Detailed guide to do some sightseeing and shopping at Dong Xuan market, Hanoi

  • 21/11/2019

Referring to Hanoi, it is an omission not to mention Dong Xuan Market, an icon and interesting shopping destination of the capital city for tourists. It is one of the largest indoor markets in Hanoi, and is definitely a must in your itinerary when you pay a visit to Hanoi's Old Quarter. This market has a history of hundreds of years, dating back to the Nguyen Dynasty. Now let’s discover "everything" to do - buy - eat at this fascinating spot with Whatsup Vietnam!

Where is Dong Xuan market?
Dong Xuan Market is located in the Old Quarter, to the West is Dong Xuan Street, to the North is Hang Khoai Street, to the South is Cau Dong Street, and to the East is the Dong Xuan Market Alley. The market gate looks to the west, ahead is a small gap. To the North, there is Huyen Thien shop - later changed to Huyen Thien pagoda. Right behind the market is Bac Qua market . So many people call both markets Dong Xuan - Bac Qua.

On the northwest corner of the market, there is Cam Tu Radio to commemorate the National Day of Resistance in 1946.. Built in 1889 under the Nguyen Dynasty, Dong Xuan Market is not only the largest busy shopping area in Hanoi but also a famous historical landmark of the Capital. On February 14, 1947, Dong Xuan market was the place where the most fierce battle took place and was the major battle of Hanoi army and people in the early days of the resistance war.

What is Dong Xuan market?
Being the main wholesale market in the North, Dong Xuan Market is a 3-storey building and accounts for 5 arches on an area of ​​over 6,500 square meters. At the market, there are various types of items; in addition, there are also stalls outside which provide candies, souvenirs, food, etc. Dong Xuan Market is divided into three areas by floors and is always packed with buyers and sellers. Right from the entrance on the ground floor, you've come across a wide range of clothing, footwear, and sunglasses stores, to electronics such as chargers, cables, flashlights, speakers, radios, etc. The second floor is an area for selling wholesale clothes, fabrics, brocade for adults; while the third floor is for sale of products for babies and children.

Not only is this the trading area, but this is also the place where the most fierce battles of the Hanoi army and its people in the early days of the war against the French colonialists happened. Therefore, Dong Xuan Market is not only a place where people come to shop, but also a place to reminisce about a victorious period of history in Hanoians’ heart.

What to eat at Dong Xuan market?
Next to Dong Xuan market, there is Dong Dong Alley, which is an extremely concentrated place for many restaurants and food shops. This is a place not to be missed if you want to explore Hanoi cuisine. You will certainly find a lot of delicious, nutritious and reasonable price dishes such as rib porridge, bun cha, shrimp cake, eel vermicelli, sweet gruel, and so on, which guaranteed to satisfy your stomach without making you worry about hurting the wallet.

Especially, if you are lucky enough to visit Dong Xuan market on the weekend, you can also be immersed in the atmosphere of the night market in the heart of the Old Quarter when the stalls are open from Hang Ngang, Hang Dao up Go to Dong Xuan market. The fair is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You will find yourself enjoying the delicious food, delightsome snacks and buy yourself good ones at very good prices too. Some familiar light meals that you will love digging in when walking the night market include:
- Hu tieu ( a kind of noodle soup): 30,000 VND/bowl
- Grilled steak skewers: 10000 / skewers
- Sugarcane juice: 10000 cups
- Grilled sausages 10000 / pcs,
- Phở Đàn: about 30,000 - 55,000 / bowl
- Banh mi at 25 Hoan Kiem: about 25,000 VND / piece
- Noodle soup on Hang Than str.:from 35,000 to 50,000 VND / bowl

What to keep in mind at Dong Xuan market?
Choose the right vehicle
You can travel to Dong Xuan market by many means of transportation such as motocycle, taxis, trams, ... If you are not familiar with the road here and specifically, want to visit Dong Xuan market on the weekends, you should take public transport. so you don't have to spend a lot of time finding a place to park your vehicle.
Tram is a convenient vehicle and is very popular among visitors. Pick up at the agreed point and take you on a scheduled tour: Hang Dao, Hang Ngang, Hang Duong, Dong Xuan, Hang Chieu, Nguyen Sieu, Lo Ren, Hang Dong, Hang Vai, Hang Buom, Ma May, Hang Bac, Hang Bo, Bat Dan, Hang Fan, Luong Van Can, Le Thai To, Hang Khay, Dinh Tien Hoang.
Rest assured that once you have learned a little about it, come here as a visitor to truly feel the noise and bustle of this most famous market in Hanoi, there will be bunch of amzing things awaits you ahead.