Explore the natural beauty of the Hua mountain stork forest in Quang Ninh - best attraction near Halong Bay

  • 17/12/2019

Visit stork forest in Hua Mountain, immerse your soul in the immense space of trees and thousands of white storks fluttering which creates a breathtaking landscape, appealing to the travelers.

Referring to Quang Ninh travel, many people only know about Ha Long Bay or the most well-known stop here - Binh Lieu without knowing that there is a Dam Ha which is undeniably not less attractive at all. Not only is it a new tourist destination, but it also possesses many unique historical sediments. That is the stork forest in Hua mountain - home to thousands of storks in a natural setting in a peaceful village.


Some features of Hua mountain stocrk forest

Hua mountain stork forest belongs to Ruong village, Dai Binh commune, Dam Ha district, Quang Ninh. Nui Hua is a historical site of Dam Ha district which was recognized in 2012. It used to be the revolutionary base as well as the establishment of the first Party cell of the district. In 1987, Mr. Pham Van Ha's family came here to live and settle down. He has tended, planted, and protected storks, and has so far increased the number of storks into thousands of them.


The stork forest has a total area of about 1 ha with a variety of storks. The main living area of the stork is divided into 3 different levels. The top floor is the tall treetops where storks are residing in. The middle floor includes branches for storks to nest. And the bottom floor is the branches close to the ground - where the small storks practise to forage and fly.

Storks are migratory birds, so in Quang Ninh tourism winter , you won't see too many storks. The best time to come here is in the summer. When the stork is in the breeding and growing season, the space becomes more bustling. Especially early in the morning and in the evening, the flocks of storks fluttering in the sky, creating a beautiful scenery that overwhelms and captures visitors.

Discover the peacefulnes of Hua mountain stork forest


Come to Hua mountain stork forest, you will see the greenness of evergreen trees and flocks of storks. Step by step into the forest of bamboo and eucalyptus, you will be able to enjoy looking at the storks and capturing memorable moments in front of this admirable landscape. Some young storks set their unsteady feet on soft bamboo branches, and looking far away, you can see the pristine white color of the storks spreading their wings against the blue sky. A real masterpiece, a picture of peacefulness and picturesqueness.

To see the largest number of storks, visitors must come here at 4-5 am (when the storks fly off to forage) or 5-6 pm when they return. The white wings fluttering on the treetops and the noise make the scene unbelievably lively and captivating.

Dam Ha

In the middle of the wild and attractive nature, when the sunset gradually sets accompanied by the red-orange color in the end of the horizon appears the stork flying with their wings spreading freely, which makes a mesmerizing painting. A quiet and unique scene blending into the green?y of the grass, the pure whitenese of the storks in incredible harmony with the orange-red of the sun will surely melt traveler's heart.

Some places not to be missed when visiting Hua mountain stork forest

1. Da Dung Island (Erect Rock island) 

Da Dung Island

Traveling to Ha Quang Ninh Dam, remember to visit Da Dung Island - the island which is still untouched with an area of more than 60ha. This place is a complex of rocky islands, land with primeval forests and beaches with natural beauty captivating people.
Coming to the island, visitors can encounter the limestone cliffs standing as solid walls on the fine sand stretching for 800m. Surrounding are rocky beach with various shapes and cool blue water, which contributes to create a majestic scenery. 
Stop at Da Dung Island, besides visiting beautiful landscapes, do not forget to participate in the activities of fishermen. You can visit seafood rafts, fishing by yourself, squid fishing or catching crabs, catching snails, and so on. What can be more fabulous than immersing yourself in the space where you can sense a feel of relaxation, peacefulness, without hustle of busy job life.

2. Bach Van Waterfall

Bach Van Waterfall
As a unique tourist destination of Dam Ha, Bach Van waterfall has a strange attraction with five cool, clear layers of water hidden in the mountains. Stop at this place, visitors will not only admire the spectacularly white waterfall pouring down from the height of 70m but also have chance to watch the storks flying against the crystal blue sky. In the midst of the murmuring water, the spacious space above and the flock afther flock of storks make a special scene, making you so passionate about it that the chances are that you will not want to leave.

If once coming to Quang Ninh, remember to visit Dam Ha and visit the Hua mountain stork forest, admire the picturesque poetic nature and thousands of storks flying on the immense green background. 

by Quynh Nhi

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