The 8 best Banh Mi spots in Hanoi

  • 17/12/2019

Banh Mi, one of the 10 most delicious Vietnamese sandwiches recognized by Traveller, has become a typical street food in the diverse and abundant culinary culture of Vietnamese people. There are countless breads with different shapes and recipes in every region of S-shaped country, but all of them have unique taste in common which is a mixture of French influence and Chinese cuisine. And Banh Mi in Hanoi is highly recommended by Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull or the renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay and Anthony Bourdain should be added to your must-try list. Now, let’s together with Whatsup Vietnam explore the following 8 famous places in Hanoi which serve this dish!

1. Banh Mi Nguyen Sinh

-  Address: No.17 Ly Quoc Su Street, Hoan Kiem district
-  Opening time: 6.30 a.m - 10.30 p.m
-  Price: from VND 40,000
Banh Mi Nguyen Sinh

As one of the first banh mi store in Hanoi, banh mi Nguyen Sinh makes a deep impression on customers by its special home-recipe and the goose pate banh mi. Here, customers are served with bread and a plate on which there are many delicious meats such as pork sausage, pork ribs, bacon and foie gras pate, sausage, pickled vegetable and a little sauce. Although the price for each serving sounds expensive, try to feel its exceptional taste and see how it is worth.

2. Banh Mi Tram

-  Address: No. 30 Dinh Ngang, Hoan Kiem district
-  Opening time: 8.00 a.m - 11.00 p.m
-  Price: from VND 30,000
 Banh Mi Tram
In the list of most delicious breads in Hanoi, we must mention Tram bread restaurant in Dinh Ngang. In fact, the portion here is not too special, just including pate, sausage, BBQ pork, fried egg rolls, some slices of cucumber with a little orange sauce. However, it is the sauce that makes the bread here become exceptinally delicious because of its harmonious mixture of salty, sweet and fat flavour.
In addition to mixed bread, customers can also have an other attractive option, which is bread with wine sauce, though not too excellent but the taste is worth trying once.

3. Banh Mi Pho Hue

-  Address: No. 118A Pho Hue, Hai Ba Trung district
-  Opening hour: 6.00 a.m - 7.00 p.m
-  Price: from VND 20,000
Located on Pho Hue street, this Banh Mi eatery has been familiar with not only Hanoians but also customers from everywhere, especially foreign tourists. Also, it is the place which was highly praised by the well-known chef: Geoffrey Deetz and positively commented by BBC: banh mi is not complicated. Each ingredient has its own role in creating the most delicious one.
Banh Mi Pho Hue

4. Banh Mi Pho Co

-  Address: No.38 Dinh Liet, Hoan Kiem district
-  Price: from VND 20,000
-  Hotline: (+84) 937 911 990
Being opposite to the famous noodle shop restaurant on Dinh Liet street, Banh Mi Pho Co has many types of breads for you to choose but all are comprised of traditional ingredients. The price of a bread ranging from VND 20,000 to VND 25,000, which is suitable for every pocket, so do not hesitate to enjoy a hot tasty bread that is extremely wonderful for this chilly weather of Hanoi. 

5. Banh Mi Ba Dan

-  Address: No.34 Lo Su, Hoan Kiem district
-  Opening time: 6.00 a.m - 9.00 p.m
-  Price: from VND 15,000
Appearing in Hanoi since 1979, Ba Dan bread has been one of the prestigious brands having a strong attachment to Hanoians’ childhood. The most outstanding feature here lies in the store owner, who always pay attention to the quality of bread, so every 3 hours, they replace the old loaves of bread with new ones, which helps customer savour crunchy breads.
Banh Mi Ba Dan

6. Banh Mi Bao Quyen (Lan Ông)

-  Address: No.8 Cha Ca, Hoan Kiem district
-  Opening hour: 7.00 a.m - 10.00 p.m
-  Price: from VND 15,000
Banh Mi Bao Quyen

At first, Banh Mi Bao Quyen store was on Lan Ong street, and then moved to Cha ca. Here, there are not many kinds of bread but thanks to the greasy and fleshy pate, just adding a little sliced meat and fried onion making a flavorsome pate bread that everyone eating have to leave compliments.

7. Banh Mi 25

-  Address: No. 25 Hang Ca, Hoan Kiem district
-  Opening hour: 7.00 a.m - 9.00 p.m
-  Price: from VND 15,000 to VND 25,000
-  Hotline: (+84) 977 668 895
Banh Mi 25

If you want to enjoy a Vietnamese-flavoured loaf of bread, Banh mi 25 Hanoi is not bad a choice for travelers. It was highly rated 5-star food on TripAdvisor because of the tasty and diverse types of banh mi, together with very friendly staff and good service.

8. Banh Mi Dan To

-  Address: Cao Thang intersection, Tran Nhat Duat, Hoan Kiem district
-  Opening time: 3.00 a.m - 8.00 a.m
-  Price: from VND 15,000 to VND 25,000

Staying in Hanoi and referring to Banh mi dan To, gourmets or those who often go to work or go out late at night almost know because this is very famous and is always sold at midnight. Banh Mi Dan To is actually just a small eatery standing on the sidewalk at the junction of Cao Thang - Tran Nhat Duat. However, its unique combination of ingredients and special processing attracts a substantial number of people queuing up for buying the bread.
Banh Mi Dan To

By Ngoc Van

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