Immerse In The Mesmerizing Sights Along The Lam River (Nghe An province)

  • 26/12/2019

Vietnam has 2,360 rivers with a total length of about 41,900 km. Among them, many rivers have traveled over the years, witnessing the ups and downs of Vietnamese history. It's hard to define which one bears the most magnificent beauty, but as the river of my homeland, being an indispensible part of my childhood, today, I want to introduce to you the Lam River, symbol of Nghe An province. 

Nghe An province may be not as famous regarding tourism and travel as other cities or provinces in Vietnam, but if you are an explorer who want to discover the pristine beauty or simply just desire to find somewhere to escape from hustling populous cities, then I am sure Nghe An is an ideal destination for you. Refering to Nghe An, it is a real omission without mentioning to the Lam river which has nurtured many generations of Nghe An people who have long been known for their diligence, creativity and exceptional vitality despite of harsh living condition. 

The Lam river begins in Xiengkhuang plateau, Laos before making its way through Nghe An. The last part of the Lam River meets the La River forming the boundary of Nghe An and Ha Tinh province before letting out into the Eastern Sea. This grand river is 512 km long in total, making it the largest, longest and widest river in North Central Region, Vietnam. Hong Linh mountain and Lam river have become a symbol of the "sacred lands of heroic celebrities"area in the Central Vietnam. Lam River with blue water, smooth flow and poetic beauty of the banks not only goes into poetry but also becomes a memorable tourist highlight of Nghe "clean blue water and green mountains".

Lam River            The Lam River is one of the two largest rivers in North Central Vietnam, with the main part flowing in Nghe An. The river has been associated with the countryside of Nghe for many generations, going into poetry and famous for many scenic spots are situated along the banks. Pictured is the upstream of the Lam River in western Nghe An. Photo Thanh Nguyen

LAm River Nghe AN               A river flows through Nam Loc, Nam Dan with clear blue water winding cornfields, crops and winding winding roads. Photo Trung Ha

Lam River - Nghe AN            The scenery on the river is more and more fanciful every afternoon, when the sunlight at the end of the day. the river mesmerizes with amazing colors. Photo: Luong Thanh Hai

Lam River - Nghe An           Lam River is clean blue and tranquil, not only a beautiful sight of Nghe An but also associated with the livelihoods of many generations of people. The river was extremely significant from the point of view of fishing, farming, as well as trading. The picture of a poetic and peaceful life has gone into many poems and songs about Nghe An. Photo: Trung Ha

Lam River 
Hoa Lam fishing village (in Hung Hoa commune, Vinh city, Nghe An) 

fishing village

The joy of the people of Nghe, who are well-known for their being painstaking, it's simple as the afternoon with the fishing nets full of fish and shrimps. They return home when the sun fades behind the bamboo, when workers relax to add harmony to the painting of a fishing village in the Central region. The children laugh crumplingly on the rest of the boat, some others playing volleyball in the dirt yard surrounded by bamboo bushes while their parents are working hard in the river. The afternoon flies by, paveing the way for the light to turn into golden color. At the same time, the life of the fishing village is still flowing; however a bit slower, and then the first sunlights of a new day appear, they start a new day with the hope that today's shrimp and fish will be abundant in the boats.

Hoa Lam Fishing Village

Hoa Lam fishing village

Hoa Lam fishing village

Hoa Lam fishing village (in Hung Hoa commune, Vinh city, Nghe An) is located on the edge of Lam river, next to Vinh bypass. Hoa Lam fishing village every afternoon comes to peace under the sunset in the horizon. The small boat leisurely in the brilliant sunset of a summer day, making the souls wandering around everywhere realize, beauty is not far away but exists right in the simple and familiar things before eye. Photo

Lam River             Yen Xuan Bridge connects the banks of the Lam River

La River Ha Tinh 
Clean blue water & green mountain 

 Lam River           The beautiful field of meadows is located on the bank of Lam River, and in the far away is Yen Xuan Bridge firmly through bombs and bullets of war imprinted in ancient style. Photo: Sach Nguyen

 Lam River            The fields along the Lam River in Anh Son are covered with picturesque green patches. Photo: Sach Nguyen

Lam RiverThe confluence of the Ben Tam Soa River, which unites the Ngan Pho and Ngan Sau rivers to create the legendary La and Lam rivers. Photo: Nguyen Thanh Hai

by Quynh Nhi

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