Nightlife in Hanoi - ideal places for those who desire to explore another character of Hanoi

  • 17/12/2019

Hanoi is busy and noisy during the day, but when the night falls, that noisy bustle is totally replaced by stillness and its pace of life also becomes slower, peaceful, and more tranquil. Have you ever spent a night without sleep to explore Hanoi when the night falls? Let's explore these following 6 ideal nightlife venues with Whatsup Vietnam.

1. Nhat Tan Bridge

Nhat tan bridge

Nhat Tan Bridge
The first place to be mentioned must definitely be Nhat Tan Bridge. A new symbol for the dynamism of Hanoi Capital. Not only is it significant in terms of transportation, Nhat Tan Bridge also makes people excited, enthrilled by its modern design, aesthetic and spiritual significance, and it is undeniably the highlight of the landscape across the Red River. 

2. Ta Hien Beer Street

Ta Hien Street
In the heat of the summer weather, what can be a much better way than having chit-chat with your friends and enjoy the cool beer in Ta Hien Street? Not only beer, the restaurants on Ta Hien also serve rustic dishes at affordable prices for diners. Coming to Ta Hien to enjoy lively music, chatting and drinking a cool beer with side dishes such as sour rolls, chips, dried beef, grilled squid, etc. will be a difficult-to-forget experience!

3. Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan night market
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, about 6:00 to 11:00 PM, visitors eagerly participate in the night market on the streets of Hang Ngang, Hang Dao, Hang Duong. Today, the night market also extends to Hang Khoai and Hang Giay. Dong Xuan Night Market has a variety of items for sale at affordable prices. This place is like a true shopping paradise with colorful clothes, shoes, accessories, souvenirs, etc. with brilliant lights creating a shimmering scenery.

4. Phan Dinh Phung street

Phan Dinh Phung street is about 1.5km long. This is the street with the widest sidewalk in Hanoi with two rows of ancient Indochina dragonplum trees shading on the same sidewalk. Every dragonplum season, young people would always come here to record their beautiful images with friends. Because of this romantic and poetic setting, the street of Phan Dinh Phung has been loved by not only the people of the capital but also its passionate visitors.
Phan Dinh Phung street is crowded with traffic, but at night this street brings incredible peace. Under the old trees, you can sit back and reflect on the days that have passed.

5. Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge
At night, from the bridge, you can see the rippling Red River, the lights in the far city or zoom into the distance to see Chuong Duong bridge busy with traffic lights. Even in the cold winter, Long Bien Bridge still attracts a large number of visitors thanks to the vendors selling grilled corn, warm and sweet baked potatoes. Its aromatic fragrance flies far away from a corner of the bridge, blending into the wintry season of winter. 

The most spectacular place to enjoy the sightseeing is in the middle of the bridge. From there you can have an overall look of the capital with the red alluvial river and feel the rhythm of life when Hanoi lights up. With friends and relatives watching Hanoi when the night falls down, sipping a glass of corn juice and chatting with each other on Long Bien Bridge, it will certainly be a simple and extremely valuable thing to do in your time in this special land.

6. Quang Ba flower market

For those who are passionate about flowers, going to Quang Ba flower market in the extremely early morning is a real joy! Not only witnessing the beautiful and gorgeous flowers, there you can also see the busy life pace of Hanoi people. Going to Quang Ba night flower market will give you a very different feelings about a cultural feature of Hanoi. The only light in the market is emanated from the high-pressure light bulbs from above, making the whole market sink in a shimmering and fanciful atmosphere.

By Quynh Nhi

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