Phung Hung mural street features a beautifully ancient Hanoi

  • 02/12/2019

Phung Hung street in Hoan Kiem district - Hanoi was once forgotten by the mess of landfills, garbage trucks, etc. However, these days, Phung Hung is being "changed" with a superficial appearance.  A wall of Phung Hung mural appears, exhaling a new breath, the rhythm of life here sharply different.

The public art project on Phung Hung Street (from under the arch of bridge to Long Bien bridge) is implemented by Vietnamese and Korean artists with the support of the Korea International Exchange Fund and the People settlement program UNDP on the occasion of 25 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Phung Hung Mural Street construction was completed and officially put into operation to serve sightseeing from February 3, 2018. After just more than 1 month of operation, Phung Hung welcomed thousands of visitors. Currently, Phung Hung Mural Street is also known as the most beautiful street in Hanoi.

With the creation of a cultural space for both the local community and visitors, this place has become an indispensable destination for those who come to the Vietnamese capital land. Moreover, this art project has a noble  meaning, which is promoting culture and environmental protection, urban landscape as well as promoting economic - tourism development.

19 artworks with 19 arches are "specialties" of Phung Hung today. Coming to Phung Hung, you will find a really static and dynamic image. Nearly 20 of these works were painted within the archway of the elevated railway bridge - which is an interesting point and also bears special meaning to convey the message of a thousand years of civilization of the sacred capital. In the face of a great change of economy, social politics, this place still retains the quintessential beauty of the national culture.

Some typical works of Phung Hung Mural Street are: painting of Dong Xuan market at the dome 67, Images of familiar water machines of Hanoians in the late twentieth century, the image of a tinkling train remindinng Hanoi residents of "a time of bombs - a time of peace" or images of such simple and familiar street vendors, ect, all trigger in Vietnamese’s minds an intactly old, experienced, and intimate making our hearts lightheaded.

Transport to Phung Hung mural paintings street

To come to Phung Hung street, you can choose various ways and different means. To illustrate:

-  Public transport (bus): This is the most convenient means for tourists, especially for students. Bus routes going through Phung Hung uncluding 01, 18 and 23.

-  Personal vehicle: If you want an active choice, you can choose your own vehicle like a motorbike. After coming to Phung Hung by motorbike, you can park your bike at a public parking lot or nearby houses. A motorbike parking ticket costs about 10,000 VND.

-  Taxi, motorbike taxi: If you do not want to drive by yourself or take the bus, you cn completely choose another vehicle which is taxi or motorbike taxi. Depending on your desire, choose the most suitable means.

Where to continue your trip after you've come to Phung Hung?

You can go to Dong Xuan market, Hang Dau Water Tower. In addition, Phung Hung is also connected to  other famous street in Hanoi Old Quarter of 36 Streets, so coming to Phung Hung is never boring, because you can "hang around" the Old Quarter all day without wanting to make a stop. Next to Phung Hung is Hang Luoc Street, a street with the famous Flower Market.

What to eat in Phung Hung?

Coming to Phung Hung is not only to enjoy the sightseeing or to take pictures, but you can also dig in a lot of very "Hanoi" dishes. After getting fed up with visiting and taking pictures, you can "wander around" 36 streets and enjoy the simple dishes of Hanoi such as Bun cha, Banh Da Cua, Beef noodles soup, Goose glass noodle soup, etc. Especially, Trang Tien ice cream and walking around Hoan Kiem lake is not to be missed.

In addition, maybe you do not know, Phung Hung is one of 10 renowned streets in Hanoi for its cuisine. This is the first street specializing in hotpot business, particularly for tourists at night. For a long time, Phung Hung has become a "rendezvous" for customers who love the warm atmosphere. The hot pot has a wide variety of versions such as chicken hotpot, seafood hotpot, Hong Kong hot pot, Sichuan hotpot with prices ranging from 250,000 - 300,000 per pot.

It can be seen that Phung Hung mural paintings appear to be a colorful picture that reminds us of an beautifully, idyllically and heroically old Hanoi. Coming to Hanoi without paying this amazing street a visit is a real pity.


By Quynh Nhi

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