Best places to enjoy food in Hanoi - Hanoi famous food streets

  • 12/12/2019

Traveling to Hanoi, visitors are immensely attracted not only by its natural landscapes, long-standing historical relics but also because of the abundance and diversity of cuisine that is a perfect mixture of Vietnamese, Chinese and French flavour. Let Whatsup Vietnam guide you to five of the most renowned spots where you can enjoy traditional foods in Hanoi like (and together with) the locals. 

The Famous Streets To Eat  In Ha Noi

Hang Buom Street

Hang Buom Street, regarded as a busy miniature of Hanoi, leaves a deep impression on lots of tourists by a wide variety of foods, ranging from traditional Vietnamese cuisines to a wide range of typical dishes of different countries all over the world.

Hang Buom Street

The street is only about 300m, starting from Hang Ngang intersection to Ma May Street, and is well-arranged with about 40 different stalls opening from 19h30 to 24h every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Everyone can enjoy the food right at the eateries or take them away and enjoy it later while taking a walk around the Old Quarter. Coming to Hang Buom food street, you can also appreciate Ca Tru singing performance, a Vietnamese genre of musical storytelling, at Huong Tuong temple, Bach Ma temple that contributes to form an unique and attractive point.

Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan market, a perennial and famous market, is a favorite food address of Hanoians and many tourists. At any time, you can come here to explore and enjoy a myriad of tasty dishes including meals and desserts, especially “Bun Rieu Oc” with soothingly sour broth and greasy and crunchy snails and “bun cha” with grilled meat on bamboo rods.

Next to the market, the alley bearing the same name is a must visit destination to savour Hanoi’s famous snacks with affordable prices from 10,000 VND to 35,000 VND ($ 0.5-1.7)

Dong Xuan Market

Ta Hien

No one having passion for Hanoi dishes without not knowing Ta Hien street which is located in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter and is considered “Beer Paradise”. In the street, the dishes are simple, not too fussy, but when enjoyed them with draft beer, those food will create an extremely refreshing feeling.

Ta Hien Street

Unlike other street in the Old Quarter, even at night, Ta Hien Street is more boisterous and crowded with the cordial handshake, blooming laughter, words of praising, and cheers "without borders". Known as “Pho Tay” (Street with lots of Western visitors), Ta Hien where to sip the specialty “Cool Beer” and talk to friends with a very affordable price is considered the greatest choice for you.

Ly Quoc Su

Known as a small street but famous for the delicious dishes that can satisfy any guests coming here, Ly Quoc Su has become a familiar eating site of the youth as well as foreign tourists. Here, one of the most reputable dishes is Pho at No. 10 Ly Quoc Su, a well-known Pho brand in Hanoi. 

Beef is the main ingredient of Pho but it is cooked with the different levels: well, medium, undercooked, etc., creating various choices for customers. In Hanoi, besides, lemon tea is definitely an indispensable part of Ly Quoc Su street. You can easily see the tourists bustling and the young gathering and talking to each other on the veranda of lemon tea shops. Lemon tea, salt tamarind, sugared apricot or warm coffee that costs only 10,000 VND to 20,000 VND is popular selection.

Pho On Ly Quoc Su Street

Ho Tay

Ho Tay is said to be a stunning tourist attraction in Hanoi as well as appeals tourists by its unique Hanoi cuisine with a lot of delicious dishes. Referring to Ho Tay cuisine is to have to mention shrimp cakes, Banh Tom, which comes from a rustic dish and gradually, grows to become a valuable gift of Hanoians. Banh Tom, made from fresh shrimp that is dipped in thin flour, is eaten with a bowl of sour,  spicy & sweet sauce and a few fresh vegetables, making a perfect combination that wwill ensure to satisfy any visitors. Besides, on coming here, guests can also have a try on other traditional dishes such as: Banh Bot Loc, Banh Gio….

 Ho Tay Cusine

 By Ngoc Van


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