Discover Quan Son Lake - Symbol of Hanoi's Natural Beauty

  • 25/12/2019

Quan Son lake located in My Duc district, Hanoi (about 50km from city center) is highly recommended as the best place to escape from the bustling city centre of Hanoi for an outing day. As it’s location and beautiful natural landscape, Quan Son lake ecotourism resort is best suitable for a day trip at ease and affordable. Quan Son lake is beautiful and peaceful with many mountains jutted out on the lake and the diversity of plants. Travelling to Quan Son, you can release your soul with the nature, floating on the immense water, enjoy the fresh cool air as well as contemplate the immensely picturesque landscape.

Quan Son Lake

Quan Son Lake is favored by the northern people for the name "Ha Long beach", which owns nearly 20 large and small mountains and many steep cliffs in the middle of the lake like a small peninsulas. You can camp, go boating, go fishing, go hiking, do swimming in the lake; in addition, you can also visit the caves of Linh Son, Ngoc Long and many ancient temples like Linh Son Pagoda, Cao Pagoda and Ham Yen Pagoda. Coming to Quan Son, you will be totally immersed in the majestic nature, which causes you to feel like all tiredness and stress of life in the city have vanished without a trace; instead, there is an extremely comfortable and refreshing mood remain.

Road to Quan Son Lake

Finding a way to Quan Son lake is relatively simple, from Ha Dong, you can go towards Ba La and turn to Van Dinh and Te Tieu towns, through a dike road to Dai Nghia town and then, turn to Quan Son Lake. In addition, based on the experience of traveling to Quan Son Lake in Hanoi, if you take the bus you can choose some bus routes which go to Te Tieu such as No. 103 or 78.

To the last point, from Dai Nghia town, you can take a motorbike taxi for about 4km. Relatively close to Quan Son Lake, if you have a lot of time, you can also conveniently visit and enjoy the lyrical scenery of Huong Pagoda.

Enjoy the beauty of Quan Son lake

The entrance fee of the resort is only VND 15,000 / ticket, parking fee is 5,000 VND / mortobike, which is extremely cheap. After that, you should definitely rent small boat to go around the lake to enjoy the beauty of natural scenery. The cost of renting a boat for 4 people is about 140,000 VND, rowing from 2 to 3 hours, the boatman will also be a tour guide to introduce you about the landscape here.

Quan Son Lake

Sitting on the boat, you will be able to admire the panorama view of majestic and poetic scenery with Lion Island, Voi Phuc hill or Giang Xe peak shadowing to the lake, as magnificent as a miniature Halong Bay. And you also should not not missed a visit to the Linh Son, Ngoc Long cave and many ancient temples such as Linh Son Pagoda, Cao Pagoda, Ham Yen Pagoda. Going through each place, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the wonder of the stone with stalactites look like Dragon, Lion, Tortoise, Phoenix or tigers, birds.  You will be even more overwhelmed by the excitement of creation with stalagmites, stalactites in the shape of Long, Lan, Quy, Phung (dragon, unicorn, tortoise and phoenix symbolize power, intellect, longevity and nobility) or animals and birds. Especially in rainy season, waterfall pours down to the lake with white foam that creates the extremely magical scene. The cold splash of water that comes on your face bringing a whiff of fresh air, rejuvenating you instantly. The water flows down from a height of 600 ft making it a splendour to watch during the rainy season.

Ho Quan Son is even more mesmerizing and lyrical with the red Flamboyant flower, or purple-laced branches, which shadow vaguely in the lake. In particular, this place also has a very beautiful lotus lagoon, and the time that lotus bloom is about mid-May to mid-June, which is also the time when Ho Quan Son shows all its ultimate beauty.

Quan Son lake

Quan Son lake

Quan Son lake

Quan Son Lake

Quan Son lake

Through the lotus lagoon, the small boat will lead you to the land of a broken land reclaimed land named Hoa Qua Son (Fruit & Flower Mountain). Hoa Qua Son is famous for many kinds of fruits such as oranges, litchi or fig but you must get permission from the homeowners if you want to pick and eat them. The land is spacious and airy thanks to the trees, under the shade of the trees, you can pause to rest and eat before continuing the journey.

Quan Son tourist area has many imprints of a national cultural region, the pure lifestyle of Vietnamese villages. Also, after visiting Quan Son Lake, on the way back you can also visit Boi Khe Pagoda in Thanh Oai or visit to the handicraft village of conical hat making Chuong village.

What to eat delicious at Ho Quan Son?

For the convenience and economical purpose, you should prepare food at home when coming to Ho Quan Son tourist area. If you don't have time to prepare, here are some good suggestions for you. 

 1. Goi Ca (Raw Fish Salad)

Goi Ca

2. Vit Co Van Dinh (Van Dinh Grilled Duck)

If you want to enjoy right at lunch, you can buy Van Dinh grilled duck right before moving to Ho Quan Son. Although there are a lot of grilled duck restaurant, you should pay attention to which restaurant is the most crowded.

Van Dinh Grilled Duck

 3. Shrimp 

These are shrimp caught by the local people living around the lake every afternoon. Braised or fried shrimp served with hot white rice is amazing.


by Quynh Nhi

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