Explore The Spectacular Beauty of "The Great Wall of Vietnam" In Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh

  • 30/12/2019

Binh Lieu is an attractive Quang Ninh tourist destination which is dubbed as the "Great Wall" of Vietnam, attracting a myriad of pasionate travelers to come and explore.

The Great Wall is a famous structure of China. But when you travel to Quang Ninh, Vietnam, you can also encounter a beautiful road not less immense than the Chinese Great Wall. The road runs along the mountain in the border district of Binh Lieu with pristine beauty makes anyone once set foot herere can fall right in "love at first sight.

Binh Lieu

Binh Lieu is a mountainous district in the northeast of Quang Ninh province. It has a mild year-round climate and diverse terrain structure, which makes the stunning and unique natural scenery here reasonably compared to the "miniature Sapa". Especially, the thing which truly stimulates backpackers to visit Binh Lieu is the road leading to the landmark of 1305 - the "Great Wall Vietnamese version" because of its curvature of the road.

Attractive road for footsteps in Quang Ninh tourism journey

Binh Lieu has just been known as an attractive road for just about 2 years, but soon after that, this place has moved many enthusiasts by its spectacular and wild charm. Because Quang Ninh is a border province with the North is bordered by some Chinese landmarks, so Binh Lieu district has many milestones, the most famous of which are 4 landmarks: 1300, 1302, 1305 and 1327. These landmarks are scattered on the border patrol route and is at the same thime the destination that any adventurers desire to conquer.

Binh Lieu
Photo: Hung Truong

Compared to the roads going to the Northwest, Binh Lieu road seems to be "more friendly". The road here is not too rugged, the slopes are more "gentle", not dangerous with steep slopes and there are also fewer sleeves bends. But the scenery is just as magnificent and as any other road. The two sides of the hills and mountains coincide with the immense green area of trees and trees, creating a beauty that is both majestic and picturesque. Clouds floating high on the floor, sometimes down low like embracing mountains, creates a beautiful picture of nature.

What is special about the "Great wall" of Vietnam?

Traveling to Binh Lieu Quang Ninh, the way up to the milestone 1305 captivated the hearts of travelers. This place is known as one of the "dinosaur's dorsal" hard to conquer the North. The border patrol road in the west of Binh Lieu is located at an altitude of 700 m above sea level. The road here is not too harsh, but the scenery on the two sides of the road isis exceptionally fascinating. Mountains coincide with poetic grass fields, making the scenery romantic and dreamy.

Special food Quang Ninh 
You can enjoy some special food in Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh

The road is like the "Great Wall" of the Vietnamese version right on the border patrol road dividing the two countries Vietnam - China. From the top of the landmark, visitors can capture all into the magnificent natural scenery with majestic mountains hidden behind the cloud.

After becoming a famous Quang Ninh tourist site, the trekking path to the landmark 1305 was built with an additional 1.8 km long stairway with 2,000 steps. At any time, you can come here and contemplate the wonderful natural scenery. In the midst of the vast sky, you can drop your soul into the fleeting breeze, admiring the beautiful nature below, feeling like a tiny person lost in the fanciful wonderland of the fairytales.

Binh Lieu
Photo: Hung Truong

Each season visiting this unique road, visitors can always encounter a different beauty. Spring with hundreds of flowers blooming makes a brilliant scene for the entire the mountains. In the summer, there are green terraced fields with young rice, full of strong vitality. And in the autumn, the whole sky was golden with iridescent rice fields. At the same time, there were mop fields along the flowering lines, like a gentle, reserved young woman clinging to the feet of a traveler. When winter comes, the weather turns cold and if you are lucky, you can witness the ice.

Traveling to Quang Ninh , conquering the "Great Wall of Vietnam", you will never forget the fragrant forest of cinnamon or the dreamy field of the roadside. Every step in that wonderful path, together with the murmuring of water flows, immersing in the nature of the border area, you can totally throw away all the sorrow and sadness of the bustling city.

How to travel to the "Great Wall of Binh Lieu"? 

From Hanoi, visitors can catch Hung Long bus - the only one that has stops in Binh Lieu. Departure time frames are: 7 am, 11 pm and 16 pm. Ticket price is 200,000 VND / person, taking you about 6 hours to arrive.

Binh Lieu
Photo Hung Truong

From Binh Lieu town to conquer the “Great Wall”, you drive towards Hoanh Mo on QL18C about 3-4 km. Next, you turn right on Ngan Chuong village and then you continue toward 68 for about 14 km to the direction of 1302. From landmark 1302, run another 9 km and you will see “dinosaur’s back” and landmark 1305.

Come to see that tourism in Quang Ninh not only has Ha Long Bay, but also has a memorable Binh Lieu. The land of the border with the wild, charming beauty of nature and sky makes you infatuated forever. So what are you waiting for without backpack and conquer heaven on the border of Binh Lieu right away.

by Quynh nhi

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