10 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam

  • 13/12/2019

A beach holiday is the perfect excuse to escape the daily grind. And whether you’re in the mood for a stroll on a windswept beach leading up to an ancient castle, relaxing on a white sandy slice of paradise or taking a breather after catching a few early morning waves, a trip to the beach promises to never let you down. With a coastline stretching nearly 3260 km from North to South. Vietnam is endowed with beautiful beaches. If you’re not sure where to go, Whatsup Vietnam are rounded up some of the most beautiful beaches for a bit of inspiration.

1. Con Dao

Con Dao is a complex of 16 small islands on the southern coast of Vietnam, located off the coast of Vung Tau province. Con Dao attracts domestic and foreign tourists thanks to its beautiful natural landscape and meaningful historical sites. In recent years, Con Dao has become a great "resort paradise" for visitors.
Traveling to Con Dao, besides watching the beautiful scenery of the sea and islands, discovering historical sites, visitors can also relax in affordable homestays or high-class resorts, most typical resorts Six Senses Con Dao promises to bring an interesting and experienced vacation for tourists. Besides, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of local specialties, especially fresh seafood. 
Con Dao
Con Dao

2. Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is the next name on this list. Ha Long Bay is one of the top destinations for international travelers to Vietnam. UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ha Long Bay stands out and attracts tourists with limestone outcrops and spectacular natural landscapes. Not to mention that there are many other stunning beaches here, including the Bai Chay.

Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay

3. Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc pearl island is always the top choice for domestic and foreign tourists, especially in the spring and summer. Phu Quoc is located in Kien Giang province, a place full of sunshine and wind, with a deep blue sea, and clean, smooth white sand. Phu Quoc has long beaches and high-class resorts. One of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc is Sao Beach, where the scenery amazingly blends, combining the fresh green of palm trees, the sparkling sea water color under the golden sunlight and the beautiful white sand beaches.

Coming to Phu Quoc, visitors can indulge in a cool bath, visit the whole island by motorbike. Some stops include: Pepper garden, rambutan, pearl production area, Nha Thung fish sauce. Next is to visit Ganh Dau cape, Tranh stream and enjoy delicious food in Dinh Cau night market, especially herring salad and nhum.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc

4. Danang

My Khe Beach (Da Nang) was voted as the sexiest beach on the planet by Forbes magazine in 2006. Visitors here will discover and conquer a series of scenic spots with the full convergence of rivers, mountains and the sea. Typical destinations include Son Tra Peninsula, Ngu Hanh Son Mountain, Ba Na, Hai Van Pass, Nam O Reef ... and other traditional trade villages such as Cam Ne mat village, Tuy Loan ancient village.

The delicacies not to be missed in Da Nang are seafood, fish roe salad, My Khe cake, Tuy Loan noodles, pork with two heads, Quang noodles, etc. 

My Khe Da Nang

5. Nha Trang

Nha Trang is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. There are still a number of pristine beaches and islands in present, well preserved. In addition to the beautiful beaches, to Nha Trang, tourists can absolutely visit famous destinations such as Ponagar waterfall, Ninh Van bay; Hon Mun, Vinpearland, Van Phong Bay - the most beautiful bay in the world or sparkling Oceanography Institute ...

Nha Trang

6. Mui Ne

Mui Ne is a place famous for its beautiful coastline, as well as a number of other natural wonders, not far from bustling and bustling Ho Chi Minh City. Coming here, visitors can spend hours visiting the fishing village of Mui Ne or have fun at a vast sand dune called a "desert". Bathing and eating seafood are activities that help visitors have a period of absolute rest and relaxation. 

Mui ne

7. Ly Son

Lying off the coast of Central Vietnam, Ly Son Island attracts visitors with peaceful, poetic scenery, such as "Jeju of Vietnam". Ly Son consists of 3 islands: Lon Island (Ly Son, Cu Lao Ré), Be Island (Bo Bai Islet) and Cu Cu Islet. This place has majestic lava walls of many shapes, along with clear, pristine beaches. In addition, the solemnity of Hang Pagoda, An Hai Communal House, Chuc Pagoda, Volcano crater, historical vestige of Hoang Sa - Truong Sa Squadron, etc. are also intertwined.

Coming to Ly Son, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious, strange and unique dishes of this place. In particular, the special dish is made from crispy, sweet, rich garlic leaf. If you have time, you can take a 15-minute ferry ride to Be Island, where you can swim off the coast and enjoy underwater views of the seaweed fields and colorful coral reefs.

Ly Son

 8. Hoi An

Established in the 15th century, Hoi An is a small city that tourists especially love when visiting Central Vietnam. Coming to Hoi An, visitors can visit and have fun at Cua Dai Beach, where three large rivers converge before flowing to the sea. With bicycle rental services and the beach ride, you absolutely can ttraet yourself a sunbed, enjoy and forget all the troubles.

Hoi An

9. Ho Coc Beach

Ho Coc Beach is 175km from Ho Chi Minh City, belonging to Ba Ria - Vung Tau, is a relatively new name for many tourists. Ho Coc is beautiful but due to under-exploitation, it is still quite empty. This place will be an ideal destination for travelers who prefer tranquility.

Ho Coc

10. Doc Let beach

Doc Let is a beach not many people know about, still quite pristine, clear and green. Therefore, if you are a lover of unspoiled nature, this is definitely a great choice. Doc Let beach is currently underdeveloped. Most of the shops around the area are spontaneous, serving food or renting boats for tourists and Kayaks.

Doc Let

Doc Let

Many people are surprised when they know Vietnam having a S-shaped coastline. It is not exaggarating to say that Vietnam is so fortunate to be endowed with some of the most stunning and spectacular beaches in the world. If you are or having an intention to be in Vietnam, never hesitate to visit one of these and find yourself immerse in the absolute greatness of nature. 

by Quynh Nhi

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