Top 10 Best Local Markets in Hanoi

  • 06/12/2019

Do you consider yourself to be a shopaholic or simply you just want to enjoy the hectic atmosphere that you have whenever entering a market? For a long time, Hanoi has always been regarded as the trading center of Vietnam, so if you have the chance to visit this amzing city, please remind yourself not to ignore an essential part of it - local markets. Hereby is Whatsup Vietnam's recommendation for top 10 most interesting local markets that are waiting to satisfy your knack for discovery. 

1. Dong Xuan market
Dong Xuan market was established in Nguyen dynasty, and this biggest indoor market in Hanoi is also known as one of the most ancient markets here. Therefore, both internal and foreign tourists normally visit here to immerse themselves into the corridors of history rather than for the sake of shopping purpose. This market is quite large with hundreds of small shops along its narrow idles, which enables it to serve various requirements and tastes of customers, from clothes, toys, household utilizes to traditional silks. Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you visit Dong Xuan market with an empty stomach, or else you will end up feeling regretful for missing the chance to dig in a wide range of typical and appetizing dishes of Hanoi such as Grilled meat with noodle, Pho, Glass noodle soup, Sweet gruel, etc. 

Dong Xuan market

-  Address: at the end of Hang Dao - Hang Ngang- Hang Giay Street
-  Opening hours: 7 am - 6 pm

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2. Long Bien wholesale market
Long Bien wholesale market used to be listed in top five most interesting markets in South East Asia by Gobackpacking magazine. It is also known as the cheapest night market for vegetables and fruits in Hanoi. This is also a wholesale place from which the goods are bought in bulk before travelling around to other smaller markets in Hanoi city. Long Bien Market offers a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, according to the season and the most amazing thing is that it operates mainly at night. The market usually witnesses the meetings from 10pm to the next morning regardless of rain or shine.. Products sold in this area are the most divergent in Hanoi as they are imported from plenty of different places like the Hanoi suburb, the South or even China. The hectic and bustling night image of Long Bien market has always become one of the most typical features of Hanoi life since the past times . Every day, no matter what it is summer or winter, it rains or stops, at right 10 pm the market starts to awake from its “day sleep”.

long bien market

-  Address: No. 189 Hong Ha, Phuc Xa, Ba Dinh, Hanoi - 119121

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3. Quang Ba flower market
If you are a nocturnal person then this suggestion will be likely to match you perfectly. As one of the most famous night markets, not only does Quang Ba flower market provide fresh flowers for the whole city but it also represents a cultural gorgeousness of Hanoi when the night falls. The market looks like a huge flower garden with various kinds such as rose, orchid, daisy and even some rare ones that you might never know before. Opening all year round but if you want to fully feel the authentic atmosphere of this place, you have to wait until midnight; normally, not until 2-3 am does the market truly exposes its characteristics - vibrant, lively, busy and hustling with full of trading transactions. In order to find the best flower, you should bring along a flashlight or a phone equiped with flashlight. High street lights shimmers fancifully brightening up thousands of colorful flowers makes many people fall in love with it. 

Quang Ba market

-  Address: No. 236 Au Co, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi - 100000


4. Hom market
Besides Dong Xuan, Hom market has also been constructed for quite a long time ago. Compared to its small size in the part, these days, Hom market has the capability to satisfy any housewife with all kinds of goods, ranging from clothes, silks, sweets, fresh food, spices, and particularly seafood, which is carefully selected to guarantee the quality standard. There are also a large number of street vendors selling both inside and outside that market, which further facilitate your buying experience because you can buy stuff for your family without having to enter the gate. Nevertheless, if you are not used to purchasing things in Hom market, you should be active and skillful in bargaining, particularly clothes or else you will lose money for nothing.

