Detailed travel guide to Tam Dao-Overview of Tam Dao

  • 08/12/2019

Tam Dao was discovered by the French in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Immediately after that, they built a resort with a complex of 200 villas, hotels, restaurants, sports playgrounds, swimming pool and dance floor. These days, those don’t remain quite much.

Tam Dao

Tam Dao town belonging to Tam Dao district has a total natural area of 214.85 ha, divided into 2 villages: Hamlet 1 and Hamlet 2, and Tam Dao tourist area is located mainly in hamlet 1 and part of village 2. Tam Dao tourist resort is located in the north of Tam Dao district, Tam Dao town is surrounded by Tam Dao National Primeval Forest. It has fresh air and favourably cool climate, with the average annual temperature of about 18 ° C. Nature with traces of time has given this place a wonderfuly harmonious setting: it wears the  poetic, solitary, majestic and fanciful beauty lying in the clouds and smog.

The weather in Tam Dao is not different from the weather in Sapa or Da Lat. You will easily feel the four seasons in just one day because there will be spring breezes in the morning, a hot summer afternoon, a lazy afternoon in autumn and the evening suddenly bring the cold of winter land. North.

What season should you travel to Tam Dao?

You can come to Tam Dao in any season of the year, because the weather in Tam Dao is so ideal, you will easily feel a season in a day here. The temperature in Tam Dao is always lower than the temperature in Hanoi. On hot, hot summer days in very high temperatures in Hanoi, you can enjoy yourself a trip to Tam Dao, make sure it will be great, you don't want to go back and you will not be as black as going. summer sea travel.

How to get to Tam Dao?

Tam Dao tourist area is about 80 km from Hanoi, so it will take you about 2 hours to get there from the capital to Tam Dao. There are many options for you to choose to get here:

Tam Dao

By private car: From Hanoi, you would go across Thang Long Bridge in the direction of North Thang Long - Noi Bai, continue moving for about 25km to the intersection of National Way 2, AH 14 and North Thang Long - Noi Bai road. From there, you will turn left to Highway 2 for about 500m, then turn onto Hà N?i - Lào Cai highway for about 25km more, to the roundabout of Tam Dýõng commune, V?nh Phú, you will have to in the direction of National Highway 2B for about 20 km away, and you jwill to the center of Tam Dao tourist area.

By motorbike: go the same way according to the road of private cars, but the road to Tam Dao from the foot of the mountain to the summit is about 13km of narrow roads, besides, there are many sharp Z-shaped bends and large slopes so you need to control your motorbike very carefully, and it is not recommended travelling by the scooter.

By shuttle bus: go to My Dinh bus station, take Hanoi - Viet Tri, Hanoi - Yen Bai or Hanoi - Vinh Yen route, the fare is about 50,000 VND. The car runs to Vinh Yen city, then you should take a taxi or motorbike taxi to get to Tam Dao (about 20km more).

By train: In Hanoi, you can take the Hanoi - Lao Cai route at Hanoi train station or Gia Lam  train station, go to Vinh Yen train station then get off. The ticket price of Hanoi - Vinh Yen route is about 35,000 VND, then you can take a motorbike taxi or taxi to Tam Dao.

Take the bus: Take bus number 58 (at Long Bien bus transfer station) or 07 (Hanoi bus at Cau Giay bus transfer station) to Me Linh plaza, and go on to take bus No. 01 (Vinh Phuc bus) to Vinh Yen bus station; after that, you can take bus route 07 ( Vinh Phuc to Tay Thien). When getting on, you should ask the bus assistant to let you off at the nearest place to Tam Dao, then you can take the motorbike to go up.

From Hanoi to Tam Dao, the most convenient and fastest way for those who do not have a private car is probably to take the NEWWAY bus (Hanoi transportation company), with two starting points: No. 32 Nguyen Cong Tru Str, Hai Ba Trung or No. 122 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay. The shuttle bus departs at 6:30 am from Hanoi and at 3-4 pm from Vinh Phuc city. Booking by phone number: +84.243.565.4898, +84.243.976.3999, +84.243.565.1997, ticket price is about 180,000 VND. The bus will drop off the guests at Tam Dao tourist market, and also pick up passengers there, which is a very convenient choice.

Good hotel at Tam Dao?

In Tam Dao, there are a lot of hotels, motels from high-class to affordable, suitable for your varied needs. Normally, motels here cost about 200,000-400,000 VND/day. However, if you know how to bargain and book early, you will be able to book a room like that with a lower price.

If you desire to have a spectacular view, you should choose a hostel in the west, such as Tam Dao Star Hotel, Phuong Mai Hotel, Van Anh Hotel, Red Diamon Hotel, Kim Lien Hotel, Belvedere Tam Resort Island, ... From there, you will easily see the whole city of Vinh Yen from above, or watch the layers odd clouds and mist overlapping right in front of your eyes.

 Some suggested hotels for you:

- Belvedere Resort: this is a 4-star resort, priced from VND 1,800,000-6,500,000 depending on the room class, with swimming pool and tennis court. Belvedere Resort has many luxurious villas, with private balconies overlooking Tam Dao mountains. However, it is quite far away from the center of Tam Dao town, about 2km, which is not very convenient. Phone number 02103.824.149.

