There is a corner in my heart just for Hanoi

  • 03/12/2019

I still keep in my mind the rememberance of the first day when I arrived in Hanoi, I was immensely overwhelmed by the scenery and the lifestyle here. As a boy coming from a undeveloped countryside, who had just graduated high school for few weeks, going to Hanoi to do admission procedure at my university, I could’t believe in what I saw. The skycrapers and the business centers, which I could never imagine in my small hometown, were on every road I pass like mushrooms. It was like I was diving into a whole new world that I had never known before.

A corner of Hanoi

To gain more insightful knowledge about Hanoi's culture and the people, I spent most of my free time taking part in every Hanoi tour that I could find on the internet. I have achieved more amazing and comprehensive information about this capital city since that time.

Having gone through thousands years, witnessing all ups and downs of Vietnam history, Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam is one of the most must-visit destinations which keeps inside many of the historic and cultural vestiges which deserve every foreign tourist's time and attention . It is also the pride that Vietnamese people in general and Hanoians in particular take. 

It probably takes a very long time to write an ending for the story about the culture of Hanoi. A series of traditional handicraft villages such as Bat Trang ceramic and pottery village, Hang Bac silver-making street, Phu Do noodle-making villages and Dong Ho picture villages, with 100 percent of products are hand-made by the most dexterous artists, who are inherited the esoteric exprience from their ancestors for centuries, are the initial Hanoi's famous cultural things. All of them have been existing for centuries and have been pristinely reserved by the locals.

Bat Trang ceramic and pottery village's products


Hang Bac Street

Hanoians are also extremely proficient at making and tasting food. The best Hanoi dishes are inexpensive yet succulent can be found in Hanoi Old Quarter’s narrow alleyways and bustling street markets. Compared to other cities in Vietnam, Hanoi cuisine tends to be on the sweeter side and in favor of freshwater ingredients such as prawns, squids, shrimps, crabs, clams, and mussels. However, Hanoi Old Quarter streets are very complicated, thus you should hire a Hanoi tour guide for the most convenient and detailed instructions.

Prawn served in Hanoi

You can also find familiar Vietnamese street food such as pho noodles, spring rolls and rolled cakes. As with many dishes in Vietnam, diners are always served with platters of fresh greens and herbs as well as the quintessential dipping sauce as accompanimen. As with many dishes in Vietnam, diners are always served with platters of fresh greens and herbs as well as the dipping sauce as accompaniment. And you know what? You just can’t tell people you have been on a Hanoi trip, If you haven't exprienced these traditional dishes of Hanoi.

Pho Ha Noi


Rolled Cake in Hanoi

Adding more to Hanoi's culture, kinds of traditional art forms play very impotant role. Hanoi’s famous culture also lies in Folk performances, which are Water Puppet, Cheo, Tuong and A Dao, which were created by ancient Vietnamese thousand years ago and have become customary beauty until now. 

A Water Puppet Show

Besides beautiful cultural relics, Hanoi boasts an endless stunning spots you won't want to miss. Hanoi is actually over 1000 years old, which means its wealth of history is mind boggling: temples, ancient citadels, unique theatre and stunning wilderness outside the capital. It is Hoan Kiem Lake, the heart of Hanoi, which draws both domestic and foreigner tourists’s when visiting Hanoi. It is Ho Chi Minh mausoleum where Vietnamese people coming from all over the country express their respect and gratitude to the great and beloved leader of the nation. It is Hoa Lo prision, a historical building, which engraves the bravery and resilience of the Vietnamese soldiers, and so on. All of them contribute to create an extremely unique Hanoi. Make sure you will take advantage of the opportunity to visit as many of these attractions as possible for your tour of Hanoi.

Hoan Kiem Lake in the morning


Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

It has been this land that sometimes brings me hatred and anger with its hustling and bustling lifestyle. Yet It was on this land that I was taught to respect other people and be respectful to myself. It was on this land that I was hurt and taught how to be courageous. I did not regret that I chose Hanoi as my career devolopment place for my future and I never will, either. 


Written by: Hieu La

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