Some useful tips for foreigner tourist to exchange currency in Hanoi

  • 03/12/2019

Every time you discover a new country, using their money is almost mandatory and so is Vietnam. Vietnamese law does not permit the use of foreign currency in daily transactions, thus you need to exchange into VND, domestic currency of Vietnam, to facilitate your Hanoi travel. Whatsup Vietnam will provide you with some places you can exchange money in Hanoi.

1. Noi Bai airport

As soon as you arrive in Hanoi, you possibly exchange money at the foreign exchange counters at the airport. Noi Bai International Airport has arranged the location of money exchange counters at T2 international terminal as follows:

Position 1: Near departure door 17.17

Position 2: Opposite of procedure D (Departure)

Position 3: After the border gate Police (Arrival Station)

Position 4: International Arrival Lobby (exit)

Exchange money at Noi Bai airport

2. Ha Trung Jewelry shop

Address: 31 Hà Trung, Hàng Bông, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi

Phone: 024 3825 7139 - 024 3828 5141

Although it is a famous center for jewelry, but besides selling gold and silver, this is also a well-known foreign exchange address. The selling rate of this store is also lower than the others so many people often choose to exchange money here.

Moreover, this shop is also considered as a reputable money exchange center because it is licensed to buy and sell foreign currencies in accordance with the state regulations so that you can be somewhat more confident when doing. transactions that are unlike other "underground" addresses.

Exchange money at Ha Trung Jewelry Shop

3. All Vietnamese Banks

The banks have the best foreign exchange rates among all tourist money changers. They are very strict in censoring documents before determining to sell foreign exchange to you. Documents include the following:

Passport / valid visa (if the country needs a visa)

Air tickets / Reservation codes / Train tickets

Proof of personal relationship / Power of attorney if relatives / friends and the same delegation of travel agencies or companies on behalf of the transaction representative.

Notify the cost of the travel company with the case of buying foreign currency transfer and other necessary documents

For example, if you take the reason that you are traveling abroad to buy foreign exchange, the bank staff will ask you to show your passport and plane ticket to certify the trip. Then, depending on each record, they will determine how much you are allowed to buy. In other words, when exchanging money at a bank, you can afford the best rates but the procedures as well as not the restraint of the money are extremely complicated.

Currency exchange at Vietnamese banks

4. Ask your Hanoi tour guide

If you go by yourself, you can skip this way. But if you follow a tour group, ask your Hanoi tour guide and he or she will help you exchange money very quickly. Nonetheless, don't expect you to get the best rates but at least still better than at the airport, and you also save less effort when searching and comparing agents yourself because foreign tour guides always "stock up" quite a bit of domestic cash to sell you.

Hanoi tour guide

Above is some places where you can exchange Vietnamese money when you travel to Hanoi. Don’t hesitate and pick up a Hanoi tour attractions or Hanoi day tour to explore right away. Hope you have the best trip!


Written by: Hieu La

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