- Ngoi Sao Tam Dao Hotel: price on weekday is about 300,000-350,000 VND/room, weekend prices can be 650,000-800,000 VND/room. This hotel is right next to the old stone church. Phone number 0210.3824.246.

- 2-star Ha Long Hotel, price on weekday is about 550,000-750,000 VND/room, weekend price is about 650,000 VND - 950,000 VND / room. Phone number 0210.3824.206.

- 3-star Huong Rung hotel, price on weekday is about 450,000 VND/room, weekend price 590,000-790,000 VND/room. Phone number 0210.3824.333.

- Cay Thong Hotel: price on weekday is about 250,000-350,000 VND/room & weekend price is 300,000 - 500,000 VND/room. Phone number 0210.2824.271.

- Mela Hotel near the Silver Falls: price on weekday is about 680,000 -1,300,000 VND/room, weekend price 850,000-1,500,000 VND / room. This hotel has the advantage of having a swimming pool. Phone 0210.3824.321.

- 2-star Hanvet Hotel: price on weekday is about 400,000-600,000 VND/room, weekend price is about 600,000 - 1,400,000 VND, phone: 0210.3866,868.

- Kim Lien Hotel, near the Ancient Stone Church, usually costs 250,000-350,000 VND / room, weekend prices 400,000-600,000 VND / day.

- Hoang Anh Hotel, phone number: 0211 3824259.

- Phuong Vi Hotel: phone number: 0211 3824 195 or 0977 606 558

- Mimi Hotel, phone number: 0211824231

Regular checkout time is around 12pm, therefore with those taking the Newway bus from Tam Dao to Hanoi, you should negotiate so that you can check out around 3pm.

Belvedere Resort  Belvedere Resort

Ngoi Sao Tam Dao Hotel Ngoi Sao Tam Dao Hotel

Cay Thong Hotel Cay Thong Hotel


What to do in Tam Dao?

Tam Dao tourist area is not too large, and its the tourist destinations are also in close proximity to each other, so you just need to walk. Below are some suggested tourist destinations you should not miss when coming here.

Thap truyen hinh (the TV Tower)

Thap truyen hinh

This tower has a height of 93 m, standing on Thien Nhi peak which is 1,375 m high. The road going up is quite hard, but it is romantic and poetic in return. Along the way up are orchids, daisies and other unnamed wildflowers blooming along the aisles and giving off strangely aromatic scents and vibrant colors. Reaching the top, you will have your eyes wide open in front of the four dimensions with the hamornious combination of the immense sky, wind and clouds.

After climbing up nearly 1,400 stone steps to Thien Nhi peak, you will reach the foot of the TV tower. The way walking up here is quite far, and exhausting, but it will be very interesting for you if you are adventurous.

Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple

Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple

To reach the Temple, you will have to climb about 200 stone steps. The temple is like a home which keeps a beautiful legend, with the fanciful scenery of the “white cloud town” still intact. This is one of the spiritual tourist destinations in Tam Dao tourist complex. The road to Ba Chua Thuong Temple has the beginning of the path in coincidence with the way to the TV tower, so if you don’t have much time, you should choose to climb to Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple instead of climbing up to the TV tower.

Thac Bac (Silver waterfall)

Thac Bac (Silver waterfall)

From the center of Tam Dao town, you can turn right along the old path, down into a deep valley, Silver waterfall secretly hides itself  in the mountains, mysteriously pouring the silver-white water stream, sparkling with the sun reflecting, just like a rainbow. The road up and down to the waterfall is not long but arduous with vertical stone steps. A small stream from 50m above continuously pouring down water, creating the tearing sound, which is in the combination with the sound of the main stream, the forest and the sound of water bouncing into the cliffs sounds as mysterious as the sounds brought back from a thousand years ago will leave you a sense of satisfaction after conquering a short craggy journey.

The road to the silver waterfall is quite steep and slippery, so you should wear sports shoes, or more convenient is that you keep on wearing casual shoes because on the way down to the silver waterfall, there will be a lot of people who rent slippers (honeycomb sandals) for you to go down with the price is 1,000 VND/1 pair/1 turn.

Sky Gate 

Sky Gate

From Tam Dao town, go straight to the Stone Church, turn left and go a little further to the Heaven Gate. Standing on the Gate of Heaven, looking down on the dim town of Tam Dao sleeping in the mist, we can see a peculiarly gorgeous Tam Dao.

Tam Dao ancient church - Tam Dao stone church

Built in the 1937s, the parish here built the current cathedral in French architecture with the length of 26m and 11m in width . During the war against French, all the villas built by the French in Tam Dao were completely destroyed, and the church was the only architectural work that survived.

