Discover top 5 most attractive destinations in Thai Binh province

  • 24/12/2019

Nestled in the Red River Delta, Thai Binh Province is known for vast rice fields made fertile by the alluvium of the Red River. However, if you come to this place, you will realize that it is not only famous for thousands of large rice fields but also beautiful natural beaches and cultural sightseeing places. Following are some most stunning places you should not miss when coming to Thai Binh.

1. Keo Pagoda

Architecturally, Keo Pagoda is impressive to both domestic and foreign tourists who have chance to visit the pagoda at least once time. The pagoda stretches the area of 7,200 square meters, bordering the Red River. There are two passages which separate the pagoda and temple. They are decorated with curved roofs that join together at the 11.5 meter-iron wood bell tower. This iron wood bell tower has three stories, each of which possesses its own tiled roof and bronze bell. Up to now, Keo Pagoda has proudly preserved one of the few surviving sets of rod puppets in Vietnam.Keo Pagoda

Keo Pagoda in Thái Bình province was built in the early 17th century to honour Duong Khong Lo, a Vietnamese monk who, according to local stories, had reached nirvana. The annually festival is celebrated from 13th to 15th of the ninth lunar month, 100 days after the death of the Buddhist dignitary Duong Khong Lo to commemorate him. The event runs for three days and begins with a procession honouring the monk's life. Boat races and trumpet and drum competitions are always part of the action. On the last day of the festival, the province throws a cheerful celebration with activities such as duck catching and rice collecting.

Keo pagoda

2. Dong Chau Beach

Dong Chau Beach is located in Dong Minh Commune, Tien Hai District, 30 kilometers far from Thai Binh City along National Road 39B, and 145 kilometers from Ha Noi. The beach lies 5 kilometers in length and has reserved much of a wild beauty. Although Dong Chau is not ideal for bathing in the sea, it is so interesting for tourists to visit the hillocks by ships or motor-boats from Dong Chau Beach. They look like two blue waves in the sea, emerging from a 5 hectares islet, which lures people for its lush forest, green casuarinas-trees, small but picturesque and quiet beaches.

Dong Chau Beach

The best of Dong Chau Beach is pure air, soft winds and good climate, which are good conditions for relaxation and convalescing. Seafood is good to taste at reasonably price. Coming to Dong Chau tourist spot, you can enjoy the fresh air filled with wind from the sea. Moreover, you also have chance to visit some historical place such as Nha Ba Temple, and an Action Unit of Northern Committee before the August Revolution in 1945 of Vietnam.

Dong Chau beach

3. Con Vanh ecological tourism area

Con Vanh

Con Vanh is located in the Red River Delta Biosphere Reserve, recognized by UNESCO since 1994 and is the only destinations in Vietnam that can keep the ecosystem as well as pristine beach. It is endowed with abundant unspoiled ecosystem of mangrove forest. You will feel like getting lost in the world of rare birds, sea storks and primitive aegiceras, bruguiera gymnorrhiza forest. If you wish to immerse in daily life of the locals, you should travel to Con Vanh on festivals to partake in folk games such as: stilt walking, horn performance, beach volley ball, camping… Con Vanh has a rich ecosystem. Mangrove forests are inhabited by many rare birds. Brackish marshes are home to more than 200 marine species and 170 species of algae. Tourists can sample various local specialties such as shrimp, mussels, crabs and fish.

Con Vanh

4. Con Den ecosystem tourism area

Refering to the Con Den, tourists may feel strange because the landscape here is still quite wild and not yet thoroughly invested. It stimulates tourists' curiosity to discover the beauty of Con Den - a new destination for travelers on short trips which is considered as the most beautiful hillock in Northern Vietnam.

Con Den

Recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve in 2004, this natural landscape is still pristine and is considered as the most beautiful dune in the North with a stretching landscape including a huge number of smooth and sandy beaches. Blessed with long stretches of sand, moderate slope and smooth waves all around the year, Con Den is also an extremely suitable place to swim and sunbathe. You can also organize picnics and entertainment activities on the beach such as fishing or beach volleyball after hours of playing with the waves. Moreover, you can take a stroll along the green pine forest on the sand dunes to discover pristine vegetation and unique coastal mangrove ecosystem together.

Con Den

5. Bach Thuan Garden Village

At the distance of 20 kilometers from Thai Binh City, Bach Thuan Garden Village belongs to Vu Thu district. Bach Thuan is a rich and populous garden village, of which the edge is an alluvial field, which serves for the cultivation of mulberry, banana and sugarcane. Inside the village are fruit tree and ornamental plant gardens. There are various flowers and fruits during all four seasons: apples, guavas, plums, lemons, longans, sapodillas, oranges, tangerines, bananas and jack fruits. At times of high tide, Bach Thuan’s roads will be flooding that visitors and locals must take boats to move from one house to another one. Visiting the garden village, tourists will find fortunate to be able to enjoy some local specialties.

Bach Thuan village


 Bach Thuan village

Written by: Hieu La

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