The collection of dishes which helps you keep warm during Hanoi wintry season

  • 21/11/2019

On these days of freezing cold weather, even when hibernating, you will feel hungry very quickly. Don't worry, Whatsup Vietnam is going to introduce the collection of winter delicacies whose aim is to help you overcome the cold winter in the most satisfactory way. There is nothing better than enjoying hot food on a cold day, just whispering, just slurping, and sipping - passionate feeling right?
1. A thousand kinds of noodle soup!
Some people say that they can eat pho 3 meals a day in the cold winter days. Pho is a magical dish in Hanoi, so it certainly becomes a winter delicacy to save you from the cold mornings. Pho is available in all restaurants, along the roads and there are also Pho eateries on the sidewalk, morning and even night Pho. A bowl of hot pho with fragrant slices of beef or chicken slices, lots of cilantro, crunchy fried bread stick, chili sauce and warm garlic vinegar will warm you immediately!

Vietnamese goose/duck meat noodle soup
A bowl of delicious noodles will have pieces of duck meat, very thick, delicious, firm and low-fat meat, stewed bamboo shoots and a little coriander, attractive herbs. Every piece is good for eating, its rich, aromatic flavor is typical for a true winter delicacy without worrying about hunger.

Vietnamese snail noodle soup
Snail noodle soup is one of the unique winter delicacies and is made quite sophisticatedly that Hanoians especially love. In the summer, eating snail noodles soup is cool, while in winter, sipping gently sour soup of vinegar, tomatoes, the unique aroma of perilla and the pungent aroma of satay, is admittedly fascinating!
In addition, there are also a wide variety of noodle soup that you must try, such as Bún thang (Hot rice noodle soup), Bun doc mung, Bun Cha (definitely!),…

2. Types of porridge
Mussels porridge, rib porridge,... are names that are no longer unfamiliar with those who like to eat light meals. On a cool evening, but enjoying a bowl of hot porridge which warms your stomach must be awesome. In Hanoi, it is not difficult to find this dish in small alleys or street vendors. Wandering along the streets, you can see the image of a porridge sellers with plastic chairs arranged around.

3. Hot sweet gruels
It’s not true that sweet soup can only be enjoyed because there are hot sweet gruels. Tthere is a long list of warm and hot sweet gruels which guarantee to satisfy even the mose choosy people. Mentioning to sweet soup, you can not ignore dishes such as Vietnamese floating cake, Cassava sweet soup or sticky rice with sweet soup, and so forth.

4. Vietnamese cakes and doughnuts
Fried donuts
Donuts are snacks which are normally served in the afternoon. Donuts with meat filling, sugar donuts, honey donuts or crunchy brown sugar donuts - you can find all of them and buy from street vendors. This kind of snack is not expensive, triggering a sense of delight to the passionate foodie, so everyone loves this simple-but-yummy winter dish.

Fried bread stick
Fried bread stick not just a side dish of noodles, pho or porridge. In Hanoi, there are some eateries selling crispy fried bread stick which often goes with a sweet and sour sauce. This winter delicacy sounds weird, doesn't it? And yet sometimes on cold days, there are even no seats left in these hot and crispy stick selling place.

Hot skewers
From grilled cartilage ribs skewers, grilled sausage, to grilled pork skewers,.... Every kind of skewer sounds strange but also very appealling. Imagine on an wintry evening, dropping on a roadside barbecue stall to enjoy some hot skewers, what an awesome thing to do! Add a bit of chutney and mayonnaise to make it even more delicious and savoury. If you are starving, just bravely order a banh mi with a skewer as filling will save your life!

Fried pillow cake (Banh goi)

The filling is made of minced meat, wood ear, mushroom, egg yolk and Chinese sausage – all wrapped nicely in a crunchy crust havinf pillow shape. Once completed, these donuts are chopped, then enjoyed with sweet and sour sauce as well as with raw vegetables. Pillow cake stalls often offer shrimp cakes and meat-filled donuts additionally. Whatever fried, crispy and fragrant is a true winter delicacy that immediately stimulates the food lovers’ appetite.
Fried sweet potato pancakes, fried banana cake, fried corn cake
It's hard to imagine Hanoi winter without fried corn, sweet potatoes and bananas nestled cake on the sidewalk or at the street corners. Each one is eye-catching and fragrant, having naturally sweetness from corn, sweet potatoes, bananas, which is particularly appetizing in cold winter afternoons. After an exhausted day, passing these street food stalls, could not resist the lure that one has to stop to grab some. Inexpensive as they are, these rustic cakes have always been an indispensible part of Hanoi street cusine.

5. Corn, sweet potatoes and cassava
It is unsure when Hanoians developed the pleasure of eating grilled corn, sweet potatoes and cassava on winter night. People are in love with these grilled stuff not only because of the pure sweet taste of each corn grain, but also because of the warm feeling they sense when holding a warm corn. Just turning back and forth on the hot coals, the smell of cooked corn keeps the stomach burning for enjoying it immediately. It is not an overstatement that the streets culinary has their own beauty that can't be mixed or imitated
Wish you a wonderful winter with your beloved ones and amazing food!