Discover the 4 most beautiful fishing villages in Halong

  • 28/12/2019

Cong Dam, Vung Vieng, Ba Hang and Cua Van are the 4 most beautiful fishing villages in Ha Long today that will appear in every tour itinerary besides common activities such as visiting the bay, taking the cruise or kayaking. The picturesque sceneries and typical simple features of these places are the attractions that draw many tourists coming here to discover. Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay are two large bays in Quang Ninh, not only owning a magical natural scenery of the World Natural Heritages but also attracting tourists by the speciality from 4 beautiful fishing villages on the two bays.

Quang Ninh people have been living on the sea for many years, so each fishing village shows its own unique cultural values, as well as becoming an impressive tourism destination for those who want to travel to Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. Let's with Whatsup Vietnam discover those four fishing villages! 

1. Vung Vieng Fishing Village - An idyllic wild beauty

Vung Vieng fishing village is located in the center of Bai Tu Long Bay, about 24km from the mainland. To get here, visitors have to take a small boat through Luon cave - the lovely village gate in the middle of the water in Ha Long. Vung Vieng fishing village has only a few dozen roofs, and all activities of the people in the village take place mainly on small boats bobbing on the water waves. There is only one small grocery store that sells essentials for use on the bay, and a 'tiny' kindergarten class.

Vung Vieng Fishing Village 
There are more than 160 fishermen living in Vung Vieng Fishing Village

There are more than 160 fishermen living here in Vung Vieng fishing village, who are very hospitable. The children always smile on a small boat to the mainland to go to school. In particular, standing in front of the majestic mountains with charming scenery and peaceful houses will make visitors feel overwhelmed and just want to immerse themselves in that romantic scenery.

Vung Vieng fishing village  
The fishing village is located in a peaceful, quiet location and possesses a charming landscape

Vung Vieng Fishing Village 
Tourists to Vong Vieng fishing village

The fishing village is located in a peaceful, quiet location and possesses a landscape so charming that anyone who comes here will feel agitated. In addition, Vung Vieng fishing village is a place that preserves a lot of typical cultural features of fishermen living in the sea all year round. In the midst of majestic mountains, the daily life of the people on Vung Vieng fishing village takes place peacefully. When coming here, visitors can join the Vung Vieng fishing village fishermen to experience fishing and then return and enjoy the fresh seafood amidst the romantic natural scenery.

If you want to find a peaceful, relaxing place with some private space to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Vung Vieng is an ideal destination for your journey.

2. Cua Van Fishing Village - Discover the world's most beautiful fishing village in Halong Bay

Cua Van fishing village has been listed in the list of 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world by in 2012. The demanding criterias to be included in this list is that they must have charming, ancient beauty, preserve the typical cuture and the fishing village of Cua Van has fully met those requirements.

Cua Van Fishing Village 
Cua Van fishing village is hailed as one of the most beautiful fishing villages in the world

Located in the heart of Ha Long Bay, Cua Van fishing village becomes a tourist destination attracting domestic and foreign tourists to visit and explore. This fishing village originated from two ancient fishing villages, Truc Vong and Giang Vong, together with the islands to form Ha Long Bay. Today, this fishing village belongs to Hung Thang ward, Ha Long city. This is the home of 176 households with over 750 people, most of whom live on fishing.

cua van village 
The ancient, idyllic and charming people and nature of Cua Van fishing village. Photo: Wyndham Legend Halong.


When coming here, visitors can not only immerse in the peaceful natural scenery, but also contemplate the nature of the beautiful fishing village as a picture of harmonious combination of natural features. At the same time, this is an opportunity for you to learn about the life of fishermen in the village when guided by the fishing village women, instructions on how to row boats, drop fishing án shrimp net, which is absolutely interesting! Especially, when coming to Cua Van fishing village on festivals or weddings, visitors can also listen Cheo singing and Tease singing, creating a unique and delightful attraction for the living atmosphere of the people.

In addition to that, visitors are also guided to enjoy many other unique forms of tourism such as: exploring Ba Ham lake, visiting Tien Ong cave, squid fishing, climbing, experience lagoon fishing - all activities are carried out skillfully in the wooden boats by the fishermen.

3. Cong Dam fishing village - One of the two most beautiful fishing villages in Ha Long

The natural beauty of the mountains and the sea blended, which is both poetic and majestic can captivate anyone's heart who comes to Cong Dam fishing village. This is one of the outdoor geological museum areas that have been preserved for 340 million years, especially the stone park area with natural rocky mountains formed from beautiful stacked boulders, which is spectacular and sophisticated as if it's the result of human's arrangement.

Cong Dam village

Besides, Cong Dam fishing village is also an area where a lot of coral reefs, corpses, underground lakes in limestone mountains and many underwater caves are located. In addition, this is also an area with many large and small beaches with clear blue water, fine white sand, most famous of which are Cat Oan, Cay Bang and Tra Gioi beaches.

Highlights when coming to Cong Dam fishing village is an old, small village still preserving intact traditional fishing patterns with a population of about 120 people. When coming here, visitors will be told by fishermen about the memories of forming the Cong Dam fishing village, as well as being guided by them to visit the scenery of mountains, nature, small houses on the water, which ensures to be very interesting.

Cong Dam Village

Cong Dam fishing village is quite far from the mainland and completely isolated from tourist routes so the natural landscape here is quite wild and the environment is very clean. When visitors come here, you will experience and participate in some interesting activities with people such as fishing, squid fishing, participating in mangrove planting or kayaking to explore the nature here.

4. Ba Hang fishing village has a wild beauty separate from the outside world

Ba Hang fishing village is one of 4 fishing villages with two bays in Ha Long attracting many foreign tourists. Located next to Thien Cung cave, Ba Hang fishing village has only about 50 households living here, who mainly earn their living by fishing.

Ba Hang fishing village

As many tourists know, the people here have begun to turn to tourism services such as selling seafood, offering eating and staying services for tourists. The life of the people here is quite simple and tranquil, whose working tools and equipment in daily life are also very simple and rustic, creating a beauty in their souls that is very optimistic and friendly.

When coming to Ba Hang fishing village, visitors not only admire the beautiful natural scenery of the mountains but also experience the life of the people here year-round fishing on the immense space. 

Ba Hang fishing village 

Ba Hang fishing village owns beautiful natural scenery, charming country

Especially, when spending the night here, visitors will be accompanied by fishermen to the sea and drop their own fishing nets, squid fishing and when returning, they will enjoy the freshest seafood. In addition, there are many other interesting activities when visiting the fishing village, visitors can experience such as: Kayaking to visit the bay, watching the sunset or sunrise with stunning scenery. 

The above 4 most beautiful fishing villages in Halong Bay on each village have their own beauty. But all have in common is the wild, idyllic characteristics, friendly people and magnificent natural scenery. If given the opportunity, you should definitely come here to explore, experience and keep the best moments of your Quang Ninh travel journey.

by Quynh Nhi

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