Top 4 best 24/7 coffee shops in Hanoi

  • 12/01/2020

Different from the hustle and bustle city during the day, Hanoi at night becomes not only peaceful and ancient but also charming and splendid with sparkling lights. If you want to sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the night lifestyle of Hanoians, let Whatsup Vietnam introduce you 5 amazing 24/7-opening coffee shops that you should not miss.

1. Xofa Café & Bistro

Xofa Café & Bistro is a must go for those who love French architectural style with staircases tiled by the colorful old bricks that randomly create a eye-catching mix. The customers are served a various menu, ranging from drinks to foods, mainly Europe cuisine. The enthusiasm and friendliness of staffs and the cozy and peaceful atmosphere capture imagination of the youth and foreign tourists.

Xofa Cafe

Xofa Cafe

-  Address: No.14 Tong Duy Tan, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi
-  Price: from VND 50,000 to 350,000
-  Fanpage:

2. Aroi Dessert Cafe 

Aroi Dessert Café, known as Thailand's tea and snack chain and opened in the summer of 2014, initially was a small shop near Hang Dau and now has been expanded to many branches in Hanoi and other cities. If you go for a stroll around the Old Quarter, you should not miss a chance to come across Aroi Dessert Cafe on Tong Duy Tan street.

Aroi Dessert Cafe

Opposite Xofa Cafe, Aroi Dessert Cafe exudes a sense of modernity and vibrancy so it attracted a large number of customers since its opening. Staying here, you can enjoy diverses drinks such as peach tea, milk tea, passion fruit yogurt and delicious, greasy cakes with cute and special forms. However, the best choice is orange lemongrass peach tea and bear cakes.

Aroi Dessert Coffee

-  Address: No.9 Tong Duy Tan, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi
-  Price: from VND 45.000 
-  Fanpage:

3. Puku Cafe & Bar

Located on Tong Duy Tan Street, Puku Cafe is a 2-storey villa with spacious and airy space but gives us the feeling of closeness and comfort. In this cafe, from roses in flower vase to red curtains, or colorful sofas, all tune into a harmonious concept. The special thing is a separate area for those who love sports. And if you want to deep into a more open space, choose an outdoor area where there are many green trees. The menu of Puku is perfect from a large quantity to the good quality of drinks and cakes that make customers not hesitate to spend much money on them in spite of their costly price.

Puku Cafe

-  Address: No.14-16 Tong Duy Tan, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi
-  Price: from VND 30,000 to 250,000

4. Cafemart

Unlike other cafe shops, this is one combined with a convenience mart that is opened 24/24 to serve all demands of customers. It consists of 2 floors with the selling of handy items on the 1st floor and a luxurious and spacious cafe on another one. Cafemart deserves an ideal place for anyone that wants to confide to their friends during the night and savour their favorite drinks.


-  Address: No.92 Lac Trung, Thanh L??ng, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi
-  Price: from VND 30,000 to 50,000
-  Fanpage:

Above is the top 4 open night cafe in Hanoi for the "night owls" that Whatsup Vietnam shares with you. Hopefully, you will choose for yourself a suitable space and fully enjoy the gentle beauty of Hanoi at night!

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