Discover Mua Cave – The Great Wall of Viet Nam

  • 12/01/2020

Mua Cave is definitely a down-to-earth place that you must-visit while in Ninh Binh. The cave brings you one of the best panoramic views of one of the nicest sceneries in Viet Nam. The following details show you the knowledge, transportation, tips for traveling to the cave to plan your trip in the North of Vietnam.

1. Location

Mua Cave is near Hanoi city, far from it about 90 km.  It belongs to the cultural land of Ninh Binh. Mua cave is located in Khe Dau Ha village, Ninh Xuan commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province. Together with Trang An ecological tourism complex, the terrain of Mua cave looks majestic with rolling mountains surrounding a whole large delta like a rampart is protecting the country inside.

Mua Cave

Hang Mua has its meaning as a “dancing cave” because this site was previously considered as the place where Tran king used to come to enjoy dancing and singing shows performed in this cave.

Entrance fee: 100.000/person

2. Best time to visit Mua Cave

The most wonderful time to visit Mua Cave is in the harvest season (middle of May to early June) as Ninh Binh is more vivid and splendid at that time. If at that time it’s on a sunny day you will have a memorable day trip in Mua cave.

Mua Cave

And the best time of the day is around 9 in the morning or even earlier. You can not only take a lot of awesome photos but also prevent the tiredness of the crowd later. The second choice is in the late afternoon which will offer you a chance to witness the sunset from the top of Ninh Binh.

3. How to get there?

Mua Cave is far from Hanoi about 100km in 2 hours transferring by bus and 6km away from Ninh Binh city center. Firstly, you need to get to Ninh Binh by bus or you can take a train from Hanoi city. The best way is choosing a tourist bus, being in contact with some travel agents in the Old quarter of Hanoi to find your own ticket. Next step, upon your arrival in Ninh Binh you need to take a taxi to Mua Cave in case you arrange your trip by yourself.

The other way is to rent a scooter from Hanoi, which costs from 100.000 to 150.000 VND/day. It would take 4 hours to arrive at the destination.

4. What to expect in Mua Cave

Mua caves landscapes or (Hang múa) one of the most attractive tourist places in Ninh Binh recently one of the most attractive tourist spots near Hanoi. Ninh Binh and its karst surroundings there are many beautiful tourist spots around Ninh Binh town mostly in Trang An scenic complex one of these places in this complex are the Mua caves and its peak mountain from which is a fascinating view to the nearby surroundings this is one of the most visited places in the area that you should not miss there are about 500 steps on the 2 peaks and viewpoints the highest viewpoint is the Lying Dragon Mountain with its stone statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (The Goddess of Mercy this is also a popular selfie spot in Ninh Binh.

Mua Cave

The tower on the left side was built in Buddhist style which is popular in Asian countries such as India and Thailand. This tower has a square base, the round part, the pointed cones towards the sky symbolizing the land, water, fire, and wind.

Mua Cave

The road to Mua cave was imitated as the Great wall of China. Although it may make you tired because of high steps, it becomes more interesting if you climb slowly and on the way you can take some nice photos.

Mua Cave

Since you end your climbing, on the top of Mua cave, all your worries and tiredness will disappear into the wind. Any tiring feeling will disappear, instead, expanses of flat rice crops (Tam Coc rice fields) appear magically in front of your eyes.

Mua Cave

Moreover, while standing at the bottom of the mountain, visitors can see clearly the white-stone pavements leading to the top of the mountain. They really look like the miniature Great Wall. In two sides of the steps, there are very delicate and beautiful dragon and phoenix figures carved in stones. These were made following traditional arts from the Tran dynasty.

5. Tips for the best experience

- Remember to wear comfortable clothes and shoes as you will have to climb 500 steps.
- Bring water to keep yourself hydrated
- Bring sun protectors: sunglass, sunscreen, and hat to avoid the sun.
- Ride a motorbike sounds interesting for anyone who loves exploring. Viet Nam is a “world of the motorbike” here you never find it difficult to hire a motorbike for 1 day.
- The parking ticket is 10,000 VND/scooter or bicycle. And you should park in the parking lot of Mua Cave instead of outside!


Written by: Hieu La

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