Lenin Park – the green space that has imprinted in the history of Hanoi capital

  • 05/12/2019

In the heart of our beloved Hanoi capital, Lenin Park is a solemn and familiar destination for everyone. This place attracts a large number of tourists every year not only thanks to its fantastic green space but it also has marked a significant period of majestic history of Vietnam as a nation.

Lenin Park is located on three sides of the central street which are Dien Bien Phu, Tran Phu, and Hoang Dieu, thus it is very convenient for you to get here. Lenin Park is the same as other green parks in Hanoi, but it has its own characteristics that you will not find in any other places. Lenin Park attracts people by the name that has followed the history of the country, which is a hallmark of a majestic period of the country. It can be said that Lenin Park is one of the earliest parks built in Hanoi.

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Lenin Park

Lenin Park allures the attention of foreigners for its own name, which is a hallmark of a majestic period of the country. It can be said that Lenin Park is one of the earliest parks built in Hanoi. History has recorded that the French colonists invaded and occupied Hanoi in 1894 – 1897. Afterward, they filled up Elephant Lake to construct a flower garden and gave it a very Western name, Robin. French colonialists erected here a cluster of monuments with two French soldiers. one pointed his gun at the Flagpole and the other brandished a hand grenade. In the autumn of 1945, Vietnamese people under the leadership of Vietnam Communist Party successfully rose up in arms against the French colonialist and the people of Hanoi demolished the colonial monument in this flower garden but still retained its landscape.

Robin flower garden

Subsequently, the flower garden was named Chi Lang - a place associated with a famous victory of the Lam Son insurgent army against the Ming invasion in 1427. In 1982, the Party and State decided to build a Lenin monument in the flower garden to strengthen the friendship between Vietnam and the Soviet Union at that time. In 1985, a 5.2m high bronze statue of Lenin was placed on a 2.7m high granite pedestal facing the Dien Bien Phu street - a street named after the famous victory in the resistance war against the French invasion. From October 7, 2003, Chi Lang Flower Garden was named after Lenin Park. Therefore, when you come here, you will not only feel this place is a relaxing place to stop but also feel the length of the majestic history of our nation.

The park is planted with lots of green trees to shade the capital on the hot summer days. People often come here to stroll, relax or exercise. This is also the place to organize entertaining programs for children. Occasionally walking around this park, you will also see a few couples taking the most beautiful and romantic wedding photos. Especially on Lenin's birthday and the October Revolution anniversary of Russia in October 7th   annually, there are always beautiful bright flower baskets at the foot of monument to commemorate the contribution of Lenin, one of the greatest revolutionaries in the world.

Lenin's birthday anniversary

 Places to dine near Lenin park

After walking around the park, try the following great dining places:

-  Cong coffee - 32 Dien Bien Phu street, Ba Dinh district

Cong coffee

-  Ding tea - 22B Dien Bien Phu street, Ba Dinh district

Ding Tea

-  Food Center - 8A Dien Bien Phu street, Ba Dinh district

Food center

-  Go Sweet Gruel - 9 Tran Phu street, Ba Dinh district

Go Sweet Gruel

Places to visit near the park Lenin

-  Vietnam Military History Museum

The Museum of Military History of Vietnam is a place collecting, storing and displaying more than 150,000 artifacts. The museum has a wide range of collections of precious and historical artifacts that reflect resistance wars against aggression, military art, and military policies of Vietnam since the Hung Dynasty until the Ho Chi Minh era.

Hanoi military history museum

 Written by: Hieu La

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