Tam Dao Stone church

This is a quite interesting sight. When standing on the ancient church you can be able to enjoy the whole panoramic natural beauty of Tam Dao. You can take souvenir photos with your companions,

Swimming pool

Swimming pool

Photo by BAZAAR

In Tam Dao, besides some of the above mentioned destinations, you can go swimming at the public swimming pool. As a swimming pool halfway up the mountain, it is very romantic. The water here is very clean, you should do the swimming at noon or early afternoon because bathing in the evening, you will get really cold. The ticket for this swimming pool is 50,000 VND. If you have bought it but do not want to swimanymore, you can return the ticket.

Playing golf

Golf course

Tam Dao Golf service conforms to the international standard, 300 m2, including: training ground, soccer field with sand traps and surrounding golf traps. More than 100 golf cars and a team of 200 professional golf operators are available to serve you.

Dinh Rung Rinh (Rung Rinh peak)

Dinh Rung Rinh

This is a Tam Dao tourist destination for adventurous travelers. You just need to travel a little further to the summit of Rung Rinh, here, the trees and beautiful mountains make it like in the fairytale. There are many huge trees covered with orhids, birds chirp jubiliantly and butterflies fly in the vast sky. Further is Tam Ðao 2, which, during the French period, it was also an ideal tourist destination, but these days, it is deserted and iggnored with a wild and solitude magnificence.

Walking around the night market

Night market in Tam Dao

You should take a walk in Tam Dao in the evening to contemplate the misty and cloudy sky, explore the cuisine at the rustic restaurant in the market. Remember to ask the price in advance. The food here is mainly grilled: grilled egg 5,000 VND/pcs, rice with sesame&salt 10,000 VND/tube, Siamese coconut 30,000 VND/one, grilled sweet potato 5,000 VND/one, grilled chicken 250,000 VND/one. The night weather here is considerably cold, sometimes there is even little rain so remember to bring your jacket along, regardless of whether it is summer or winter.

What to eat and drink in Tam Dao?

Food in Tam Dao

From my experience of traveling to Tam Dao, the food here is quite expensive, so before coming to Tam Dao, you can prepare some ready-to-eat food: bread, milk, pate, etc., and drink as well. You don’t have to worry about the preservation because almost any hotel will have refrigerators available for you. You should also buy a few snacks because in Tam Dao, it is difficult to find a grocery store or a drug store; and is there is, the price ill be about one and a half times higher than in Hanoi.

Dishes in Tam Dao is not abundant, to name a few, there are jusst hill chicken, susu (fried, boiled), soil-covered chicken, grilled eggs. Some hotels or motels will offer meals, you can order them, but it is quite costly.

Another choice for you is to go directly to the market to dig in, and here you are free to ask the price before eating; also, the price will be much reasonable.

Some specialties here:


Tam Dao chayote tops: In Tam Dao, you can see this kind of vegetable everywhere. Chayote is grown in trusses, lively green in front of the house, on the side of the mountain, or even in the two sides of the road leading into the town are also immensed with the color of chayote. The chayote here is always green and has a special resistance that pests, insects and termites cannot harm it. This plant is planted all year round. People cut off the old tree, let the bud born on the old plant, and then apply more fertilizer to stimulate the development.

Chayote stir-fried

Chayote stir-fried with garlic,  bbeef, or boiled then served with sesame sauce or dipped in fishsauce and  chilli & garlic is also delicious. When eating, you can easily feel the soft but crunchy texture, natural sweetness and freshness. You can also buy Tam Dao chayota as gifts for your beloved ones. The price of chayota tops usually ranges from 15,000 VND - 20,000 VND 1kg.
Hill chicken

Hill chicken: depending on the way of processing, you will have various dishes such as salt-roasted chicken, stewed hill chicken, chicken roasted with onion & animal fat. There are also roasted soiled-covered hill chicken, but many people consider this dish not to be well-tasted; the chicken is slightly soft, not firm but when combined with the essence of the sky, this dish is very fragrant and greasy. A roasted ground hill chicken priced at VND 250,000.


Pork: Steamed, grilled, cooked with plum wine, blood soup, or stir-fried, etc. If you have a group of more than 10 people, you can buy the whole pig and the restaurant will process the food, organizing into a barbecue buffet, this together with campfire is so amazing it is that nothing can compare!

Some notes for you when traveling Tam Dao

If you take the Newway bus to Tam Dao, they will let you get off at the market, right in the center. As soon as you get off the bus, there will be a lot of motorbike taxi drivers coming to invite you to take a motorbike taxi, when you talk about a particular hotel, they will say it is very far, about 3-4km away, but in fact, Tam Dao tourist area is very small, so you just need to walk to the hotel.

The night in Tam Dao is quite cold, the wind can blow into bouts, so you should bring along a thin jacket.

You should bring shoes or simply slippers to facilitate climbing (to the TV tower, Ba Chua Thuong Ngan temple, Silver Waterfall).

Tourists come here often buy chayota as a gift, you should go to the market to buy, and keep in mind that the furrther you go into the market, the cheaper the price you might be able to buy at.

The price of food here is quite expensive , so you should ask for the price in advance.

You ought to bring a few medications, because you might have difficulty finding a pharmacy as well as finding a grocery store here.

Wish you are having a fantastic trip to Tam Dao!

By Quynh Nhi

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