Hom market

home market

-  Address: No. 79 Hue str., Ngo Thi Nham, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi - 100000


5. Hang Be market
Through hundred of years, Hang Be has been an indispensable part of Vietnam capital because of the cutural and practical role that it has always played. For an authentic Hanoian, Hang Be market acts as a place for socializing and a cultural exchange space of people in the Old Quarters. Moreover, thanks to its favorable location, people usually feel that the food sold here bears far more better taste than in the other places, which may be just a subjective personal perspective and no longer correct, but it has imprinted deeply into Hanoi people’s minds. Even centuries have elapsed, Hang Be market still remains the same discipline as it did in the old days. Every early morning, small-shop owners open their shops to start their business and when the sun starts to set, they collects their stuff and comes home, whether they have had a successful day or not. There is one implicit rules that each stall has their own space that has been decided and agreed in advance, so never in this market (and in almost other markets in Vietnam) could we observe an infringement case between vendors for a trading area.

hang be market

-  Address: No. 4 Nguyen Thien Thuat, Hang Bac, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi - 100000


6. Buoi market
Located at the intersection of Hoang Hoa Tham and Buoi street, Buoi market is well-known for its distinctive products – plants and pets. Although through times, the simplicity and ease of this market have diminished somehow, it still remains to be one of the oldest market fairs that exists until today in the middle of Hanoi. At present, this place has been elevated to become a modern shopping mall with a wide variety of products. However, to maintain and hold the ancient beauty of the old Buoi market, behind the shopping mall, there are an area which is exclusively for the trading of seedling and pets.

Buoi market

-  Address: No. 743 Hoang Hoa Tham, Vinh Phúc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi - 100000


7. Green house market
Among all the markets we have told you until now, this is the youngest one, and it is widely known as a market for students – Green house market, for the unbelievably low price of the goods here, which is suitable for university and college students' bucket. Located closely to lots of schools and universities in the city center area, the market is always filled up with numerous students from dawn till dusk, which means even you are busy with your work, you can totally visit this place anytime as it opens all day. To satisfy different tastes of students, products here are divergent and easy to buy, nonetheless, you should be seriouly careful with low-quality or defective ones. People are often overwhelmed by the heterogeneity of things to choose.

-  Address: Phan Van Truong, Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay, Hanoi 100000
-  Opening hour: until 10:00 PM


8. Nghia Tan market
One more young market is Nghia Tan Market, one of the most prominent and favorable cuisine center in Hanoi. At this place, you would feel that you are getting lost in a paradise of food with a really sensible price. One special thing here is that each season you visit, it would give you a completely new flavor and dishes according to the availability of cooking ingredients and of course, the weather characteristics. For instance, in summer, you will have the chance to taste many kinds of fresh and cool beverages such as tao pho (young tofu), Sai Gon sweet gruel, cold drinks and fresh fruits. Especially, a distinctive dish of Nghia Tan market that you should not miss a chance to try is Vietnamese bread served on a frying pan, which definitely brings you an unforgettable memory. It is highly recommended that you should pay this this appetizing market a visit from noon time to midnight as not until then does this place really emerges into its regular hectic style with a wide variety of scrumptious dishes.

Nghia Tan market

-  Address:  24 Ngha Tan, Cau Giay, Hanoi - 122352
-  Opening hour: until 8:00 pM

9. Hanoi flea market (Hoa Binh market)
Having existed for more than half century, this is the oldest flea market in Hanoi, which comprises lots of mysterious and strange goods that you can never find anywhere else. This is a place that sells all kinds of goods, from the smallest like a nail, a watch battery to the big one such as motorcycles, electronics, refrigerators. As a result of the subsidy period, for official goods, you have to purchase coupons or stamps in advance by the government, or else for non-official or even stolen things, they were sold outside on the pavements or temporary shops. If this is the first time you have ever been here, you will easily get lost as this market was designed as a real maze with hundreds of tiny shops selling nearly everything that you can (and even cannot) imagine on Earth, especially for rare goods such as antiquated things, you just need to ask the seller and they will able to get it for you.

-  Address: No. 33 Thinh Yen, Hue Str., Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi - 100000


10. Banana market on Red Riverbank
Talking about float markets, everyone will definitely think about the famous Cai Rang market in Can Tho province or some others in Cuu Long delta provinces in Southern Vietnam. However, right in the center of Hanoi, next to the gorgeous Red River, on Ham Tu Quan street, hardly does anyone, even Hanoi people, know about the existence of a floating market selling a typical fruit of our tropical country - bananas. This market has been one of the largest banana suppliers for Hanoi with a lot of huge boats carrying tons of bananas going into and out of this market every day. Although selling bananas is not an easy job at all, scarcely could you find a man but surprising mostly women are doing the trade here in this special market.

banana market

-  Address: Ham Tu Quan street, at the south part of Chuong Duong bridge
-  How to get there: when you arrive at Ham Tu Quan street, you should pass by a restaurant’s parking area to reach the destination.

By Quynh Nhi

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