Go To Quan Lan Island In Quang Ninh And Experience The Life Of A fisherman!

  • 30/12/2019

Going to Quan Lan Island to experience a completely new travel experiences on camping on the beach, digging a pond, catching snails or going to sea to catch fish, doing the squid fishing - which all surely to make it a worth getaway. Quan Lan is an off-shored island in Bai Tu Long bay area, an interesting & attractive destination for travellers who would like to have a nice beach break swimming in naturally white sand & untouched beaches, viewing authentic local fishery on this less touristic island for their special Vietnam vacations.

Where is Quan Lan Island?

Quan Lan is an island in Van Don island district, Quang Ninh province, located on Bai Tu Long bay, about 40 km from the district center. The island is about 11 km2 wide, stretching from the foot of the Van Don mountain range to Got mountain with high mountains in the East like a solid wall to embrace the waves to protect fishermen on the island. The island consists of two communes, Quan Lan and Minh Chau, which are also inhabited by about 7,000 fishermen.

Quan Lan Island

To get to Quan Lan Island you can take a speedboat from Cai Rong Port (in Van Don Island District, Quang Ninh) or Hon Gai Port (in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province). The ticket to Quan Lan is about 140,000 VND / person / turn.

As a remote island in Bai Tu Long bay, the only way to reach Quan Lan is by water way on speed boats or slow wooden boats. For your conveniences & choices, you can catch the boats either in Hon Gai pier (in Ha Long city) or in Cai Rong pier in Van Don town ( 1,5 hour drive from Halong city). And you will pass through the picturesque Bai Tu Long bay to reach Quan Lan island in between 1-2 hours ( speed boat) and between 2-4 hours ( slow wooden boat).

Quan Lan Island

There are two piers in Quan Lan island: Quan Lan pier & Minh Chau pier.

Quan Lan pier is near the center which has the locations of more hotels, guest houses & restaurants in a walking distance to Quan Lan beach (one of three famous beaches in Quan Lan island). This place is also the location of local seafood Quan Lan market, Communal House, Quan Lan temple & pagoda. For the one who would like to stay in the center, you can choose to reach this pier (make sure with the boat owner in advance when booking the ticket).

Minh Chau pier is on the other end of this island (12km far from Quan Lan pier). Near Minh Chau pier is Minh Chau commune with the beautiful Minh Chau beach, a more tranquil area but there are fewer hotels for you to choose. The boat route from the main land to this Minh Chau pier take you less time & less cost to reach the island.

Experience A New World On Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan Island

Being a beautiful island is also a famous tourist destination in Quang Ninh, Quan Lan Island promises to satisfy you. Coming to Quan Lan, in addition to being immersed in the pristine natural scenery with of fine sand beaches, clear blue beaches and many cultural and historical relics, you also experience the feeling of being a real fisherman, completely separated from the hustle and bustle of the city.

specialties food in Quan Lan

Quan Lan Island not only attracts visitors by its beautiful pristine natural landscape, it also has many delicious dishes and unique specialties.

Camping on the beach in Quan Lan

Camping on the beach

Due to not being affected much by human activities, the island is still very wild, to fully experience the beauty of this place and experience a new type of tourism, you can try camping overnight on the island's beaches. The feeling of eating with the sea, sleeping with the sea, waking up with the sea as if it were just you and the sky, not having to worry or get stressed over life concerns. It would definitely be a very interesting and authentics feeling.

If you want to camp on the island, you have to prepare a portable tent or you can rent at about 50,000 VND. 

Try digging clams and catching snails

One of the interesting experiences on Quan Lan Island that you will sometimes enjoy is catching the clams and snails by yourself. Though it may seem simple, it's not easy at all. Clams are usually located below the sea sand layer, so to dig the clams you need a specialized tool to rake the sand, and it takes a lot of patience to catch a large quantity. Especially, if you come to these sandy beaches early in the morning, you can also see the women on the island digging devotions - a specialty in Quan Lan that everyone likes.


In addition, you can manually catch the snails located on the rocks at the foot of the mountain along the coast. Please pay attention to the tide rise to start the journey. At this time, snails often cling to the underside of flat rocks at the water's edge, so you just need to flip those rocks up and you can catch them. 

Experience like a fisherman out to catch fish and squid fishing

If you are wondering what to play on the island at night, why not join fishermen to fish and squid fishing. Currently, there are a number of activities on the island that allow visitors to join them. You will be aboard a boat to set sail, aboard equipped with lights to attract fish and squid. Before you begin, you'll also be taught how to catch your prey. However, catching or not depends on luck anymore, so if not caught, do not despair and give up.

Transformed into a farmer hoe, dig sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas)


It would be a wrong understanding to think that Quan Lan people have only fishing as occupation. In addition to digging clams, catching snails, fishing, and doing squid fishing, you can also transform into farmers who grow vegetables and dig potatoes. The soil on the island is very good so potatoes are normally big, friable and naturally sweet. However, if you want to dig potatoes, remember that you have to ask for permission from the garden owner. Don't worry because the people on the island are friendly and hospitable who will certainly agree immediately.

Not only attractive by the peaceful pristine scenery with dozens of clean green beaches, Quan Lan also appeals visitors by the friendly án exciting activities. Hope this will be a new and interesting experience for you when visiting this island and when you are in Quang Ninh.

by Quynh Nhi

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