Explore 5 Most Famous Night Markets in Danang

  • 25/12/2019

In addition to famous landmarks to visit and entertain in the day, Da Nang is also special because the night markets are always busy and crowded. Here, you will be immersed in the exciting atmosphere of the locals: excexiting activities, shopping and enjoying the diverse cuisines of the beautiful Central region.

Let's have a look at the hottest night markets in Da Nang that need to visit:

1. Helio night market

Referring to Da Nang night market, Helio night market is one of the largest and most famous night markets. This night market can satisfy all your needs, from eating and drinking at affordable prices, to beautiful check-in places, shopping, listening to music and entertaining all night.

Helio night market

Helio Night Market is known as culinary paradise in night in Da Nang with hundreds of delicious dishes of all types from snacks, main dishes, seafood buffet, cakes, baked good, to beer, milk tea, tea lemon or ice cream; from Vietnamese cuisine to exotic cuisine. You can almost find everything that you think about here.

In addition to the diverse food court, Helio night market also attracts visitors with crowded shopping areas, cute items or accessories - a lot of choices according to your preferences.
More specifically, the Helio night market has an extremely bustling beer and barbeque space, but perhaps you can not find the second place around Danang. This is a true festival space with a backdrop. Decorated with monumental lights and with hundreds of new types of beer, and countless delicious baked goods, this place make you just need to choose a barbecue and sit there to sip a few cans of beer, enjoy the bustling melody in the yard. The main stage, there is nothing more interesting, right?

Helio night market

Bia & NĂ½?ng

Helio night market


Helio night market

After satisfactory meal and you want to play something easy to digest, you have so many options like the carnival games with prizes right next door, or visit the Metiz theater to watch some hot movies, so perfect for a beautiful night. With the average price of the food ranging from 5.000 - 35.000 VND, free entrance, Helio night market is a very interesting option not to be missed when you want to find a nightlife spot, to better understand Da Nang life pace and culture.

-  Address: 2/9 Street, Hai Chau, Da Nang.
-  Opening hours: 17-22h30 every day, free entrance.

2. Son Tra Night Market

Son Tra Night Market is located on Ly Nam De Street, intersected with Mai Hac De street, right on the convenient road, very close to Cau Rong (Dragon Bridge), Cau Tinh Yeu (Love Bridge). Son Tra night market is definitely worth your visit and convenient to do the shopping when visiting Da Nang.

Son Tra Night market

Son Tra Night Market

Coming to Son Tra Night Market, visitors can conveniently shop, eat and drink at food stalls, buy souvenirs, handicrafts, specialties, or dried seafood. The competitive advantadge here is souvenirs, so you can easily find for yourself from specialties to pottery, lanterns, clothes, hats. In addition, you can enjoy some local food, seafood, which is sold alternately with the product displaying booths, so it is easy to choose, bringing the typical character of Danang people.

Son Tra Night Market

Son Tra Night Market

Besides sightseeing, eating and drinking at the market, visitors can conveniently watch programs in Dragon Bridge, visit Love Bridge, park, experience the bustling atmosphere at night by the poetic Han River.

Address: Ly Nam De Street intersects with Mai Hac De
Open hours: 18-24h every day, free entrance.

3. Thanh Khe Tay Night Market

Located along the Phu Loc River, next to residential areas and universities, Thanh Khe Tay night market is a concentrated shopping place, entertainment, culinary area, entertainment centre of young people, tourists and the people living in the area. Thanh Khe Tay Night Market has a scale of more than 220 stalls, a place of diverse business such as fashion, bags, shoes, souvenir items, gifts, regional specialties and food areas and everages.
On holidays or at eekends, the outdoor stage area also regularly organizes cultural exchange activities and events such as light festivals, the beautifully decorated lantern street area. Tourists can both visit and take souvenir photos, or participate in unique folk games.

Thanh Khe Tay

Thanh Khe Tay market

What can be more wonderful when walking on the road along the river, immersing in the bustling atmosphere of the flow of people, just enjoying the rich cuisine with typical features of Quang Nam-Da Nang people? This is also a nightlife spot that you cannot miss.

Address: Yen Khe Street 1, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang.
Operating hours: 18-24h every day, free entrance.

4. Le Duan Night Market 

Le Duan Night Market is located right in the heart of Danang City, so it is very convenient for shopping. Le Duan Night Market is a small market on the shopping street, which has been in business for 6 to 7 years and quickly becomes an indispensable gathering place for Danang people.

Le Duan Market is a spontaneous market located idyllic, rustic between the luxury fashion shops on Le Duan Street. However, it still attracts a large number of shoppers, especially young Da Thanh shoppers at night. The items at the market are quite cheap, with all kinds of clothes, shoes and accessories. Goods are extremely diverse in color, material and design. If you are willing to hunt, you will buy the items you like for a very low price. In addition, Le Duan night market also has small retailing stalls with popular dishes such as sugarcane juice, fruit juice, baked rice paper, sandwiches - all priced from 5-15 thousand VND.

Le Duan Night Market has a not too large area, so when you come here, you should park your car outside and walk inside. Wandering at Le Duan night market to hunt for some small and cheap items is also a good choice when visiting Danang.

Address: Kiet 144 Le Duan, Thach Thang Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
Operating hours: 19-23h every day, free entrance.

5. Hoa Khanh Night Market

Hoa Khanh Night Market is a famous night market in Da Nang, where there are many universities and colleges, so it attracts many young students who are shopping and trading. There are over 100 stalls running all the time, selling everything from clothes, shoes to cosmetics, fruits, and food stalls.

Prominent at the entrance to the Hoa Khanh night market is a spacious and sanitary dining area with dozens of stalls. From far away, you can smell the food at this food court such as popcorn, grilled quail, steamed chips, grilled seafood dishes, chicken feet and many kinds of soft drinks. The price here is also quite cheap, only from 40-50k / portion.

Hoa Khanh Night Market

Hoa Khanh night Market

Going through the food court, there will be a area selling clothes and cosmetics with a variety of types. Clothes at the night market are extremely cheap with full of designs that are popular in the market. With prices from 50-100k, you can buy a fashion item, pretty accessories here. Prominent featured: "35k, 50k turn to go my sister" will certainly make you strongly impressed from the stall here.

Address: Nguyen Canh Chan Street, Da Nang
Operating hours: 18-23h every day, free entrance.

Hopefully with the introduction of the most famous night markets in Danang, you will have your own options. Do not just stay in the hotel, spend some time out to eat, relax, explore the night market instead; otherwise it will be a real omission.

by Quynh Nhi

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