every summer. In addition, tourists can also climb mountains or play recreational activities in the nearby area such as kayaking or high-speed jet skiing.

3. Bai Dai Beach (Long Beach)

Located on the edge of the beautiful Bai Tu Long bay, in recent years, Bai Dai eco-tourism has become an attractive destination for visitors when coming to Ha Long Bay. Bai Dai beach stretches for nearly 2km, with a soft sandy beach and clear water which can see through the bottom. The shoreline is particularly gathered amid late spring when everybody needs flee from the scourging heat of a tropical nation.

Bai Dai Beach

Other than stunning scenes and unwinding environment, Bai Dai offers magnificent administrations with a chain of extravagance resorts, inns and restaurants of 1,000 rooms altogether, which are partitioned into 4 parts: three-story, two-story, office building and Bamboo Village. In addition, to serve the needs of tourists, the resort in Bai Dai has also provided with many sports on the beach, such as beach volleyball, kayaking, water motor and other entertaining games.

4. Ba Trai Dao Beach (Three peaches beach)

Located 22 km about from the tourist wharf, Ba Trai Dao beach belongs to Lan Ha Bay, located in a corner of Ba Trai Dao island. The beach is called “Three Peaches Beach”, due to the peach-loke appearance of the surrounding rock formations. Ba Trai Dao is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ha Long Bay., which not only owns the natural scenes of beaches but also the pristine white sand and blue sea water. On sunny days, tourist can even see the bottom of the sea. It is considered as one of the most well-known beaches in Ha Long Bay.

Ba Trai Dao beach

Because it is less visited by tourists, the beach well preserves its pristine looks with soft sand fronted by perfect emerald water. In addition to swimming, kayaking is another fascinating activity to do at this place. By riding the kayak, you will be able to approach every single corner of the surrounded area to see how grand nature is.

5. Minh Chau beach

This place is considered a "Hawaii" of Vietnam, because this pearl island is far away from the mainland. Therefore, Minh Chau beach has not been much explored, which let you feel like being exploring a new land. It's most famously known as the 'no footprints' beach because the white sand here does not stick to one's feet. Most part of the beach has shallow water, making it suitable for children to swim easily, and some part is moderately wavy leaving behind some turtles for those who are interested in exploration.

Minh Chau Beach

There is also a diverse ecosystem of plants, filled with fresh air. Coming to Minh Chau beach on holidays you can also burn fire camping with local people, participate in cultural activities with them and enjoy a cup of wine pineapple wine.

Written by: Hieu La

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