The ideal journey for a day at Bat Trang Pottery Village: A true getaway from Hanoi hustling city center

  • 21/11/2019

Located on the left bank of Red River, Bat Trang pottery village belongs to Gia Lam district, Hanoi. This traditional craft village has existed for more than 500 years. It is a paradise of pottery products, which are both cheap and good-looking; more amazingly, you can make your own stuff according to your preference. Let’s start the journey to this stunning place with Whatsup Vietnam!
Origin of the name Bat Trang pottery village
Bat Trang name was formed from Le Dynasty, which is the integration of 5 famous ceramic families of Bo Bat village of Thanh and the Nguyen family in Minh Trang land. Five large families including the Tran, Vuong, Nguyen, Le and Pham families met and decided to bring some artisans, potters, and their families to the migrant villages of Thang Long citadel to find land to settle down. They stopped at the 72 white mounds in Minh Trang village. These days, Bat Trang Pottery village specializes in producing ceramics with many different functions, from household appliances, worshiping items to fine-art ceramic products. These families still retain the quality that their ancestors have passed down, making the products all have their own distinctive and sophisticated features. Bat Trang ceramics products are also known from everywhere, and they are exported to many places in the world.
How to get to Bat Trang Pottery Village from the center of Hanoi
If you want to be safe and cost-effective, it is highly recommended that you travel by bus. From Hanoi city, you will move to Long Bien transfer station, then take bus 47A to go to Bat Trang pottery village. It takes about 1.5-2 hours.
Or if you travel by personal motorbike or car: go cross Chuong Duong bridge, Vinh Tuy bridge, or Thanh Tri bridge, then turn right to go along the Red River dike, and you’ll know that you’ve got there whenever you see the signboard of Bat Trang pottery village. Because there are a lot of construction vehicles carrying very dirt and unsafe stuff along the dike, you should consider going by bus for safety.

The ideal journey for a day at Bat Trang Pottery Village? Things to do
Visiting Bat Trang Communal House:
The communal house is located right next to the river wharf (Red River), where visitors stop to walk into the village. From the market, ask for directions to communal house (Dinh Lang) and the local people will show you the way.  

Making pottery yourself!
Stepping down the bus along the walkway, you will easily come across houses full of pottery. If you are patient enough to explore, you can buy more beautiful and unique items than pottery in the market at an amazingly cheaper price. A real interesting part of this trip is that will be making pottery, the service offered by quite a few families. The process sounds quite simple: the host gives you a big piece of moist soil, a turntable, then you place the soil between the turntable and enjoy shaping the piece of soil into common stuff like cups, make bowls, or other everyday necessities. If you are adventurous enough, you can shape the animals. After molding, you go on to dry the product, which takes about 30 minutes, so you can make use of this time to go out or have lunch. Next comes the drawing and decorating stage; and finally, the crafter will paint the outside layer in order to keep the product durable over time.

Walking around Bat Trang ceramic market:
From the entrance of the market, you will see the sculptures whose size is the same as people, the lifelike statues of the famous couple Chi Pheo - Thi No from Nam Cao’s short story ranging from big to small. Moreover, the ceramic market here also sells a wide variety of cups, dishes, miniatures of landscape, souvenir porcelain paintings, ceramic jewelry made from various types, colors, and sizes.

Visit Van Van Ancient House - top 10 most beautiful ancient houses in Vietnam
This house is located at the end of Bat Trang pottery village where exhibits antique products such as dragon vases, enamel tea pots, or ceramic stamping molds ... Not only preserving antiques, the house itself is a special architectural block. More than 400m2, Van Van ancient house consists of three nearly 200-year-old houses and a pottery kiln simulation workshop. Van Van old house is open from 8am to 5:30 pm daily.

Note when visiting Bat Trang pottery village
Transportation : you can ride on a buffalo cart or rent a bicycle to visit around the whole village.
Eating and drinking: You can prepare your own meals of canned food, bread, fruits and drinks. Second, you can enjoy Bat Trang’s specialties, particularly bamboo shoots with squid soup; besides, there are also squid sauteed with kohlrabi, wolf flower seed tea, rice cake, baked cassava cake, and Dong Du guava which is both crispy and fragrant.

Shopping: Here, you can bargain according to your intuition, but the price is about 2/3 of the price the seller said. Remember not to bargain too much without buying.
Walking around and choosing items should be extremely careful to avoid accidentally breaking things. If children are with you, keep an eye on them and in particular keep them away from the products display space. Scrutinize your chosen stuff carefully before deciding to take them home because there might still be defective products during production.
Actually, there have not been many foreigner tourists coming to this special traditional village, so if you want to get rid of hustle and bustle of Hanoi city center and find yourself in the traditional atmosphere of Vietnam, this this a place you cannot miss!

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