Places to celebrate Christmas season in Hanoi

  • 10/12/2019

Although Christmas is not an official public holiday in Vietnam, it has been received considerable recognition of Hanoi local residents. From the beginning of December, Hanoi’s streets are all gorgeously decorated with Noel’s patterns that creates a festive atmostphere helping any expats off being homesick in the night of Christmas. Hanoi’s weather also favourable and mild, supporting because on those days, it is often cold and dry; and it can be said that the only missing factor for a perfect Noel is snow.

Integrating into Hanoi’s festive environment, you can totally have fun for this Christmas if you are in Hanoi. Here are our suggestions to the best place to go for Christmas in the capital city. 

 1.  St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi

This is a familiar place for people in the Capital at Christmas or at the end of the year. This is one of the 30 churches in Hanoi. These days, the cathedral is splendidly decorated to celebrate the greatest day of Catholics. Because this is a famous attraction, it is often very crowded during the holidays. Both religious and non-religious people also come here to participate in many interesting fun activities.

St. cathedral

2. Cua Bac church

Cua Bac church is an ancient church in Hanoi, an architecture with many unique features, creating more beauty in the urban space of Hanoi. Cua Bac church at Christmas will be the venue for the German-style Christmas fair. The bell tower and the stained glass windows of the church contributed to the clear Christmas effect.

Cua Bac Church

Cua Bac Church

3. St Anthony Ham Long Church

Considered to be the most beautiful church in Hanoi, Ham Long church is also a place chosen by many young people to come and have fun in Christmas Eve. The church has a large space, with motifs decorated with ropes like the Phanxico line with both ancient and modern features. Places beside Ham Long church are also shimmering with pine trees, LED lights and Santa Claus making anyone who comes here to want to stay forever.

Ham Long Church

4. Phung Khoang Church

Phung Khoang Church is located in Phung Khoang village (Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi), which is a Roman Catholic church in the archdiocese of Hanoi, Vietnam. The church was built in 1910 based on neoclassical French architecture. The space here is very typical for peaceful rural Vietnam. There is a tomb of priests and monks and nuns of Hanoi diocese.

Not located in the center like other large churches but Phung Khoang church is also a living and gathering place for the followers living in this area. But at Christmas each year, Phung Khoang church is extravagantly decorated and unusually crowded by the people who come here to enjoy the true Christmas atmosphere.

Phung Khoang Church

5. Hoan Kiem Lake Walking Street

This is an undeniably famous tourist attraction and the favourite place of capital's people on weekends. On Christmas Eve, Hoan Kiem Lake walking area will be decorated with many colors, many perspectives characterized by Christmas. Especially on Christmas day, there will be Santa Claus holding gift bags for children. In addition, the pedestrian street also has many holiday activities such as folk games or interesting music activities fesstivals.

Walking Street - Noel

6. Hanoi Old Quarter

In Hanoi, on the occasion of Christmas, many roads become extraordinarily fanciful, driving everyone to pick up the phone to save these fantastic moments. In particular, Hang Ma and Hang Luoc are two amusement places frequented by Hanoi youth. These are two "virtual living" sites that look gorgeous during the Christmas season. In addition, many other streets are also shimmering, such as Ly Quoc Su, Au Trieu or Nha Chung str. In the Old Quarter, Hang Ma str. may be the most colorful and lively street because this street sells Christmas decorations, which can easily make the visitors mistake that they are in a Western country. Such an exciting experience feeling the Christmas atmostphere and enjoying Christmas in the middle of the most ancient place in Hanoi. 

Hang Ma Street

Hang Ma

Hang Ma Street

7. Ho Tay Water Park

This is also a place with many exciting activities on Christmas day for all ages. The decorative miniatures in the West Lake park area are always eye-catching in both parks (Water Park and New Sun Park). Ho Tay Park in the Christmas season is always crowded with people to have fun with their whole family, friends and lovers. Not only can they have fun, but there are also many angles for beautiful selfies that need no adjustment.

 Ho Tay Water Park

Ho Tay Water Park

8. Aeon Mall Long Bien

This is one of the shopping centers which is always crowded with people to visit and have fun. On Christmas days, Aeon Mall Long Bien will have a huge pine tree in the center. Besides, there are snowmen, reindeer trailers, ... arranged in many places making the atmosphere of Christmas more cozzy, warm and colorful.

 Aeon Mall Long Bien

9. Royal City

Like Time City, Royal City is also decorated very early with reindeer, giant Christmas tree, or staging shimmering in the area of the Royal Square in the urban area. As usual, Royal city seems to have no place for people to squeeze because thousands of people flocking in to live in the bustling atmosphere as welcome Christmas coming closely. Take advantage of yourself taking photos celebrating the Christmas season! If you are a loyal shopping fan, you can feel the Christmas atmosphere and visit your favorite stores in this commercial center. 

Royal City

by Quynh Nhi

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